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By Salome [Sally]
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The funds that are being raised for this project are to be utilized to hire independent film makers as well as other creative collaborators to make a documentary film of Salome's life. Her life trajectory clearly proofs God's existence. She used to be an atheist who now knows it exists as without its existence, she would not be where she is and who she is now. She has always been spiritual. But never religious. Unknowingly she walked the path of what God has always intended for all of us as we are all Gods. Some more bestowed than others but regardless we are all blessed. Knowing and feeling the faith is all we need to heal, do as we need to, and unite again. Independence is invaluable now a days as all powerful people and companies in support positions appear to be corrupt and one fears seeking them out as anything in conflict with their interest will experience resistance.

Here is more of her story:

The story of Salome, an American-Iranian living in Arizona, is as intriguing as inspiring. She has lived in the states since 1992. She came here in pursuit of liberty and independence. So naturally she always has dreamed of being an independent entrepreneur and has done a lot to reach up to that dream but in the journey she has come to realize that she is a true medium as her life trajectory and gifts couldn’t simply be all coincidences, accidents, learned, and just acquired as she assumed she had been the master mind. Prior to her American dream, she was a struggling immigrant living in Germany and partially here. In between she suffered from all kinds of mankind conditions. [Obesity, depression, etc.] Yet her child quality curiosity and happy go lucky attitude [blessings] motivated her to continue a hopeful journey [perseverance]. However, it was her recent diagnoses of multiple sclerosis that forced her to finally realize her dreams [law of attraction] which were to loose weight and pursue her passion to write and create. The confidence she possesses now due to knowing that she is protected by the Divine Powers makes her indeed know that she can trust God, a knowing that correlates with the American story which is “in God we trust’ as printed on the dollar. As she is writing this plot, Salome is deeply in debt. Yet the trust keeps her trying and she knows that if she knocks lots of doors, one that is meant to open, will open just in time. All that makes her who she is and where she is now couldn’t be coincidence. It was too ironic as she never ever prior to her disease believed in the existence of God. Yes, she was always esoteric and interested in Universal Powers. Yet God was out of the question. Now, However, it’s clear that a Divine Powers and a God exist as all dots in her life magically connect. Since she is a walking testimony to having healed, she exemplifies an efficient manner of how one could tap into the Divine Powers to maximize one’s ability to live in bliss. A documentary of Salome’s life would offer many relatable stories that are relevant in today’s life and could inspire others to change as well. Her transformation was forced by nature, however, the process did make her realize that all we need to succeed in life is a simple shift of attitude. More importantly we must believe that we all have all we need to succeed. Trust that Divine Powers exist and all has been assigned and given to us as our destiny. To experience bliss we must learn to act civil [mankind integrity], live gratefully with what we have in presence, and maximize our resources to grow. Knowledge is power and is a divine blessing, tap into it to propel as Salome has and continues to as long as she breathes. She is furthermore a walking testimony that we all are Gods with the access to the Divine Powers who can make the best out of our circumstance to live in bliss only if we chose to and do the work needed to achieve the status of bliss. However, we must encompass ALL of our blessings to achieve unity and stop being exclusive with our thinking patterns as well as associations. Too does it take a lot of efforts and at times pain to achieve such a status but knowing that it is doable is what makes the journey sweet and propels one to continue trying [patience]; That’s what has made and makes America great. An inspiring break-true documentary to address the most important issues of our times to wake us up to the facts that tick us. It will teach its audience how mimicking greats can make us better, heal, and united again.

We the People can bring this historical, creative project alive! Thanks for all you can do and will do during this magical season.

You may read more of her stories on her blog:

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