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Lift curses or die trying in the first “choose-your-own-path” exploration board game. 1000+ minutes of adventure for 1 to 4 players.
Lift curses or die trying in the first “choose-your-own-path” exploration board game. 1000+ minutes of adventure for 1 to 4 players.
12,103 backers pledged €1,224,220 to help bring this project to life.

The Path of repentance

Posted by Serious Poulp (Creator)

The Path of Repentance is the first add on pack for the 7th Continent and will contain 30 or so cards that will allow you to manage an adversary that not even the most proficient adventurer can escape: Time itself.

It all starts with a beat up old pocket watch, kept in your shoulder bag.

Every time you reset the board (by saving the game or changing zones (stair icon)) you will draw a random 777 card which corresponds to an event at the end of the day. These can be positive, negative or neutral effects or present you with choices. Once all these 777 cards have been banned out of the game, a week has passed and the 777 cards are out back into the game.

This cycle continues for a certain amount of time until... well, you'll see...

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    1. Missing avatar

      SteveSmith-Dark Mikey Has Chain Links??

      sad way to end a great campaign everyone just whining about add-ons. There is no wrong way to do a KSer. If you dont like add-ons pull your funding and punish no one but yourself.

    2. Phil McDonald on

      Are expansions and mini expansions clearly marked so they can be separated from the base game cards?

    3. AlexanderTF on

      BY all means it sounds rather worth it, seeing as the 17 euro expansion comes with figures ....

    4. Snycher on

      People are seriously upset about a single $8 add on that adds 30 cards? Really?

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Fuss

      As long as the add-ons that expand or enhance gameplay are kept to a minimum, I'm okay with them (though I would have preferred to know that they were possibilities from the outset). I don't want to see situations like CMoN's The Others: 7 Sins or Cryptozoic's Ghostbusters game where the in-game content add-ons can double or triple the cost to get the complete game. The sheer amount of gameplay enhancing add-ons in those campaigns turned me from interested to uninterested in a heartbeat. I'd much prefer to see add-ons that are along the lines of card sleeves, art books, metal coins, or duplicate sets of miniatures.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark Green on

      I am still unsetteled by the sudden apperance of an add on, feels like a money grab (you are changing the original contract), its 30 more cards - which is the kind of number of cards that are already being added in the stretch goals. What I do not like is to be told this is the highest tire, (infering nothing more would be added apart from the strech goals) - then oh now for the full game give us 7euro's more.. and it sounded like there were more add on's to come (in the video) - either give us these add ons in the base or extended game - or plan for an expansion later - but stop trying to screw more money out of us - I thought you were better than that. What effect is this "add on" storm having - well I was shouting from the rooftops about this new game to anyone who would listen - now I am keeping silent untill I truely know the cost (as yet unknown as we do not know how many more add on's will appear) - its is / will have an effect on your reputation. - I am whatching how things will continue to unfold.... before I praise and plug your game.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jim Johnson on

      @SterlingWright I have the same concern about this add-on. Despite what the designers are stating, this will impact gameplay more than they think. Adding a time element based on saves will affect a group playing the game in four hour shifts differently from groups playing it in 30 minute sessions. So, using this example, the first group gets one time card, while the second one gets eight - you can't convince me that doesn't impact gameplay! A better option would be to have time trigger points on some of the cards (I.e. Every card that ends in a multiple of ten, say). At that time, the group draws a time card, and resolves it. It doesn't matter if you draw card 130, then immediately draw 60, then go 20 cards before drawing 260 - time events don't have to happen on a set schedule.

      As far as the add-on aspect goes, I'm pretty ambivalent. They are optional - no one is forcing you to buy them. I've bought several, and passed on several. Truth be told, a lot of the add-ons that I have bought for KS games haven't even made it out of the box. The jury is still out on this one for me. I'd love to hear the designers' take on whether my idea would work - it might tip the scales one way or the other regarding my purchasing it.

      What cheeses me is when a company will say "if you pledge tier one you get stretch goals A, C and D, but if you pledge tier two you get all stretch goals". This to me sounds like the proverbial money grab. Either give me all the stretch goals or none; but, don't cherry pick them. Thankfully these guys aren't doing that.

    8. Dave Seidner on

      In the main comments section, Jamie has addressed my (and other's) concern below that the impact of the add-on to core game play is minor, and those that choose not to purchase the content-based add-ons will not miss out on anything vital to the experience.

      I do understand what Jamie is trying to express here, but I still don't think he truly gets the potential huge impact that small changes can have on game play and overall experience. Obviously, the designers felt this time mechanic is not necessary for the base game, but since they've spent considerable time on these ideas, they don't just want to get rid of it, so they felt the best solution was to keep it an an optional add on.

      Not sure how many of you know the game Kingsburg. Kingsburg by itself is a decent little game, but gets stale fairly quickly. The designers released an expansion called To Forge a Realm which is made up of 5 small modules to add to the base game. IMHO (and many gamers who play Kingsburg) this expansion is essential to the enjoyment level and replayability of Kingsburg. But, not all 5 of the modules are essential. Most people feel that 3 of the 5 modules are essential. 2 of these three modules are essential because they: 1. increased the size of the playerboards introducing two new rows to build on (8 new buildings) and 2. alternate row overlays that change each playerboard and make them different from each other. Those two modules add tons of replayability.

      It's the third module I want to talk about though. This was a simple little change to the game. So small, but really such a large impact to the game. In the base game, there are 5 battles players need to prepare for (every winter over 5 game years) and a single D6 roll determines the "Kings Aid" to all the players. That number would contribute to the battle against the enemies. Before the expansion came out, this was just they way the game is, and it is what it is. Nothing too exciting. Kind of random and higher rolls would aid players who didn't invest in defensive buildings or soldiers. The downside is the players who already invested in defenses probably don't need the high roll. So, the third module in the expansion did away with the die roll and instead, each player receives 6 Chips with values 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4. Each Winter, each player will determine which chip to play as the Kings Aid (simultaneous reveal) and whichever chip they are left with at the end of the game would get added to their VP total. Such a small change but adds a layer of long term planning and reduces randomness. Most Kingsburg players will not play without this module. For many of us it is essential to the game.

      I bring this up because relative to the rest of the game it is such a small change, but it is very impactful to the overall game itself. It's possible the designers saw this as a small non-essential module to add in with other modules in the expansion. Was probably an afterthought post release of the base game. But within much of the Kingsburg community, this small module became essential to the overall experience of the game.

      My point here is that even if the designers think this Time mechanic (or some other mechanic in a future add-on) is minor and won't affect core game play, it may end up impacting game play more than they first thought from the perspective of the players. It may not, but we won't truly know until after The 7th Continent is released.

      So, as a potential backer, what do I do? Do I add this add-on because it might be the key mechanic that excels this game from a good game to a great game? Do I wait and risk that this doesn't go to retail? What if I back it and it turns out to be completely non-essential? Yeah, it's only 7 EUR or 8 USD, but that would leave a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. The more content based add-ons available that I add and end up being useless, the more sour that taste becomes.

      If they get a few extra bucks from those that pledge the additional $ for the add-ons, will it even out the money lost from backers who decide to drop their pledges as a result? Even if it does, there are other costs to consider.

      I suppose it depends on what's more important to Serious Poulp. Building a super successful Kickstsarter Campaign or the more long term goal: Building a great company and brand loyalty within it's customers.

      Either way, I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. I'm in right now, I may decide to invest in the content based add-ons, I may not. I may pull my pledge all together before this ends. I'm certainly at a wait and see. Whatever I choose to do, I do wish Serious Poulp success. The game looks fantastic and for now, I am rooting for them, even if I don't agree with content based add-ons.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mark Egli on

      I agree about add ons that "bling" vs ones that effect gameplay. The gameplay should be standard with optional payment for extras that do not effect the core experience.

    10. Missing avatar

      Zets on

      Add ons that does not change that add a level of dificulty as a add on for extra $€ is perfectly fair!

      In a way its like when you buy a extra skin in wow or other games really and for anyone else you can always invent your own rules regarding time.

      The guys just simply cut the work for us and 30 cards for 7€ is a great great deal when you compare it to others card pack that can be the same cost for 10 cards only.

      Love this kick starter ^///^


    11. Missing avatar

      kunonin on

      I am really curious why the 888 cards, and not just golden 777 cards :3

    12. Crouzil-Spiteri on

      Cet add-on me plait, une petite réduction pour l'occasion à 7€ (au lieu de 9), ca me plait aussi.
      Il n'est absolument pas nécessaire pour le jeu tel qu'il a été présenté et donc pas obligatoire à l'achat.
      Nous aurions pu le découvrir en boutique après la sortie du jeu, mais moi j'aime bien avoir l'info à l'avance et il peut être un plus pour ceux qui veulent.
      Moi il m'intéresse.

    13. Carlos D

      @Graham @Cysterion Yes, you are right it would have been so much better to know all add-ons before hand.Furthermore, I do agree that items that not affect the game play like minis should be the add-ons, instead of a mechanic that expands the gameplay.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kevin Guilfoyle on

      @Sterling Wright Thank you!

    15. Sterling Wright

      @Keven, Yes, click on the Manage Your Pledge button and add the Add-On Amount to your pledge total.

      If they choose to allow it and are using a pledge manager, you can wait until the project ends and add it on in the pledge manager. However, with all of the comments this morning, I haven't seen anything from Serious Poulp on whether they will allow this yet.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kevin Guilfoyle on

      I haven't backed many Kickstarter projects and I would like to know how to add the add-on to my pledge. Do I simply update my pledge by the add-on amount? Also, if I am unable to buy the add-on now, will it be available later? Thank you.

    17. Missing avatar

      COUSIN Priscilia Lionel on

      En français :
      Pourquoi autant de commentaire négatifs pour un add-on ?
      Je ne vois personne hurler au scandale quand on lui propose une supplément pour un ingrédient sur une pizza. Ce qui est bien c'est d'avoir le choix, de savoir que les auteurs travaillent et proposent de nouveaux projets. La complexité ici c'est que nous ne savons pas si le supplément correspond à du caviar ou des champignons ;-) Sans cette information, il est difficile de valider la justesse du prix... et chacun ses goûts. Personnellement, je vais attendre d'y jouer avant d'acheter des add-ons. Ca sera donc hors campagne. Bravo a Serious Poulp pour tout le travail sur cette campagne.

      En anglais (merci Google ;-) ) :
      Why so many negative comments for an add-on ?
      I do not see anyone yell foul when he proposes a supplement ingredient on pizza . What is nice is to have a choice, to know that the authors work and propose new projects. The complexity here is that we do not know if the supplement corresponds to caviar or fungi ;-) Without this information, it is difficult to validate the reasonableness of the price ... and everyone's tastes . I personally will wait to play before purchasing add-ons. It will be out campaign. Bravo Serious Poulp for all the work on this campaign .

    18. Cysterion on

      Just to add a little bit of what I previously said (around comment #70)

      Add-ons are nice, add-ons cost money, and it's just what they're meant to be. I have no problem with them.

      But, the problem is : if we don't get this add-on, there is a functionnality that we won't have without paying more. And this is not a proper type of add-on (especially if there are more of this kind to come :p ) This would be worth an expansion... not add-ons.

      Here is an example of what could be done to keep add-ons available (and viable) and the heart of the backers in a single piece with what we already have at this state of the campaign :

      Let's say that these 30 cards come as (for example) 4 SG of 7-10 cards each, which is basically the amount of cards we get for each SG unlocked.
      Then, to balance this, you remove the 4 following SG :
      - V. Frankenstein
      - his mini
      - HP Lovecraft
      - his mini...

      And then you say : "Hey guys !! We provide you 2 KS exclusive add-ons with 1 new character, his/her 5 special idea cards and their mini for 3.50€ each !!"

      In this case I would say : "Yeah !! Well done poulpies !! "
      Why ? because, this game is about discovering, experimenting, surviving... and not a RPG where we play or build our personnal "hero". For me, not having all the explorers is ok (with 5 of them in the base box, it's already enough), but not having access to several parts/mechanincs of the 7th continent's wonders because I lacked some money at this specific time would make me cry :'(

    19. Graham

      Would have preferred the add ons listed up front on day one as well. Was hoping that the explorer pledge would include everything. Ah well. Of course there's no reason that I have to add it but I was just hoping that anything game play experience oriented was going to be included with the initial pledge and that add-ons if any would be sleeves etc. In the end I added the add-on but I did so without excitement and I'm considering dropping it since its already at a high cost for me due to being Canadian and our struggling dollar.

    20. Sterling Wright

      I have a question about how this affects gameplay. You will be drawing a 777 every time you have drawn them all (I'm guessing 7), you draw an 888 card. I'm guessing that both positive and negative can happen with each of these cards. I will probably only get to play for an 45 minutes to an hour at a time (probably during my lunches) and I can see myself cycling through a 30 card deck pretty quickly (In game time terms). With the hint that time is an adversary, will this adversely affect my game compared to someone who plays for more than two hours per session?

    21. Joshua Reubens

      Personally I hate add ons like this. I actually check campaigns for such add ons and when I see them, I don't back the campaign. When they show up later... I feel a bit tricked... but that's just me. I'm going to stick around for now but if there are too many of these little micro transactions or, even worse, some major expansion I'll just drop my pledge.

    22. Don Riddle

      Also notice it is not "KS exclusive" which means you can wait and buy it later if you're not sure about it now. "Promising too much" is not what has killed other KS projects; it's "promising too much FOR FREE" that has killed them. There's only so much content they can eat the cost of.

    23. Don Riddle

      This is not a cash grab. This is interesting BUT UNNECESSARY content that you can add to your game for a price. Look at any Cool Mini or Not campaign and you'll see TONS of addons in addition to the stretch goals. We should be THANKFUL they didn't do the bogus move of having a stretch goal open up the addon.

    24. Sarah Reed

      For those who don't understand why people are having a problem with paying more is that most campaigns that have add-ons will display all those add-ons from the very beginning so people can see how much everything will cost. But here, when stretch goals are only revealed one at a time, we don't know what the future will hold. While one add-on is not a big deal, if there ends up being 5 more add-ons at a similar price, I won't be able to get them even if I want to and I bet this will be the case for many people. This campaign is already on the expensive end. Plans for future expansions should be made to spread the cost out for backers. We don't need everything the game will ever have right now.

    25. Jose Negron on

      I think dropping the minis and making those extras is a good idea

    26. Marc Shivan Bilhaut on

      there is a normal pledge and a big pledge, no mention of completion in either one or the other... I don't understand what you people are talking about with the "negative feeling"...

    27. Brendan McGuire on

      Path of Repentance cost us more? ... Wasn't this how the reformation started? Can we have Martin Luther as the next character stretch goal? LOL

    28. Missing avatar

      Bart Larrenaga

      @Tor - I think that part is clear. What bothers people (and me, to a degree) is that when the project started, the 89 euro pledge was 'everything in the game' - the 3 expansions and all the stretch goals. The page never said that 89 euros would always get you everything forever for this game, but since no add-ons were shown at that time, or other content that wasn't included at that pledge level, it was implied to customers that that was the case - 89 euros gets you everything being shown on the kickstarter.

      I'm not going to downgrade or cancel my pledge, but I also don't think I'm going to jump right in on the add-on.

    29. Joshua "Cornbread" Harris on

      I wish there was an option to drop the minis, and get more of these add-on expansions instead. Make the minis the additional ad--on cost. (I'd probably still buy them at some point, but they aren't changing the mechanics of the game, and are therefore less likely to raise concern from people on a budget who don't want to miss out.)

    30. Tor Iver Wilhelmsen

      The €59 pledge gets you the game. A complete game. The other things are optional extras. Are you complainers unfamiliar with how expansions work? They are not part of the base game. The €89 pledge gets you the base game PLUS three expansions. So the complete game PLUS extra content. Which was what was in the box when you chose to back at that level. That has not changed just because they have made another - still optional and not part of the game - expansion as an add-on. Do you think the people who backed Alien Frontiers demanded to get Factions for free when that was launched because the game was "incomplete" without it?

      If you want to complain about incomplete products, complain that you had to pay three movie tickets to see the full Lord of the Rings story... :)

    31. Luds on

      @Joaquin - Agreed. I'm sure everybody would like to know.

    32. Mario Polito

      @Jamie, the 777 card example says "this" player may return a state, if you are playing co-op do all players get to return a state or do you just choose one player to return a state?

    33. Bradford Lounsberry on

      Sounds like a neat mechanic, but I'm already spending enough. Not worth the price for a few cards.

    34. Missing avatar

      Nannig on

      As pretty much everyone here I have troubles to understand that paying add-on for several reasons :
      - It’s hard to comprehend this new mechanic without having played the game already so is it worth paying for it?
      - The campaign didn’t mention paying add-ons and the client/funder seemed to have the choice between the basic box and the complete box. It now seems the complete box isn’t so complete after all
      - Last and not least it’s an ambitious project for the regular box already, the extensions and stretch goals add some risks. Aren’t additional add-ons leading to a “never finished” syndrome meaning we’ll never get the game? Especially considering a paying add-on will have priority on free/already paid add-on (aka stretch goals)…
      I’d really like to hear from the team on these subjects as it’s pretty worrying at the moment : I don’t like not to know what’s going on! And I’m really considering downgrading my pledge to the basic box right now.
      Un peu comme tout le monde ici j'ai du mal à comprendre cet add-on payant et ce pour plusieurs raisons :
      - il est difficile de comprendre l'intérêt de la mécanique proposée en plus par rapport à la mécanique de base sans avoir déjà joué à la base : est-ce que ce plus vaut l'argent supplémentaire?
      - la campagne ne faisait pas mention de ces add-ons payant et il semblait que le client/financeur avait le choix entre la boite de base à 59€ et la boite complète à 89€. Visiblement il faudra payer plus pour la boite complète
      - Le projet est déjà ambitieux en soit pour la boite de base. Les paliers atteints demanderont du travail supplémentaire, les extensions également, ce qui comporte un risque. Est-ce que rajouter ce genre de choses ne comporte pas le risque de ne "jamais finir" le jeu? Surtout que si les clients le paye cela oriente directement la priorité vers ce genre d'ajout payant plutôt que sur les ajouts non payés/déjà payés de la campagne de base.
      Bref j'aimerais plus d'explications sur l'objectif car en l'état actuel des choses cela me fait reconsidérer ma participation et me tend à la réduire de la boite complète vers la boite de base.

    35. Joaquin

      @Jamie - Please disclose all future add-ons and the cost associated with them so pledgers can better determine the full cost of the game. Thanks.

    36. Dave Landry on

      Also ridding the negative vibe here - this has me thinking of dropping my EB....

    37. Carlos D

      The add-on feels so wrong. It is particularly worrisome that It is not an aesthetic add-on, but it adds a new mechanic. The game experience will not be complete without it. Definitely a step in the wrong direction! This update leaves a particular sour taste after being spoiled with the splendidly run campaigns Game of Kilforth and Gloomhaven in which not a single add-on sold to us. As some backers stated before, I am considering dropping my pledge as the 89 was supposed to offer us everything.

    38. Missing avatar

      Quentin on

      In a way, I'm scarred by the "first" add-on. Not that I don't or won't buy it. It's just that if your add-ons are going to be "mini expansions", giving a full developped game new mechanics, I'm scarred of being drowned by all the informations incoming in a row during the game. I mean, it's good because it's gonna be more like a real expedition, but wasn't it the first idea when the game was designed? I don't really see the point of it, but in a way I'm attracted to it. The possibilities aren't really clear, how is this going to affect the game? With all SGs unlocked, there are a lot more random events.

      My other point to explain my fear is that, we don't know yet what are going to be the next add-ons. Improvments of the mechanics like this with new systems, new situations to deal with? Or maybe artbooks? Or doodles? Or luxuary upgrades for dices/storages...? And are these going to be on the same prices, like this 30 cards extansion?

      Just need some numbers guys, to know if one is worth the price comparing to another. For me, currently, this one isn't worth to pay, but maybe in comparaison with future add-ons, it will be... Can't it be possible for us to have a schedule or at least ideas of what will be in add-ons?

    39. Sarah Reed

      I'm with everyone else that this would be better as a later stretch goal so everyone in the campaign gets it for free. I'm pretty well tapped out on what I can spend on this campaign and it's not fun to see good gameplay content cost extra and not being able to get it. I really hope you don't have any more of these add-ons. If you have so much content for the game, wait for the future to do a big expansion when people can afford more.

    40. Missing avatar

      Penibleman on

      Where is it said that SG will be included in retail ?

    41. DrClaw on

      I think the announcement of this mini-expansion pack might make sence if the other expansions were 'Add-on' also. But there is the 59E (baseline) and the 89E (bells and whistles) pledges, and now the mini-expansion.

      If there was only a 59E and then everything else was offered as 'Add-on' from the outset, this may mini-expansion have been more paletable. Of course consumers would demand more details as to "why I should add expansion _____?", but at least there would be consistancy.

      Logically then, the pledge that offers everything (formerly 89E) actually would offer everything.

    42. Mario Polito

      It's not this add-on itself that scares me (I am excited for this game and have gone all in, wanting everything this game has to offer, including this add-on) but I think it's the fear of noe knowing how many more of these add-ons are going to pop up over the next few weeks, it's the fear of not knowing how much I am committing to spend, whereas previously I had thought I knew how much I was going to spend. I actually think you would make us happier if you just announced all planned add-ons at once and now draw it out. I want everything, but I also want to know how much I am going to pay.

    43. Missing avatar

      Nathan Smith on

      Unfortunately, I agree with the negative sentiment here. I did a double-take as I was reading this update. See Gloomhaven for a kickstarter done right - ALL stretch goals will be included in the retail box. Please, no add-ons. I see this as a cash grab, and am concerned about the add-ons delaying the production of the base game/expansions. As others have said, I should not feel like I am getting an incomplete game even after paying over $100 for this campaign for an un-tested game. I hope to hear some good news in the next video update...starting to lose faith in this project.

    44. Missing avatar

      Penibleman on

      A full game is a game you can play with till the beginning to the end. You'll be able to do it even with the 59€ part.

      Other things are extras to bring more depth to the game.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mark Egli on

      Confusing to me in that the $100 pledge level implies the full game content.

    46. Jonas Bostrom on

      I think it's probably too late for us to affect how this ks is run but I would like to agree with the ones here who are asking for no (more) gameplay addons. Being, like most boardgamers, a completionist, I have no interest in picking and choosing between addons and at 89 euros I'm close to what I want to spend on a game.

    47. Michael Simon on

      @Christopher: You mean US Dollar. The creator of this projects speaks in Euro. At the moment we are at 473k € (Euro). So 2k more to the next SG.

    48. Christopher Boat

      I mostly agree with the crowd saying this is not a positive update. It would seem like less of a money grab if the stretch goals were at least caught up to our current 530k in pledges, but instead of announcing the new unlockable stretch goals, we get handed an a la carte menu. I think the only way I would buy this new item is if I dropped my pledge to a lower level, but just thinking about that makes dropping my pedge seem like a valid option as well.

    49. Jedra7609

      Content based addons are pretty much a permanent feature of Kickstarter projects now. On average I am probably spending twice as much on addons than I spend on the original pledge. Usually these are plastic heavy games, but not always. This is not just cosmetic items, but content based stuff.

      There is a lot of game in the base product and stretch goals here so if you would rather not pay for extra content then you don't have to. I guess you have to decide for yourself it the base content plus stretch goals equates to good value for money for your base pledge.

      Also, you can't simply use maths to work out what the cost should be. It may just be 30 cards, but who knows how many man hours went into designing the supplemental adventure they represent. It's not correct to say 1000 cards is 90 Euros so 30 cards should be 2.7 Euros - game design doesn't work like that!

    50. Missing avatar

      cadrian on

      If this is so unheard of, so bad for the compulsive collector that needs everything (I count myself as one), what do you say about companies that have convention promos (plaidhatgames with dead of winter comes to mind) that aren't sold afterwards on retail and you can only find them for half the price of the actual base game?

      It seems a little much for just 30 cards, especially compared to how many cards you get with the main pledge or even compared to a LCG game pack, but other than that, I really don't see a problem with this add-on.