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Get ready for brand new adventures in the first ever board game where YOU are the hero!
1000+ minutes of adventure for 1 to 4 players.
Get ready for brand new adventures in the first ever board game where YOU are the hero! 1000+ minutes of adventure for 1 to 4 players.
43,733 backers pledged $7,072,757 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Philip Honzay on

      Oh shoot, I moved since the last shipment, is there a way to check that my address is correct?

    2. Alicia on

      Has anyone received wave 2 yet in the US?

    3. Jason Palazini on

      So eager and excited for this. I've had a hard time enjoying the base box as I wait for the rest of the set

    4. Missing avatar

      Allana S on

      Getting really excited to get this game. Has it shipped from China yet?

    5. Missing avatar

      ivan on

      Lol loved the "Ok so what went wrong again tittle" i literally lol'd
      I had initial delivery and product in wave 2... i just wanted to say i have sooo much respect for the way you value us as backers with your dedication for reprinting the cards and supplying them at no additional cost. This level of pride in your product and the "play experience" is so admirable these days. I wish you and all involved this honorable aproach to be payed forward over and over.
      I hope everyone here is spreading the word of your position and commitment to your customers.. for my part im not into social media at all but ill take time to visit Boardgame geek and throw a message out on twitter.

    6. Lindsey Koos

      I don't remember if I got the CrowdOx link? I think I just filled out the survey

    7. Missing avatar

      Chase on

      The way you run Kickstarters is the gold standard that everyone should copy.

    8. Frodokinobi on

      awesome customer service

    9. Missing avatar

      Christopher Thalman

      Keep up the great work!

    10. Robert Bowers

      Thank you, Schleima!

    11. Missing avatar

      Schleima on

      @Robert, you will not be receiving a new base deck- only corrected upgrade cards.

      Only the cards printed for the second Kickstarter have been affected by the printing errors and SP is automatically sending the corrected cards to anyone who was affected by the mistake.

    12. Guz Forster

      Hi! It's been so long that I backed that I don't remember anymore if will receive this 2nd wave. How do I figure this out?

    13. Missing avatar

      syL on

      I didn't get a link to Crowd0x in my Email. Where do I change the shipping address?

    14. Robert Bowers

      Clarification: I know I'll get the upgrade pack/reprint, I just want to see if I'm (not) getting 900'ish extra cards -outside- of the upgrade pack/reprint/

    15. Robert Bowers

      So as someone who received the First edition with the previous KS, will I still be receiving unnecessary reprinted cards (and will I be able to opt out)? Or am I fine as is without any action?

    16. Jamie "WhelpSlayer" Johnson Collaborator on

      Remember folks you can acmes your CrowdOx account to change your shipping address by clicking on the link in the email you were sent. You can also recover this link directly from the crowd page

      Those of you asking about First edition cards, they won’t be reprinted as they are just fine.

      @Martin: Yes and Yes :)

      @Ryalyn: Those are part of the replacement print cards. If you have rewards coming in wave 2 you need not do anything. If not you’ll have to request them as detailed above.

    17. YayYoh on

      Serious Poulp, Seriously Amazing!

    18. Ryalyn on

      What about the "'Second Edition' Upgrade pack" that was shipped in wave 1 to 1st edition backers? Those cards were also weirdly cut and had color issues.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jacob on

      thanks again for going the extra mile to correct the card color issue. i'm very much looking forward to shuffling with my eyes open! but not so much for unsleeving and re-sleeving all the cards... :-)

    20. Martin Kontus on

      Hi, just to confirm that I understood correctly:
      If I received in 1st wave:
      1) a second edition base box
      2) veteran upgrade pack
      I will recieve replacement cards for both base box and upgrade pack in 2nd wave separately?
      And I don't need to do anything as I have rewards (expansions) coming in 2nd wave?

    21. Missing avatar

      bernier on

      Vous êtes au top même si je ne profite pas des cartes de remplacement je vous address mon chapeau. 😎

    22. Cary Harrison

      @LordEdmund yes

    23. Missing avatar

      Schleima on

      How long does it take to arrive from China?

      Here's my experience, based on actual Wave 1 dates:

      Update 61, dated Feb 7, 2018 said that the ship would deliver to the US by March 16.

      Shipment cleared customs, arrived at the fulfillment center and was sorted, ultimately departing for the Pacific Northwest via FedEx Apr 9.

      I received my shipment on April 14.

      Based on the announcement that the game will ship the first week of April, I will expect to receive WGUMCD by the second or third week of June.

    24. Missing avatar

      Damiano Quagliati on

      I don't find my crowdox link to the order, where can i found it?

    25. Matija Sviben on

      Do I need replacement cards if I got core box in wave 1.5?

    26. LordEdmund

      If my first wave order has multiple copies of the base game, will I get the corresponding copies of the correct cards?

    27. Missing avatar

      Mauricio Montbalnch on

      A question

      "You have until the 15th of April (included) to verify and update your delivery address from your CrowdOx pledge manager account."

      how do I do this?


    28. Missing avatar

      Mark Morrise on

      Incroyable! Unbelievable! Merci & thank you!

    29. Maurice Oksman on

      Wow—You guys are amazing. I look foward to recieving 7th Continent and any future project you guys create; no doubt Serious Poulp is a name you can trust.

      I’ll always prefer a game (AND rulebook!) that’s done right and slightly late rather than an on-time game that’s a mess.

    30. Missing avatar

      James Belcher on

      @Cody I'm with you. I had to search old email to get the old link and I adjusted it there. Even when there it was not completely clear. It appeared I was changing the address for the previous shipment and the only other button was a "Review your experience" survey. However, I looked at some other fulfilled projects and I could not edit those addresses, so I'm hoping it's right.

      Once there, though, I was also able to make a crowdox account and can now login.

    31. Missing avatar

      Martin Aas Andersen

      So if they leave China in a month we'll properly see stuff in 3 months or so from now. Still a ways off, but worth it for the reprint.

    32. Missing avatar

      alaitoc on

      Thanks for your effort!
      Very serious producer

    33. Missing avatar

      Vertseper on

      Took me 3 days to sleeve... well it will take me another 6 days to re-sleeve. I only hope the premium sleeves can handle the pressure.

    34. Timo Lemburg

      Thank you very much, much appreciated!

    35. Missing avatar

      David Howe on

      Well Done and Thank You!

    36. Missing avatar

      Timothy on

      That red-sticker edition is gonna be a sweet collector's item.

    37. Kenneth Lien on

      While I do not relish the thought of re-sleeving the wave 1 cards, I do appreciate the effort.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jose Antonio Garcia Tellez on

      how much time to get our replacement cards ?

    39. Paul P

      Checked address, still good.

    40. Pablo Cerrato García on

      Thank you very much, This is a serious publisher

    41. Kelly Croft

      Thanks for the replacement cards. I really appreciate you sending them along automatically. When I first got the base, I couldn't tell a big different, maybe a few cards at most. But we started a new game last week, for only our 2nd time playing, and I realized the basic action deck was worse than I thought. Over a dozen cards, and especially all the curse cards were affected, a slightly more richer blue. Probably since our focus was on learning the game that I didn't pay any attention to it the first time. Thanks for your hard work!

    42. Cody Sandifer on

      "@Cody: You can access your Crowdox account to perform any changes :)"

      If I had any idea how to do this, I wouldn't have asked. :)

      Seriously, though, I've only used Crowdox once - and it was a year (?) ago for this project.

      I think I logged in a few minutes ago (maybe), and I looked for a "verify address" button. Is there no such button? Should I literally just look to see if my address is correct - and if it's correct do nothing?

      Thanks again.

    43. Realarete on

      Sounds good S.P. ... now if I could just beat this first curse ... haha. Looking forward to the expansion, still getting a lot of fun from my first KS base game.

    44. MikeR

      Excellent !!! Thank you for the update, the information and, most importantly, the incredible professionalism and decency in correcting the issues. It shouldn't be such a rare attitude but, all too often, it is. I'm a happy, lifelong customer because of it. Well done, Serious Poulp !!!

    45. Missing avatar

      Jui Hung Hung on


    46. Russonc

      Thanks for the update...

    47. Missing avatar

      david paul boulton

      how do i know what wave i am getting?

    48. Stefan Lehmann on

      Outstanding clarity and issue management! Compliments

    49. Missing avatar

      Jen on

      Awesome. You guys are soo much more professional than other companies whose games I have backed. You admit your mistakes AND rectify them.