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Lift curses or die trying in the first “choose-your-own-path” exploration board game. 1000+ minutes of adventure for 1 to 4 players.
Lift curses or die trying in the first “choose-your-own-path” exploration board game. 1000+ minutes of adventure for 1 to 4 players.
12,103 backers pledged €1,224,220 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Serious Poulp (Creator)

Fear the Devourers is the second gameplay add-on for The 7th Continent. Once again using ideas and mechanics that we were very fond of but didn’t make the final cut, we’re now bringing these hungering beasts to you in this unique expansion!

 It all starts with a random encounter, foreboding silhouettes in the distance. By the time you’ve seen them though, it’s already too late, they know where you are, they have your scent… and they hunger…

Rockworms can grow to become terrifying beasts. When you first encounter them, on the outskirts of the continent they may be small, infants even, but they are still ferocious and dangerous creatures.

The expansion will come with 7 miniatures to infant, half-grown and adult devourers, each more menacing than the last. Why miniatures? Because these beasts aren’t just a random encounter you can quickly do away with. If you don’t deal with them then they will follow you around the map and through game saves until you decide to make a stand. Whilst you are on a tile with a Rock Worm you cannot execute a move action and cannot save the game either…

Violence is one solution although due to their robust nature, even infant rock worms are tough opponents. Don’t even get me started on adult ones... and even if you do manage to take one down it might anger other rockworms in the area!

There is a small chance however that you can subdue or escape their attention if you’re clever… Either way, this unique add-on will present you with a real challenge with these rock worms should you be unfortunate enough to cross their path!

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    1. Missing avatar

      ludovic on

      Je voulais savoir si les extensions "optionals buy" seront disponiblesà la vente en magasin
      Merci de la reponse

    2. Stephanie Gustafsson on

      I want one as a pet :3

    3. Missing avatar

      Barbier on

      Merci pour cette réponse claire.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alexandre P. on

      Barbier > Tu indiques un montant maintenant que tu paieras à la fin de la campagne.

      Puis quelques temps après la campagne on te demandera de remplir un questionnaire pour indiquer à quoi correspond le montant que tu as payé.

    5. Missing avatar

      Barbier on

      J'ai augmenté mon montant initial de 17 €; cela permet-il sans l'ombre d'un doute d'avoir cet add-on ? J'ai reçu un mail qui confirme bien l'augmentation du montant engagé, mais il ne contient aucune mention au sujet de l'add-on.
      Si quelqu'un pouvait éclairer ma lanterne; d'avance merci.

    6. MagicM on

      I think this is not my thing now, eventually a later buy.

    7. Jay Caracappa on

      Love the idea, but I really have to to with why can't this be a stretch goal/KS exclusive. To me, the expansions are absolutely needed to give much more replayability to this game so there really wasn't any choice in my mind. I backed for the game + the three curses.

      As the rockworms look to add a whole new deadly layer, I'd love to have them as well, but the cost has ballooned enough.

    8. Aiman on

      @Alvaro, yes there will be a pledge manager. :)

    9. Alvaro Llonch on

      Will there be a pledge manager for those of us who want the add-ons but would rather pay split?

    10. Missing avatar

      Ewert Bellingan on

      Will the "Devourers" add-on be having standees alongside the minis? Seems like it might be 'unfair' when playing with cardboard standee characters while plastic rock worms are running around..

    11. Missing avatar

      Gilou on

      Indeed, 6 successes with only two cards make a hard fight. I hope you're rewarded with something good if you manage to beat the beast.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nannig on

      Now that's a great ad to the gameplay, and totally works as an add-on this time : it's a new difficulty, twist on the play, that you can buy in addition, now or later to increase the game experience. It's way clearer than the last add-on to me.

      And with this kind of great post I was thinking that you should do the same for the extensions included in the 89€ box. Is it "only" new areas and curses or is there even more to it? (the only isn't correct as it's the whole point in extending the game but you get me)

    13. Harvie on

      @Ed. You are correct it should be "adolescent". Darn autocorrect....

    14. Missing avatar

      Ed Hughes on


      "adolescent" rockworm.

      Not trying to be pedantic, but poulp is a French company and I want to help avoid any localization errors.

    15. Stockpile on

      Seems like this should be a Kickstarter Exclusive stretch goal.

    16. Harvie on

      I suggest changing "Half-grown rockworm" to something like "Adolescence Rockworm"

    17. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      How about instead of giving us player character minis when there are already standees you give us these guys and throw in the cards as a stretch goal.

    18. Cysterion on

      @ZeroFusion :
      "Is this a full expansion (like Swamp of Madness, The Icy Maze and The Forbidden Sanctuary) with a new curse?"
      Nope, it's only a BIG add-on with 7 figures and the 30 cards that come whith them to use the worms in game.
      No new area, no new curse and so on... just 7 big huge deadly terrifying and mercyless worms !! Not so bad already :D

      @Gonçalo :
      Just to remind you something : this is not a private sale or something like that, it's us giving money for them to create something that don't even exist !
      In this type of relation, what you need most is "trust". If you don't trust them, you'll have a hard time during the upcoming year :p

    19. ZeroFusion on

      Is this a full expansion (like Swamp of Madness, The Icy Maze and The Forbidden Sanctuary) with a new curse? The box seems similar, but there's not a single mention of a new curse in the description.

    20. Missing avatar

      Gonçalo Cunha Neves on

      When I saw this I got very excited... then I realized it was yet another add-on.

      Come on the game is 89€ already...

      We got a whole bunch of stretch Goals that I still don´t understand...because if the game is 700+ cards and we have 3 expansions... tottaling 1000+cards why are some of the SG cards such lower numbers...

      As far as I know those strech goal can be fake and we are stretching for something that might have been already planned and included in the normal game. We can´t be sure!

      Sometimes I get this conspiracy theory mindset... So I apologize if I´m wrong.

      Anyway a whole bunch of minis, a thousand cards for 89€ and you charge 17€ for 30 cards and some minis?!

      I would love to have it but I feel a bit cheated on this one ...Sorry...

    21. Missing avatar

      Elliott Harding on

      @Kov - Best In Show?

    22. Missing avatar

      Elliott Harding on

      Oh yeah can milk anything will nipples.

    23. Boorgatspook on

      Will there be standees for the worms as well?

    24. Ryalyn on

      That addon looks totally awesome!! I will have to add it ... in the Pledge Manager. I'm sad to be so broke right now but I'm super glad of that Pledge Manager!

    25. Xavier Lumberjacks on

      Aren't they cute worms? I think I'm gonna try to ride a rockworm...
      We're definitly not alone on this continent...

    26. André on

      Can those be milked???

    27. Razoupaf on

      My wallet hates you.

    28. Jason Miller

      Not for me, but it looks interesting.

    29. Missing avatar


      who needs a milking stool?

    30. Cysterion on

      Oh My God !

      I'm gonna paint you, guys !! Come on !!

    31. André on

      Am I the only one with negative feelings here?
      First of all, this add-on is way to cool
      2nd what do you guys want to do to my wallet
      3rd All of those choices almost rip me apart, if you're planning to continue this expect my bill your the shrink
      And last bills for the lawyer, my wife will get in contact

    32. Caesar on

      Looks very cool! I'm in!

    33. Missing avatar

      Kov on

      @Baptiste Manson Are you a wizard ?

    34. William on

      I swear that mini needs a guitar.

    35. Zemeckis on

      @SveinAA top right

    36. SveinAage on

      Haha - perfect surprise! :)
      A must have for variety and pumping up the difficulty level, i think.
      Where is the 'Manage Your pledge' Button?
      Have to raise the pledge :)

    37. Paul S

      @ Jesper. As with most KS addons. You add the amount to your current pledge, and then when the survey comes out after the KS is done, it will ask you for what add-ons you want. Note: The Survey is usually not right away, but can happen months after a KS is done. All depends on how the company wants to do things.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jesper jones

      I think that it looks cool, but I don't understand how to get i. Do I have to pledge more than what I already am? Or do I have to wait for later? Looks really cool though.

    39. Barry Doublet on!!! I never saw that coming (really)

    40. Yoker on

      Oh god. Need it !!!! Insta buy here.
      ALLEZ LES PLOUPES !!!!! © Truliduli

    41. Missing avatar

      Kov on

      @TorgHul I guess it's shown for scale.

    42. Mark Picklesimer on

      Who is the "man" miniature, and would there ever be a need for two of these add-ons?

    43. Mike Hobbs on

      Yep I like this going to increase my pledge now

    44. Horst der II on

      I know that this worm is really dangerous,
      but just look into his eyes, they are so cut.

    45. TorgHul on

      Who is the miniature man?

    46. SoloStoryGamer on

      Looks great. I could probably deal with two more...

    47. Baptiste Manson on

      This is a super cool expansion, as it seems it adds flavor to the whole game.
      When I see this, I wouldn't mind a slightly richer fighting experience, or more flavor: I want to poison the enemies, I want to frighten them (push them one square away), I want to stun them, I want to dodge their injury to be able to retry the challenge... I want to have more combat actions, not just objects! :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Dean Jones on

      These adds ons are going to cost me a lot of money. It looks great.

    49. Ludovit Fekete on

      Great great add-on!!! Thanks for it!