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      E.T. on

      It's such a pity... I was soooooo looking forward to my paper soap. Hope to see your project again sometime soon!

    2. Brittany Nassar on

      I was sure this project was going to be funded. It is such a great idea and everyone uses soap. I look forward to seeing your project again sometime in the future because I really want some of that soap!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      James Dionne on

      I'm sorry your project didn't find successful funding at this time, it is my hope that you'll be able to take the lessons learned in this venture and apply them to your future endeavors. I look forward to those projects.


    4. S. Thomson on

      I was ridiculously excited about my paper soap :( Sorry you guys didn't make it this time, I feel awful.
      Anywhere we can buy the merch anyway?
      Take care, happy holidays.

    5. Missing avatar

      Hali Dawn on

      I am interested to know the type of smell each gives off, the lemon one is self explanatory but to choose from the other will be difficult since I don't know what they smell like! I am super excited to try them! If you can let me know that would be awesome!

    6. Daniel Montgomery on

      I gave $30 and selected the $10 reward but would love to get 3 of the paper packets (1 of each). Perhaps make an update to your project if that is possible.

      Best luck!

    7. iChampagne Girl on

      Good luck Megan. I've added your widget to my blog, I Get Around and pasted your video on my Facebook Page.

      Hope that'll help.


    8. Missing avatar

      Megan Cummins (deleted) Creator on

      Of course I'll give you 3 packets in lieu of of the $25 perk! Your donation is the same as 3 $10 ones, so it seems like an easy swap :) -the alternate perk is a good idea, especially for international people. I wonder if it would be better to put it on the perk column or the Q/A..What do you think? Oh, and those with OCD would find a lot of comfort in the paper soap- that's a great observation! I'll have to see what we can do for them. I have a lot of big ideas for how we can move forward with the paper soap. :)

    9. Hanna Tolander on

      I pledged 30 to get 2 (or 3, if you're generous, since I should add ten for international shipping) packages of paper soap - a splendid gift to someone I know who has OCD. And considering how common OCD is, maybe you should add a pledge alternative with only paper soaps as reward. It should be a great seller too when you hit the market with it.