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Get ready for brand new adventures in the first ever board game where YOU are the hero!
1000+ minutes of adventure for 1 to 4 players.
Get ready for brand new adventures in the first ever board game where YOU are the hero! 1000+ minutes of adventure for 1 to 4 players.
43,733 backers pledged $7,072,757 to help bring this project to life.

Wave 2 – The Home Stretch

Posted by Serious Poulp (Creator)

[Cliquez ici pour lire cette actu en français]

Greetings Explorers,  

Our September was devoted to finishing the contents of the "white box". We are delighted – and quite relieved – to announce that all the files were sent to the manufacturer last week.   


These files have already been checked and validated by Panda and we have approved the first digital proofs we received.  

The printing of the old expansions is finished, and the new expansions "Comfort Creatures" and "The Flying Roots" will go into production soon.  

The first elements of the white box – plastic figures, “Satchel and Journal” binder, etc – are also already in mass production. 

We are waiting for the last digital proofs so we can validate them and then the pre-production copy of the "white box”. Once these are approved; Panda can start mass producing the cards, dividers and other remaining components.  

Shipping & Delivery  

Wave 1.5  

Depending on the distribution center, deliveries are complete, in progress or about to start. In any case all packages will be sent by the end of the month and for the vast majority before October 15th.  

If you are part of this delivery wave (reminder: it only concerns content that was available in wave 1) and have not received any notification or packages after the 30th of October, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at  

Wave 2  

As we’ve announced since this past Spring, the delivery of wave 2, initially scheduled for October 2018, has been delayed. Currently, we are still expecting delivery by March 2019, keeping in mind that this timing is realistic but tight due to the large quantity of white boxes to be produced and the Chinese New Year's deadline which begins in early February this year; the result being factory closures and reduced activity in port areas for about 3 weeks in China.

At this stage, as all the files have been sent to the manufacturer, we are no longer in control of this schedule. Panda will naturally do its best to produce the games as quickly as possible, but we’ve asked them to give priority to quality over time to prevent errors of the type encountered when the base boxes were reprinted last November.  

If you move and need to change your delivery address before wave 2 occurs, you can do so from November 1st onward – and up to a few weeks before the start of deliveries – directly through your CrowdOx Pledge Manager account.  

Replacement cards  

At the end of the Kickstarter campaign, we set ourselves the target of meeting the announced date for wave 1 shipping at all costs and, as you already know, the pressure we put on Panda at the end of 2017 to meet this deadline helped to generate errors on the “Second edition” Base box cards and Veterans’ upgrade packs.  

These problems mainly concerned the size of the cards (up to 1 mm larger than those of the first edition) and the shades of blue on some cards’ back. We decided jointly with Panda, to reprint all these “2nd edition” base box cards as well as the upgrade packs.

These replacement cards will be sent automatically during wave 2 deliveries to contributors who are already receiving content during this wave. If you are receiving content in wave 2, you do not need to do anything to get these replacement cards. 

For those of you who do not have any content to receive in wave 2, you'll be able to request them via a form that we will put online in early 2019 and whose link will be communicated in a Kickstarter update once it is ready.  

Upcoming tasks  

These last few months of finishing up our work on the project have been challenging, so we’ll be taking a few days off before getting back to the remaining work on The 7th Continent, including: validation of the soundtrack by Barry Doublet, finalizing work on the augmented reality app, preparation of wave 2 logistics, updating the official website, etc.  

Naturally, we will continue to work hand in hand with Panda throughout the production process and keep you all up to date as we receive new printed samples.  

See you soon for more news!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Damz Damd on

      @Cysterion :
      Je l'accorde j'étais énervé d'apprendre que j'avais 6 mois de + à attendre. J'aurais dû patienter avant d'écrire mon commentaire.

    2. Cysterion on

      @Damz :
      T'as lu la partie "risques et défis" ?
      Tu sais ce qu'est un financement participatif ?
      ... tu sais que l'erreur est humaine ?

      Considérant que les SP sont du genre à réimprimer des milliers (millions ?) de cartes à leur frais pour corriger une erreur, tu penses qu'ils méritent l'ultimatum que tu leurs impose ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Damz Damd on

      Je suis d'accord pour patienter jusque Mars 2019 au lieu d'octobre 2018. Je comprends que cette décision a été prise pour ne pas se retrouver avec toutes les erreurs que vous avez connus sur la vague 1 car cela était peut être trop précipité.

      Mais je pense que vous aurez vivement intérêt à ne pas avoir la moindre erreur sur cette vague 2. Je pense pas être le seul à penser comme ça. Si je reçois mon jeu avec la moindre erreur... je pense que je ne serais vraiment pas tolérant et que j'exigerais non seulement une réparation rapide mais AUSSI un dédommagement suite à cette attente repoussée de 5 à 6 MOIS !

      Avec toute ma courtoisie et mon respect.

    4. Unisus

      @Burnt Tarly: just read the last few updates and you are fully informed. It's not as if the delay was something popping up out of the blue. SP had us updated all the time.

    5. Sir Justus on

      Ok wtf? Is happening? Where is Wave 2 white box and all my expansions?

      And where is my Goat card? I went all in what is happening ?

    6. Missing avatar

      Christian Ghattas on

      I wished all kickstarter pledges would go as smoothly! You are the best, when it comes to updating and handeling challenges that are inevitable when producing such a massive game. I never pledges so much on a game. Never. And you guys have proven over and over again in the past few months that you are professional, trustworthy and just amazing. Looking forward to a great game next year! Quality rules!! Serious Poulp rules!

    7. Missing avatar

      Dede Lafrite on

      C'est vraiment une honte, de octobre 2018 on passe à mars 2019, vous vous foutez vraiment de la gueule du monde.... Mais bon aucune importance vous avez le pognon maintenant... Je ne suis pas prêt de refaire un kickstarter pour vous....

    8. ijonesfr on

      Bonjour, quand est prévue la livraison de la version Française de l’extension svp ?

    9. Missing avatar

      Schleima on

      @GoldRush That's absolutely right. I spent nearly $400 on this game. You'd better believe that I'm taking a special interest in its welfare. Like Zaphod says below, the console dissonance of asking "Why wasn't informed?" in one breath and then "I didn't read the updates" makes absolutely no sense to me. If you followed them eagerly as they each were dispatched as many of us did, it's not too much to follow. Take an active interest in your investment, and you won't be disappointed.

      SP has done an incredible job of communicating and troubleshooting problems, and they've earned my appreciation and respect (and I was a skeptic).

    10. GoldRush on

      @Scott & Mindy like you said in your last update of the update, you spent a LOT of money in that game like a lot of us, me included, I don't normally spend that much on a game but if I do, I will read those updates thoroughly to be sure not to miss something like the delivery is pushback a couple of months. Maybe 'countless' was big, but I was referring not only to the update itself, but about all the comments on the page about it.

      Anyway… I love that game can't wait to get the rest of it since I've been playing the base game since the first wave. Hope the APP will gave something extra!

    11. Missing avatar

      Melanie on

      Is there any way to still be able to back this and get a copy of the game?

    12. Missing avatar

      BB on

      Come on March 2019. Thanks for the updates.

    13. DaisyMonster

      +1 Zaphod

    14. Zaphod Beeblebrox on

      The cognitive dissonance of "Why wasn't I informed that there were changes!?" combined with "Well of course I didn't read the updates!" just blows my mind.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rémi Z on

      Goot mine about 2 weeks ago. Played about 6 or 7h00. Always frustating to stop, when my wife is too tired !!

    16. Emil "AngryAnt" Johansen on

      Having just gone through the comment track here, I have not heard of any negative comments. Props on your very supportive and understanding community! They must really make you reconsider enjoying this full-time and not just in a couple of limited crowdfunded campaign.

      Thank you for the very frank & detailed updates and the well-executed campaign & fulfilment. Enjoy your well-deserved time off as we cross our fingers for excellent execution by Panda.

    17. Tobias Reinhard on

      Will you be in Germany for "Spiel 18"? You could show your beautiful game to many gamers and publishers. And bevor you say it's impossible to translate such a game in other languages. Gloomhaven has been translated into german by "Feuerland Spiele". So there is a chance ;)

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas Jensen on

      I’m NOT sure that you have My adress, I have moved since I kickstarted the projekt, WHO do I contact to make sure you have the right adress?

    19. Missing avatar

      Laurent Bergeron Collin on

      @Scott This is post-campaign update #19. The rest were all announcing stretch goals and answering questions. So yeah, almost 2 per month since the campaign closed. It's not soooo bad.

    20. BoardGameGuy on

      We will get our game. It is delayed. We have been informed and updated very well along the way. Get over yourself and stop crying like a little baby that the game is delayed.

    21. Missing avatar

      Martin Aas Andersen

      @Adam You answered your own question.

    22. Missing avatar

      Dill on

      Files send to the manufacturer? Great news!

    23. Missing avatar

      Schleima on

      @Remi, I think you misunderstood my post....

    24. Missing avatar

      Bryan Beach on

      I'm ssooo sorry I ordered comfort creatures.. This is ridiculous. I should've had the game in wave one, and now, nothing till spring... I so wish I could just get a refund. I will never again back anything from serious pulp.

    25. Brian Urso on

      QM Logistics Confirmed US Backers Shipping Out Wave 1.5 Oct 15th

    26. Adam Hart

      I am really confused - I opted for 1 wave shipping, all in pledge, when should I expect to actually receive anything? March 2019???

    27. James on

      Thanks for the update!
      Hope you enjoy your days off!

    28. Missing avatar

      Martin Aas Andersen

      @Scott You can atleast read titles cant you? "Wave 2 and reopening of the pledge manager" properly sounds like something you should read. And since wave 2 delays obviously are not in updates during campaign you only needed to read the last couple of updates not all 73. It's fine if people dont want to read updates but then they cant be mad about missing information. Almost all KS have delays so if you dont read updates you should expect 3-6 months delay in general if you want a better idea of when you're getting things (without readin updates). Not reading updates and assuming there to be no delays are kind of naive (unless it's your first KS but even then it been comented tons of times that delays are to be expected in all tabletop KS - and KS in general).

    29. Scott & Mindy on

      Alright, fine. I am very excited for this game. I've never spent anywhere close to this much on a game and I don't even care because I'm positive it's going to be awesome! And I congratulate Serious Poulp on creating such an awesome game....

      BUT for those of us who didn't know there was supposed to be a delay...
      As of today we are on Project Update #73. SEVENTY-THREE!!!!!!!!
      That's SEVENTY-THREE (usually really long) pieces of mail regarding a single game. SEVENTY-THREE!!!!!
      Holy smokes!
      For those of you that DID read every part of every update... my hearty congratulations.

      Other backers have alluded that because we didn't know about the delay that we haven't read ANY of the updates they have sent for the past year (the SEVENTY-THREE updates!!!!!)
      Backer "Goldrush" said they have let us know COUNTLESS times about the delay.
      Countless? Really? Tell us about ALL of these COUNTLESS times, please.
      Goldrush told us of a SINGLE instance: Project Update #68.
      I went back through my email. I have nearly every update...but 68 isn't there. I must've deleted it.'m obviously a total idiot. I deleted the wrong stuff. I was supposed to delete my family and work emails.
      So I went back and looked at that update. And I realize I DID read it previously. I just didn't get to line FIFTY past about a dozen pictures I didn't care about and wedged in the middle of a very long email.
      It's not even alluded to in the title OR the bold lines in the mail itself.
      For instance, instead of saying "Wave 2 and reopening of the pledge manager" like Update #68 is titled right now, it could say: AT LEAST A FIVE MONTH DELAY FOR WAVE 2 BACKERS!!!!
      Instead they say: Wave 2 and reopening of the pledge manager.
      So yeah, Serious Poulp. Thanks for being so transparent. I'm an absolute ass for not knowing what was so obvious for everyone else.

      And to others who say: That having things be late is the nature of Kickstarter. I would love for Serious Poulp to comment on that.
      Is it the nature of Kickstarter projects to be late, Serious Poulp?
      Is this what we should expect from every project of yours and any other project on Kickstarter that we back, Serious Poulp?

      Should we then be pleased when you tell us of this lateness...or should we be disappointed, perhaps a little frustrated and hope that you will, somehow speed things up.

      Kickstarter isn't kindergarten. It's business! It gives people who couldn't otherwise make such things an opportunity to do so. We don't congratulate people for being honest about being late. That's kindergarten. We let them know we aren't pleased and hope that they will do everything in their power to fix the situation.

      It's great that they tell us, but they shouldn't be hiding it in a massive update. And anyway, them telling us should be the status quo, not some party.

      Ultimately, it's a game. Do I want it now? Yeah. Can I wait? Of course. But is AT LEAST five months a long time to wait for a board game I spent over $200 on and have already waited a year for? Um...yeah.
      It blows.
      That said, I'm sure I will be happy as can be once it comes to my door.

      Even if it is in 2021.

      And here's a shoutout to the respectful and considerate backers who have made wonderfully helpful and well thought-out comments: Paul Kellett, BraigoKS, Rob, Zaphod Beeblbrox, Thomas Chambin, Bobby D, Jerry and let's not forget Goldrush.

    30. Emmanuel Lim

      Take your time, I’m still not finished with the base game yet. 😂

    31. Missing avatar

      Alex L on

      You guys are a fantastic and honorable company, thanks for the update and the care for your backers and the quality of your product. I've been a part of a few, shall we say, less than trustworthy kickstarter campaigns, so backing The 7th Continent has been a real pleasure. Keep up the good work SP.

      Alex, a SP supporter for life

    32. Martok on

      Thanks for the update and the clear, upfront and timely information that you provide. The delays we already knew about because you communicated that clearly to us in Update 68 in June. 🙂

      As others have said, it's more important to have a quality finished product than one that is delivered speedily with errors. So whilst the current ETA is March 2019, I'd rather have a further delay if is is really necessary to get a super product than have things rushed and be disappointed with issues.

      Keep up the good work and I look forward to playing 7th Continent in 2019. 😀

    33. Missing avatar

      Martin Aas Andersen

      @Gratz Have you played the game? You dont really roll any dice in this game. They are mainly uses as markers/numbering of items. And yes the minis are small but they are free (as a alternative to the standees) and it is not really a miniatures game. If they were standard mini size they wouldn't fit on the cards/block content anyways.

    34. Rodrigo Miranda Andrade on

      I think that a 6 months delay prioritizing the quality is acceptable if there will be no errors.

    35. Jamie "WhelpSlayer" Johnson Collaborator on

      Sorry guys my mistake: Wave 1.5 is for backers who initially asked to received their reward in a single wave (wave 2) but then chose to receive available content from wave 1 earlier than that.

    36. Jamie "WhelpSlayer" Johnson Collaborator on

      Wave 1.5 is wave 1 content for new backers, those who wanted additional rewards, etc.

    37. Labelle Rouge on

      Hi. What is the content of the wave 1.5 ? Thanks.

    38. Rémi on

      Direct quote from above update = "If you are receiving content in wave 2, you do not need to do anything to get these replacement cards."

      Here you go buddy, hope you can raise that hand again :) .

    39. Rémi on

      SP first informed Wave2 delay in Update#68 back in early June 2018 and confirmed the delayed Wave2 timeline several times after that.
      Hardly a new information.

    40. Guz Forster

      You guys have been doing a great job with the updates. Thanks for the commitment! Your game is awesome and the commitment to quality really speaks of what kind of company you guys are. Thanks once more!

    41. Maarten on

      Nice update. Can't wait (but have to), but have others games to play now.

      And to those winers? get your games retail.

    42. Paul Kellett

      People are utter morons.

    43. Missing avatar

      Martijn on

      Come one people, if you back a project, at least be responsible enough to actually *read and understand* their updates.

      The whole Q1 delivery for wave 2 is not exactly new and was made known shortly after the wave 1 delivery was completed. That was something like June.

      If you can't be arsed to read the updates, don't complain about things.

    44. Rico S Mario Melchert on

      Honest and good communication.
      We’re a loooong way from completing black box content so no worries. Quality first.

    45. Sindalomeion on

      First reaction: desappointment. We have to wait another 6 month. Frustration and anger.
      But if the end result is worth it, so let's wait.
      Fortunately, we still have the original game to play with in the wait for the expansion.

    46. Missing avatar

      Matthieu Lambinet on

      Hey here !

      Simple question : I will most probably need to change the delivery address. Where will I ( in November) find the link to do it ?

    47. Missing avatar

      Deane Gainey on

      Congratulations on completing the game design! Take a well-deserved, well-earned rest.

    48. Johan Hellqvist on

      Do people forget that CNY is not a new occurrence? Millions of people around the world working in manufacturing with businesses and factories in China knows this. If you're on Kickstarter this should also be common knowledge and game developers knows this and have always been upfront about it. People also may not know that many factories in China often work 6 sometimes 7 days, full weeks. Panda is no different.

    49. ExSheex Vanale on

      @ Richard Heydt - Quit whining, this the first Kickstarter project you've backed? This is one of thr BEST ones I've seen, as they're going well out of their way to fix a problem with the cards they sent in wave 1. You wanna whine and complain about delays? We're getting our product. Do you whine this much when video games and movies and tv shows are delayed?
      You want something to complain about, think about being a backer on a project where the creators scammed everyone, like That Which Sleeps. Fortunately I only backed for $10, but some did for hundreds and NONE OF US ARE GETTING ANYTHING!
      We're alk getting the game, it'll be great and delays will only make it more likely to be a better quality product. They're trying to avoid Wave 1 issues in Wave 2, like a good company does. Would you be