DIED HARD! The Documentary of Kelly Thomas

by steve jason wildman

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Horror Documentary

Horror Documentary

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steve jason wildman
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steve jason wildman

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Ive been working in films for 12 years ... I was even good friends with Shia Labeouf before he got all rich and famous back when i used to work for the disney channel in hawaii ... but 12 years later .. im finally ready and experianced enough to start.. make ... create .. and finish this film .. that has taken up 2 years of my life !!    I can do this ... and i make a huge impact with this film .. on film ... and if you even knew me ... you would know when i say im going to do some thing ... i do it !!!  so hook me up ... let me make this film ... and let me earn at least a nomination for a nobel peace prize .... plzzzzzzzz !!!!  and lastly ... im madly in love with selena gomez ... and hope this film impresses her so much .. she finally gives me her phone number !!!!!!!!!!!1   

Risks and challenges

im not sure ... my life is maybe at risk ... cause this film .. is a film not even thee micheal morre has the balls to make

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    $2500.00 for two months studio space inside the Downstairs Art Gallery at ... 207 N. Broadway .. Santa Ana
    $1500.00 for used 17 inch mac book pro and avid editing software
    $3,000.00 for 3 Go Pro 4D and 2 Countour HD cameras with mounts and stedi-cam
    $500.00 Micro-drone-HD- Helicopter-Cam
    $500.00 for lights and tarps and back drops
    $500.00 for sound gear
    $1500.00 for generator and battery backup
    $500.00 for SD Cards and rechargeable batteries
    $200.00 for two military lasers .. one red .. one green
    $100.00 in Lithium Batteries for lasers
    $1,000.00 for Car Rental and Gas Card
    $5,000.00 to hire and feed producers and production assistants for 7 days of actual shooting
    $2,500.00 for permits and pay offs for access to old FBI Office ... New Santa Ana Federal Police Station ... City Council Meetings .. and hopefully full media access to the actual trial of the Fullerton ex PD Officers soon to be trial for the death/murder of Kelly Thomas ... and other places still to be considered.
    $1,0000.00 for a cast party
    $2500,00 to editor and his 1 Terabyte Hard Drive
    $250.00 for full unlimited back up storage to Carbonite.com
    and after 2 years of making myself as homeless as possible to shoot my first full length documentary i am more than ready to make one of the coolest but horrible documentaries ever made !!!! and i will go into more detail later .... if no one invests ... but if you want to know more of what im about on film and my potential for making a great .. almost anti-american movie ... check out my Director Page at youtube.com/jasonwildman .. and if you like what you see ... invest in me .. please !!!!????
    and why do i call my film ... Die Hard ... Cause thats just how he died .... HARD !!! and i want to tell the whole story ... all of it .... and its not really even about the cops that killed him .. or even Kelly ... its about an orange county thinking its to 'good' to have homeless in our cities .. and thats what i am going to prove on film ... if you help me !!!

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