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A card-driven board game simulating the US Election of 1860. Up to four players compete to gain the presidency and save the Union!
A card-driven board game simulating the US Election of 1860. Up to four players compete to gain the presidency and save the Union!
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News Flash: Divided Republic Now Shipping!

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Divided Republic Has Arrived!

Hello, everyone!

Well, I promised you all you'd be the first to know, and so you are:) I will post a similar update on Boardgamegeek tomorrow.

I have received word that the full (first?) run of Divided Republic has -finally- been delivered (after multiple broken promises by the shipping service) to the Publisher. There are two remaining hurdles to overcome. Both very minor.

The first is that I have to sign about eighty games. That will likely take place Sunday, but we're currently trying to find a date convenient to both myself and the publisher.

The second is that the printer neglected to give clear labels on the multiple boxes of games. This is not a huge problem, and most items have been located, but one thing that has yet to be located is the box full of stands for the "Abeples." We know they arrived - that much is absolutely certain, as they are listed in the cargo manifest - but at least one of the boxes that they are located in was not clearly identified. So, the publisher is trying to sort through the boxes and find out which box has them!

Either way, the game will begin shipping to Kickstarter Backers next week, and the publisher feels that every Backer has a much better than average chance of receiving their games within the next two weeks.

This is exceptionally good news, both for me, and for you. I want to thank you again for all your hard work, investment, and genuine friendship and moral support. It has been quite a journey. I hope that you find the destination as rewarding as I have in designing Divided Republic, and if you like it, that you'll consider looking at my other game designs in the future.

With deepest respect and gratitude,

Alex Bagosy

Brief Update: Game Arrives Port of LA tomorrow.

Brief status report. If and when I have more details I will share them with you. I am informed by the publisher that Divided Republic is scheduled to arrive at the Port of Los Angeles tomorrow (no, I don't know what time). Customs forms are now being processed.

I have asked when we can reasonably expect the game to begin shipping after that point, and will let you know when I get an answer.


Current Status of Divided Republic or, "Where the heck is it?!"

Hello, everyone.

It's been a longer time than I'd like to admit between updates, and for that I am sorry. Blame in on a couple of things. First, and primarily, very little news on my end to share with you, unfortunately, and my tendency to occasionally forget that not all of the backers also follow the forums on Board Game Geek (I should know better, and I do apologize.) Second, last month was mainly a month of family health issues (wife had surgery again, which required much of my attention. She's just fine, too, so no worries.)

Anyway, as I said in the first bit, news on my end has been a little dry. What I can tell you is that we've obviously missed the May deadline. I suspect that we might about the second week of May, and had this confirmed a week later by the Publisher, who told me that it was probably a good bet we wouldn't be seeing the games by the end of May, as he had originally hoped.

The current status of Divided Republic is fairly positive, however. I do have a printer's proof copy (have had it for just over two weeks), and I am pleased to report that I am very happy with the quality of the final product. I suspect that you will be as well!  There are very few typos (typos are inevitable in this business, but in this case, they really are minimal), and the board, cards, etc...are really beautiful. The PCF cubes are nice, brightly colored, and quite durable (they must be... I dropped them about a dozen times at Gamex.)  The dice roll well. Err... the Southern Democrats have not caused any portion of the box to secede... and there were no errant Lincoln whiskers in my copy.

I do not have copies on hand of the Abeples or Busts, so can't comment on the final quality production thereof at all (in fact, I've never seen the Abeples... the prototype photos didn't get to me, and the printer didn't have them to send to me. I'm told they look pretty good, though). The busts, which I've only seen the "greys" (the prototypes used for making the molds) for are really quite lovely. I'm glad I managed to snag a set for myself. The original plan had been to cast them in resin, but the final version has been cast in lead free pewter. I am sure they'll be quite nice when all is said and done. My friend David was involved in the casting process and said they just look spectacular, so I can't wait to see them.

The games have shipped from China, and if they aren't already here going through customs,. they should be in the next few days. Most retailers have been told to expect early to mid June for their games by the distributor. I have insisted that you get your games as backers, first. So, in all likelyhood, that means that you'll see them very, very soon. I am crossing my fingers for next week, but have nothing to go with this on, other than the timing seems about right for getting them over here on a boat from China and unloaded into Customs.

Thank you again for your incredible patience, and help. Hopefully I'll have some good news for you again very, very soon.


Brief Update: Print Run Complete

According to a post on Board Game Geek made by the publisher (Numbskull Games), the initial Print Run for Divided Republic has completed, and the printer is now on the packaging/shipment phase of the operation. I assume this means we're on track for the May release time-frame we were given. More from me as soon as I hear it.