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Artists' Vocal Ensemble headlines national choral festival with "Last Works" of Renaissance and contemporary composers.

We’ve all been there, been given an opportunity that you knew you couldn’t possibly turn down – and yet weren’t totally sure how you would pay for it. It came our way, courtesy of an e-mail, earlier this year. AVE was invited to sing at the national convention of Chorus America—and not just any off-Broadway styled late night concert either. We landed a prime spot for featured ensembles: Friday, June 10 at 5 p.m.

What's the big deal? Chorus America is the premiere conglomeration of the nation’s finest choral directors and ensembles. To have the opportunity to present music to them is like being given a shot at playing in the World Series. If we do a stellar job, this will put us on the international stage faster than a million CDs. Word of mouth, generated from this context, can be our chance to shoot into a far more significant arena than we could have hoped for in our careful work of fiscal prudency and long-range planning. I mean, Chanticleer and the San Francisco Girls Chorus (both organizations as big as you can get in the choral world) are the two hosting organizations for the entire conference! You get the picture.

And the picture necessarily includes a fair amount of rehearsal time. AVE sounds the way it does because we have this amazing assortment of professional singers. Yes! It is possible to make a living as a singer, and many in AVE do just that. They get paid because they spent countless years of their lives perfecting this transcendent art form known as singing. Their payment is not just a pat on the back for being good, but just compensation for hourly labor.

Knowing that you’re routing for us to be our best, to offer something unique to the world, to create that magical mix of professionalism and divine inspiration – that will keep us going. That keeps us excited about our musical endeavors. We can’t do this in an ivory tower. We truly want to make this relevant for the world. We believe that, at some point in the not-too-distant future, AVE will also be a significant voice in international conflict resolution; and we’ll look back at this critical juncture when we made our quantum leap from one paradigm of performing to a far greater one.


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