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Get ready for brand new adventures in the first ever board game where YOU are the hero!
1000+ minutes of adventure for 1 to 4 players.
Get ready for brand new adventures in the first ever board game where YOU are the hero! 1000+ minutes of adventure for 1 to 4 players.
43,733 backers pledged $7,072,757 to help bring this project to life.

Wave 2 – Expansions PPCs approved!

Posted by Serious Poulp (Creator)

[Cliquez ici pour lire cette actu en français]

Greetings explorers,  

A few days ago, we received the new plastic miniatures in their final form as well as the pre-production copy (PPC) of the new expansions: "What goes Up, must come Down”, “Flying Roots" and "Comfort Creatures”.  

We spent the last few days checking them over thoroughly, making sure that they were in compliance with the files we sent to the manufacturer and of the right quality. We corrected a few small points which will be integrated directly into the final printing and should not delay things.  

We are therefore pleased to inform you that mass production is starting for these new expansions!  

In parallel to this big step, we are making progress on several projects related to the game. Among these, the official website of the game is now including a "fan kit". This kit is composed of many graphic resources to allow those who wish to create their own adventures on the continent to do so. We will add all the elements from "What goes Up, must come Down” once it has been delivered. You can download the pack here:

Our thanks once again and we’ll see you soon for more news on the production progress!

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    1. Samga Lemurien on

      Apparently we will have a goat mini :)

    2. Jakelin on

      @Bowen. They detailed it all in the last update. Wave 2 is scheduled for March of 2019. If you were part of Wave 1.5 and you didn't get a shipping notice by October 30th, you were supposed to contact SP. If you were part of Wave 1 and just wondering where your game is now, congratulations, you are the most patient person on earth and there is a problem with your order, contact SP in that case too. Hope this is helpful.

    3. Bowen Dober on

      Is there somewhere I can check to see when I am scheduled to receive my stuff? I haven't gotten anything yet and it's been almost a year now.

    4. Thomas Aigner on

      @Arto, I think after some playtesting they made it faster and each decision more meaningful :p Who knows, perhaps there are some faster and some slower sections? I can’t wait to find out :D

    5. Arto Hietanen on

      A small tidbit that some people might have missed is that the underground tiles now feature only two spaces, instead of the three that were shown in the campaign update which detailed the Veins of the Earth curse. Looking at the picture, that is probably because the barge would not fit nicely if the spaces were smaller.

    6. Rémi on

      For changing your delivery address to another country, you should write an email to SP.

    7. James Robertson on

      The "fan kit" is an excellent idea, thank you!

    8. Missing avatar

      RIJ on

      @Martijn - yes, if it was a move internally in the same country as I started in, but I moved country. You can not change country in crowdox :/ I am fairly sure I was supposed to write to some mail address but there are too many comments for me to find it by scrolling through them.

    9. Jonathan Hicks (Maven Games)

      Love the balloon! I think the fan kit is a great idea. Looking forward to seeing what people produce.

    10. Missing avatar

      Martijn on

      @RIJ - you can change your address through your crowdox account.

    11. Cary Harrison

      eh, can't be worse than Monster Slaughter. It's in the states and has been for a over a month but Ship Naked is saying they can't ship because "they don't have any boxes". seriously, a shipping company that doesn't have boxes, for over a month. - _- Maybe I'll see it before Christmas. definitely the worse shipping time I've seen thus far for a KS. (I have a spreadsheet with things like when shipped and when received and how late/early it was for my ks) This one is running pretty smooth and even the delay is so they can fix issues their backers were unhappy with and that is a perfectly good reason. Either way, I'm happy to wait, it will be worth it.

    12. Missing avatar

      Schleima on

      @Cary, that's probably because you got an overstock copy that was already warehoused in Florida. Those of us who received a copy in Wave 1 were tracking cargo freighters from Shenzhen, China across the Pacific and through the Panama Canal (and several more frustrating stops in the Gulf) before reaching Jacksonville. There was a week delay in customs, then a week for sorting and packing, and finally another several days to receive via FedEx Ground. We can all expect to go through the same waiting process for Wave 2.

    13. Ken Brown on

      I just got excited again! That hot air balloon looks just as geeky and amazing as I thought it would! I still haven’t worked through half of the curses, but I’m excited to see more continent. I’m really hoping that the prodigy cards add decent longevity to the player card deck, because I enjoy exploring the game so much more than the survival aspect. It’s a good survival game, but the continent is too interesting to not turn over every nook and cranny!

    14. Cary Harrison

      Can't speak for wave one, but as a US resident 1.5 was shipped AND delivered to me in Oct.

    15. Missing avatar

      Schleima on

      Looks like for Wave 1, production of the base boxes and upgrade packs began sometime before Nov 10, 2017. We are a few weeks beyond that now with production about to begin. With this wave of the project being more complex than Wave 1, (with so many more expansions and figures to box) I would be surprised if the game ships prior to Feb 5. (Again, this is based on last year's Wave 1 timeline.)

    16. Missing avatar

      Schleima on

      I just looked at my actual delivery date for the first wave.

      I received my game on April 13. This is because SP pushed to get everything printed and shipped out before the 2018 Chinese New Year, which was Feb 16. Unfortunately, this push led to the mistakes (mismatched color on card backs and cards not cut uniformly.)

      This year Chinese New Year begins Feb 5. Will they be able to get everything printed and out the door before then? Not at the cost of quality. But, they have begin production now which means they have over 2 months before the holiday shuts everything down for several weeks.

      If they do manage to get them shipped by Feb 5, we very well could actually receive our games early April.

      So it looks like we will have an actual delivery window of early April to mid-May, depending on circumstances.

    17. Missing avatar

      Schleima on

      Just to be precise, Serious Poulp has never actually said the expansion will ship "March 2019". What they /did/ say is that it is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2019... in other words no later than March 2019. And remember, that doesn't mean it'll be at your front door in the first quarter of 2019. You have to add a month-long boat ride (for those in the USA) to that estimate, plus sorting and packing at the fulfillment house in Florida, and finally FedEx Ground service (this info is based on my actual experience receiving Wave 1). That means here in the he US we can expect to receive the white box by early to mid-May (barring any unforeseen production problems).

    18. Unisus

      @Josh: looking at how open they are with information, i'm sure they will let us know as soon as there is an update, whether it is a problem delaying the production more or some positive circumstance making sure they can definitely meet the March delivery. Of course as a backer from the first KS I'm much more relaxed on the topic - one thing is that i already have something to play with until then, the other is that i know that what i will get is worth waiting for.

    19. Josh "600 pound twinkie" Slay

      @Unisus, I figured that was the case, and if so no worries. I was just wondering if they had an updated timeline based on new data. :)

    20. Unisus

      A question on the journal: how many cards will fit therein?

    21. Unisus

      @Josh: i guess the 03/2019 is still valid. It's too far from now to already get a more specific date, and if they had noticed anything making a delivery next March impossible or unlikely, they would have said so.

    22. Josh "600 pound twinkie" Slay

      For the few of us who are still chomping at the bit waiting on "1 wave" shipping for the entire campaign ;) , can you give an updated timeline of when you currently expect shipment to backers to begin?

    23. Missing avatar

      Christian Ghattas on

      So beautiful!! I am totally hyped. This will be such an awesome experience. Happy that you guys look for the best quality!

    24. Russonc

      nice update!

    25. Missing avatar

      RIJ on

      I think I remember that we are supposed to write to a specific mail address if we moved country since the end of the campaign. Can someone tell me which address that was?

    26. Ky Grage on

      You. Absolute. Jerks.
      That Fan Kit is such a terrific resource, thank you! Now, I must procure PhotoShop. Again. You monsters.😜

    27. Lasse Rosenkilde Olsen on

      That journal looks so gorgeous, in fact, all of it looks like so much fun :)

    28. Curtiss Cox on

      All of this looks really terrific! Thank you for the update. :D

    29. Dimitar on

      Looking great, thank you for the update! The Fan Kit is an amazing resource. Thank you for being so open and supportive of the fan community! This is a great example for other companies to emulate.

    30. Jamie "WhelpSlayer" Johnson Collaborator on

      You can change your address via your CrowdOx account :)

    31. Missing avatar


      Hi! Will there be an opportunity to update delivery address?

    32. Jamie "WhelpSlayer" Johnson Collaborator on

      ->DOES the journal definitely hold sleeved cards

      Yes! And it holds non sleeved cards just as well !

    33. MikeR

      Thank you for the update.
      Everything looks fantastic and I cannot wait for this to arrive.
      Keep up the great work !!

    34. Missing avatar

      Alex L on

      Keep up the good work! Beyond excited to get all the expansions. The base game is easily my favorite board game!

    35. Matt Freilich on

      Everything is looking nice. A few questions...DOES the journal definitely hold sleeved cards, and do the balloon and raft have a tendency at all to block card elements so you can't see them? That's my only concern since clues are so important to see on each card, and those two items are quite large. The creation kit is an awesome addition, and will give the game infinite replay. Nice!

    36. Kjartan on

      On vous a déjà dit que vous assuriez les gars ?

    37. Missing avatar

      Dill on

      Nice. So... when can we download the new rulebook? :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Kai on

      Is there any Information on when i will be getting the game?

    39. Missing avatar

      Stephen Spackman


      no other words

    40. Jamie "WhelpSlayer" Johnson Collaborator on

      The Journal is included in your WGUMCD pledge (unless you only wanted the base game).

    41. Kelly Jones on

      Are we able to add the journal ? Or is everything pretty much locked in. Or will it be available for retail

    42. Jamie "WhelpSlayer" Johnson Collaborator on

      ->Why the new deck o'action?

      The first box had the discard pile holder, this one is for the action deck!

    43. Missing avatar

      Stephen Stanton

      Very nice!!!

    44. Amor on

      Why the new deck o'action?

    45. Konata on

      Looks good :) was hoping to read more about the AR thing but I'll wait~

    46. Telgar

      Big step!

    47. BreezingThrough

      Looking great, and nice to hear things are moving along.
      Thanks for update.