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Get ready for brand new adventures in the first ever board game where YOU are the hero!
1000+ minutes of adventure for 1 to 4 players.
Get ready for brand new adventures in the first ever board game where YOU are the hero! 1000+ minutes of adventure for 1 to 4 players.
43,733 backers pledged $7,072,757 to help bring this project to life.

Happy New Year & production update

Posted by Serious Poulp (Creator)

[Cliquez ici pour lire cette actu en français]

Greetings Explorers! 

We hope you had a great holiday season and found many games under your trees. 

During the holidays, the factory continued to print the millions of cards needed for wave 2. 

The printing of the replacement cards (43,000+ sets of 962 cards, plus the reprinting of the upgrade packs), as well as the reprinting of the 6 "old" expansions, is complete. We checked the MPCs (Mass Production Copy) during the holidays and validated them.

Unfortunately, and contrary to our objective, the factory has informed us that they will not be able to finalize the printing and assembly of the new content before the fateful deadline of Chinese New Year. The containers will be leaving China at the end of March / beginning of April

During the first Kickstarter campaign, the game's development process resulted in a 9-month delay. In this campaign, the delay due to the development of the game was much lower, it’s much more the volume of content to be produced and, especially, the implementation of enhanced quality control that has led to this delay of about 7 months. This does not excuse anything, but our priority is to avoid a repeat of wave one’s misadventures and the consequences that followed. 

In the mean time, you can check out the (almost finished) soundtrack composed by Barry Doublet for the new areas:

Area XI from "A Prison of Clouds"

 Area XII from "The Veins of the Earth"

Thank you for your patience and all our best wishes for 2019!

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    1. Arthur J. D'Amico on

      That second track is so amazing. I wish all games took the extra step to set the mood like this.

      As for wait times, this is nothing compared to how long I will be waiting for Kingdom Death.

      Can’t wait to see the next big update.

    2. Missing avatar

      Christophe Vangoethem on

      ZZZzzzzz ZZZZzzzzz
      Que le temps semble long ....

    3. Missing avatar

      Damz Damd on

      some news to keep dreaming ?

    4. Dyne1319

      wow this is waaaaaay off date for delivery.

    5. Missing avatar

      Christian Ghattas on

      Thanks for the update! I don't mind the delay at all, that sperfectly understandable for a game this size and with the reprint of the wave 1 cards. I've been backing on a game where you could tell that the delays ar actually the resolu of lack in planning. Still waiting for that game its more thana year overdue. This here is a totally different thing, 7th continent feels toatlly safe and in control. Thanks for your great work! Quality over Speed!

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniel Westlake on

      Any idea what “almost finished” means in regard to the soundtrack? Are there additional tracks still in the works beyond Areas XI and XII?

    7. Cassandra on

      I love these soundtracks! Can't wait to use them :-) Thanks for keeping us informed with regular updates, much appreciated. I received the first game recently in wave 1.5 and it's simply incredible! Can't get enough :-)

    8. Nikolas Obrenović

      I hear great things for this game but having done one major kickstarter you guys should have expected delays no matter what and set the delivery date factoring many issues you faced in the last production. Just patiently waiting. :)

    9. ThOoM on

      @john its all worth it!! The wait is long.. but I know 1 thing for sure. Once you have played this game. And it will come back to kickstarter. You will back it again!! I have waited more than one year one the forst kickstarter and it ws worth it.. and now again I will wait longer than a year.. but I know the day will come that I get to play the expansions. And the wait is worth it!! These guys have there act together. This is not a simple card game. This game is deep and the developers are keen on delivering a perfect product.

    10. Colin MacMillan

      I think adam nasadowski just read my mind - my thoughts exactly . :-)

    11. Missing avatar

      Mats Forsén on

      As long as Brexit doesn't bollocks this up for EU delivery I don't care about delays.

    12. Missing avatar

      adam nasadowski on

      I dont mind waiting either. That's why I am here on Kickstarter backing different games. If I wanted something now I'd buy off the shelf at a local game store.

    13. Aaron Downing on

      You can keep repeatedly the same old line that Kickstarter is not a store, but that is exactly what it is now. Don't kid yourselves. It's a store. We are pre-ordering games here.

    14. Missing avatar

      John Webb on

      You say The base game has a couple of hundred hours of product in there to keep you busy.
      Maybe but I don’t have anything. So I have no clue about card size or color.
      Ps I don’t have OCD.
      It’s not harsh it’s the truth they need to get there act together.

    15. Missing avatar

      Schleima on

      @Adnapoleon, the color tone of my deck very much affects gameplay. When I see a card on the draw pile with a darker back, I know there is a higher probability that could be a curse and it affects my decision making process. New players don't necessarily notice it, and I don't call it out to them. But having played the game several times now I can't help but see it. I'm very much looking forward to having an unmarked deck of cards. No OCD here.

    16. Adnapoleon Choudhaparte on

      *minor or moderate discolouration. Based on the photos I saw it was just that the colour was the wrong tone but still the right colour overall. Differences may be noticeable but still playable. Being the wrong colour entirely however is problematic for both storage and gameplay as well of course, aethetics..

    17. Adnapoleon Choudhaparte on

      @Unisus - I was unaware of size issues and I'll concede that point. Cards not being the same sizes is a major issue for both storage and fair play reasons. I remain of the belief some minor discolouration on the backs of cards will not effect gameplay and doesn't warrant a reprint.

      Card sizes though...

    18. Unisus

      @Adnapoleon: actually the color issue seems to have been very noticeable in some cases. And then there also was the size issue. I have games at home where the creators decided such issues only minor inconveniences not justifying anything to be done about - so those games aren't played very often, because it's just not that much fun.

    19. Adnapoleon Choudhaparte on

      That's pretty harsh. I mean you had the option to split yoru shipping and receive something by now. The base game has a couple of hundred hours of product in there to keep you busy.

      This is like my... 12th(?) KS in the last 8 years. This is going pretty damn well. I really wish they hadn't caved to the OCD idiots and decided to reprint every card from Wave 1. That would be the big thing that avoided delays. Honestly the minor colour issue isn't even noticeable.

      Shame they can't really whet our appetites in the meantime with some content samples given that would be spoiling a lot and ruining core gameplay. Nonetheless, I hope SP still produces a small video showing the air travel and underground travel mechanics without spoiling more than 2 encounters.

    20. Missing avatar

      John Webb on

      This is my first KS and my last. Another year and nothing. This game is two years old and I’m still waiting. Get your act together!

    21. Missing avatar

      Glenn Boggs on

      Firstly, Kickstarter is not a store. I don’t expect to back a Kickstarter and get a product with 2 day shipping.

      Kickstarter is to back projects you believe in to help them see the light of day. So what if it takes a few more months of development?

      I believe in the quality at the end of the tunnel and will enjoy every minute at the table with this game when it arrives. Until then, I’m not even worried about it.

    22. Edwin van Unen on

      Those soundtracks sound great!!

    23. Guy Lévi-Bochi on

      I'm one of the "Quality trumps speed" backers. Thanks for the transparency. Keep up the great work & happy new year! All the best for 2019.

    24. Barif on

      C’est pénible.

      Lors de votre dernier update ou vous évoquiez le nouvel an chinois, je me disais que l’on allait y avoir droit... Bingo!

      Mais j’y pence, vous aviez déjà eu ce problème lors de la première campagne (je parle du nouvel an chinois, hein)...

      Espérons que pour votre prochain jeux, vous aurez pris de l’expérience.

      Bon ben plus qu’á attendre! Vraiment pénible.

    25. Missing avatar

      Fabien Mahut on

      @Olivier Lehtonen, l'actu de projet 73 mentionne : If you move and need to change your delivery address before wave 2 occurs, you can do so from November 1st onward – and up to a few weeks before the start of deliveries – directly through your CrowdOx Pledge Manager account.


      Consider that this game will not be on sale in retail and any leftovers will be sold after we get ours. I mention that because Fireball Island, that I backed, is on sale in shops from November and there are still backers that have not yet received their copy.
      The actual delay is especially for those who have chosen the 1 wave shipping,like me. It will be around 6 months or a little more.
      But if someone have chosen 2 waves shipping or shipping 1.5 they can start their adventure.

    27. Missing avatar

      Mike Foy on

      No problem with the delay. I can’t wait for the game.

      Just a word about complaining about delays. If a project is delayed it is often either expected or the norm. But backers still have the right to moan about it, the backer didn’t cause the delay and should be allowed to voice their frustration.

      To remind them that it’s not a retail store or a traditional pre-order is pointless because they already know this.

      Basically as long as someone instant being rude about it they should be allowed to vent without the more enlightened of us telling them that they are wrong. They are not.

      Happy Friday everyone.

    28. Missing avatar

      Oliver Lehtonen on

      Bonjour, j'ai déménagé et changé d'adresse.
      Comment changer celle-ci pour la livraison ?
      Merci bien

    29. Missing avatar

      Martin Wright on

      @James Austin, Firstly, thank you James for your stellar advice. On reading your comment I immediately began the rather onerous task of completely removing my digital footprint. It is going well so far, although certain social media sites do make the leaving process quite convoluted. That said I take comfort knowing that, thanks to your marvellous advice, I will be forever rid of those filthy “explietives.”
      My TV went years ago after I settled down for the evening to watch a good, old fashioned Western,which is by far my favourite genre, and was assaulted by such decrepit sounds that I actually blacked out. On regaining consciousness I quickly swapped the disc but I only exacerbated the problem by replacing Hateful Eight with Django Unchained. I spent one week in hospital after that incident having my brain surgically scrubbed.
      With movies no longer a valid entertainment option for me I thought I would try the video game industry. I have a keen interest in law enforcement and so I purchased Grand Theft Auto 5 in the hopes of administering some digital justice. Instead I was forced to undergo my second brain scrub, and, believe me, they aren’t cheap.
      My final hope of an entertainment sanctuary was to be found within the board game world. In this world all has been well for years. I can read endless forums safe in the knowledge that I, and much more importantly my children, won’t be exposed to foul language.
      I mean, ultimately, it’s a forum for adults and the only topic being discussed is a delay to the delivery of a board game! Who could possibly feel the urge to use expletives in that situation. Maybe it is those people, and those who condone them, who should re-assess their presence on the internet?

    30. Missing avatar

      ArsonFire on

      @James Austin & @Paul Kellet, I'm gonna back up @Martin Wright. Nothing wrong with aiming for higher standards. And see that link below the "Post Comment" button? It tells me that Kickstarter has higher standards.

      Now I'm gonna go back to waiting semi-patiently for the rest of my T7C goodies to arrive. :D

    31. James Austin

      @Martin Wright if you can't handle a little spicy language, you may want to get off the internet. Not everyone is offended by the occasional explietive.

      On the topic of the delay, I'm fine with it if it means better product. I've got a few digital kickstarters where I've accepted I'm never getting anything for my money, so with physical stuff I'm much happier with "better late than never" rather than "oh dear it's lost into the aether"

    32. Missing avatar

      ArtSchool on

      This is the last time that I choose a one-wave shipping. The extra waiting time is just not worth the saving.

    33. Missing avatar

      Andrew S

      @Scott D well said!

      Kickstarter is not a retail store and people shouldn't expect it to be. Delivering on time is everyone's goal, I'm sure, but the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Serious Poulp is communicating with us and I have no concerns about delivery of this game or that it will be worth the wait.

    34. Ernesto Reig

      Thank you very much for the update. The delays are ok for such a great product like this. I guess it´s really difficult to deal with all the tiny details that a project like this might have.
      I love the soundtracks. Looking forward to get my hands on this game

    35. Scott D

      Christ guys, chill out. So you’ll have your game in May. Big whoop. You’ve waited this long, you backed cause you wanted it and you’ll still get it.

      If you are that desperate for something to play, just buy a game and be done with it.

      Delays happen, things go wrong. You want perfect on time delivery, pay express postage and buy retail.

      Nobodies getting screwed here. Calm down.

    36. Missing avatar

      Martin Wright on

      @Paul Kellet
      Kindly edit your post to remove your foul language from this public forum.

    37. Paul Kellett

      Thanks for the update. I'm happy to be getting a great game which I know has been checked rigorously.

      Everyone moaning should get a refund and fuck off. I despise you all.

    38. Missing avatar

      Bourdassol Jérôme on

      Je pense que nous allons finir par arriver presque à 2 ans à ce rythme. Vive la mondialisation...

    39. Radu P on

      Correction: big box = black box

    40. Radu P on

      As I have written below, I am quite relaxed about the delay. As a first-edition backer, I already have the big box, so this probably helps. I can also understand that with the re-reprinting of the first edition this delay was a distinct possibility. I know KS is not a shop. The difference is that I pay for my reward months in advance and I willingly take the risk of unforeseen delays. This is why I am always put off by the foreseeable delays.

      I backed about 30 games on KS. Most of them were on time or a couple of months late because of objective reasons completely outside the creators' control. Very few accumulated significant delays and a couple of creators lied to cover up their mismanagement of the campaign. So, no, being awfully late is not a mandatory feature of all Kickstarters, only of the poorly managed ones.

      Still, I could deal to some extent with such mismanagement. However, it is the other backers' cheerful willingness to put up with unreasonable schedules in the original campaign, their expectation of serious delays even before day 0, and their implicit expectation for creators to obligatorily include an unrealistic date, that make me really weary of future Kickstarters in general and of backing Serious Poulp games in particular.

    41. René-Philippe Thauvoye

      Bonne année a toute l'équipe.

      Question rapide, je viens de déménager. Comment est-ce que je peux changer l'adresse de mon pledge management?

    42. Dimitar on

      Happy new year! Just adding to the chorus of -- no worries, delays happen, thank you for your work and great communication!

    43. ExSheex Vanale on

      It's the influence of the 7th Continent. It doesn't want us to know when we're getting our content so it's an adventure we're on wondering when everything will be ready. It's all good, we're all stoked about it and want you guys to take your time and make sure everything is the way you want it, because how you want it is the way we all want it.

      Thanks for transparency. Delays happen, we can all wait a little longer for perfection.

    44. Missing avatar

      FONTAINES Matthieu on

      Take your time, that’s, eventually a feature I come to like with ks. You don’t know when you will receive the game and it’s just a good surprise the day it arrives.

    45. CobraMisfit

      Appreciate the update and no worries. Delays happen and I'm more than happy to wait (plenty of games on my shelf anyway). Keep up the great work!

    46. Missing avatar

      ArsonFire on

      Hmmm.... shall I (a) rant about the delay or (b) get stuck into another attempt at the Voracious Goddess?
      (a) seems petty, pointless and impertinent.
      (b) seems a little futile, after 4 failed attempts, but it's fun, so I'll do it anyway! :D

      For the furious few, among the commenters: Relax, take a chill pill, play another game (and then another... and another...), and try to learn a little patience and understanding. If you can't do that, you should probably abandon KS for good, go to a FLGS and buy something off the shelf - it's the best option for the chronically impatient. :P (Remember: chill pill.)

    47. Aaron Wayman on

      Not surprised. As a one shipment backer. If you thought changing your preference to 1.5 was smart, good for you, but after the issues were noticed it seemed like the best move was to just wait. Saying it's people's fault for that is a bit ridiculous. Plus it was never really stated who would cover the shipping on switching to multiple shipments and that's something I didn't think I should have to pay for. Don't pat yourself on the back to much for meeting those 1.5 shipping deadlines. Yes things happen but I haven't backed anything else that took so long scale of the game or not. One game I backed is extremely high quality by one person and the customer service that I didn't even ask for I just reported to him the condition for which it arrived as a warning ( I was completely fine accepted the original )and a whole other copy of the game showed up at my house.

    48. Missing avatar

      Charmander on

      The delay isn't a big deal - as long as the game is high quality, I'm more than happy to wait a bit longer (especially considering wave 1 where everything arrived on time but there were issues; I really appreciate SP going above and beyond by reprinting all of the cards)

      I also really love Barry's latest work - it's highly reminiscent of the previous T7C tracks with additional motifs that diversify from them (not including propeller sounds and the like)

    49. Missing avatar

      Clint Walker

      @Richard Heydt
      You clearly aren't involved in production or manufacturing. The level of precision you apparently demand is impossible. Either the company lies and gives some arbitrarily over long ship date so they can be "early" which is not truly early or the various aspects of manufacturing produce an always date (whether that date is even made aware to others up the chain or not ). It sounds like you shouldn't back kickstarters at all.

    50. Missing avatar

      Richard Heydt on

      Getting sick of board game kickstarters always delaying.

      YOU KNOW THIS FROM THE FIRST TIME. You went through a bad printing company this time because you wanted bigger profits. You didn't learn much from the first printing. Probably will not support your future projects. A month delay is fine for something you have done before but more than 6 months means you messed up not the manufacturers.

      In the words of many people "fix your shit". I expect extreme quality at this point and no mistakes.