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Extensive update, with photos!

Posted by Will Potter (Creator)

Hello everyone,

First, I want to apologize for this extremely overdue update. As I'll explain below, I've been scrambling to manage both this project and a series of time-sensitive developments that are directly related to this work. The drone investigations are going well (and I've included some sample photos, below), but this along with the developments below has become way too much for one person; my attempts to just do it all myself have taken a dangerous toll on my health, and clearly this is not sustainable, so I'm taking steps to bring others on board. That being said, I want to acknowledge that this focus on "getting things done" has been at the expense of keeping you all updated, and that's just not acceptable.

Pits full of feces at a dairy factory farm.
Pits full of feces at a dairy factory farm.

I do have some very good news to report from the last few months related to the Kickstarter:

  • My drone investigations have been filmed for a new investigative journalism TV series, which should air early in the new year!

  • Since the last update, I have filmed multiple additional farms across the United States and I'm continuing to research future locations. Filming has resulted in some heated encounters, as you can see from one photo below, but that hasn't deterred me from getting material both from the air and on the ground.

  • Idaho's ag-gag law has been ruled unconstitutional! I was a plaintiff in this lawsuit from the beginning, as a journalist. These laws are what motivated me to create this Kickstarter in the first place. I'm very happy to say that the judge's ruling focused on how ag-gag laws threaten journalism. It's a landmark victory against the agriculture industry's attempts to keep consumers in the dark.

  • Utah's ag-gag law is still being challenged as well. With Idaho's ruling, the writing is on the wall. I have been invited to prepare testimony as an expert witness, which I'm currently writing.

  • I delivered a keynote address at the Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference in Washington, DC alongside whistleblower Edward Snowden. I was invited to speak about ag-gag laws and the criminalization of protest. This was an incredible opportunity to reach a wide new audience of policymakers.

  • Greenpeace's MobLab Live featured my drone investigations, and asked me to discuss how other activists can learn from my experience with this project. You can watch the discussion here (and it includes some of my photos as well). The discussion was distributed to all of Greenpeace's offices internationally.

  • I delivered the keynote address at the Michigan Animal Law Symposium, where I discussed ag-gag laws with attorneys and law students, and urged them to get involved.

  • I'm currently the Knight-Wallace Fellow in Law Reporting at the University of Michigan. I'm honored to have been selected. My study at the university is how whistleblowers and journalists have been criminalized since 9/11 (with a large focus on researching ag-gag laws and how they have spread). Much of this work will also be used in the ag-gag ebook for the Kickstarter.

  • I'm taking every opportunity to get this issue in the press, and spending 4-5 hours every week on interviews with both mainstream and activist media outlets. For instance, in one recent week I spoke with Radio Islam and also one of the most popular right-wing stations about the criminalization of protest. I spend hours crafting my message about these issues so that I can reach new, diverse audiences that have historically ignored these social movements. I'm happy to report that these disparate audiences have all been overwhelmingly supportive, and outraged by ag-gag.
Filming has involved some heated confrontations with farm owners.
Filming has involved some heated confrontations with farm owners.

There have also been some big developments that are not directly related to the Kickstarter, but have been a huge part of my work:

  • I delivered my second TED talk this summer, and it went online in October. I'm very proud to say it already has more than 1 million views!
  • As part of the grassroots publicity for that talk, I have done several dozen media interviews with national and international media outlets. I was also asked to write a follow-up article for TED, which was sent to millions of people.
  • I broke the story of activists in Washington state being prosecuted for chalking slogans on the public sidewalk. Just days later—and likely due to this publicity— those charges were dismissed.
  • I broke the story of activists in Utah being prosecuted for protesting on the sidewalk. Just days later—and likely due to this publicity—those charges were also dismissed.

I hope you will understand the urgency and importance of these projects, even if they are not directly related to the Kickstarter. When I get a call from activists who have been arrested, a legal team needing my help fighting ag-gag laws, or a chance to reach millions of people through a TED talk, I have to take it.

However, I'm also taking steps to make all of this more manageable. For instance, I put out a call for volunteers, and was amazed at the quality of applicants. This new team is going to be helping with research, social media,, and more. I'm also very thankful to TED for connecting me with a coach who is volunteering her time to help me think through this workload, and how to manage it all.

This is the hardest I have ever worked, and I'm not letting up. Thank you all for your support and understanding.


The project is focused on environmental pollution, but I'm also filming animals on the ground.
The project is focused on environmental pollution, but I'm also filming animals on the ground.
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    1. Stefani Olsen on

      cool. Ag gag ruled struck down in Utah!

    2. Craig Meyer on


      Thank you for your bravery and hard work exposing these issues.

      Do you have a Donation page somewhere?

      Thank you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Yelton on

      Thanks for the update, Will. And, thanks for all the work that you have done on this project. you are doing a great job!

    4. Judith Maron-Friend on

      Will ~ Thank you for your tireless efforts on this project we are so grateful for the amazing work you have/are doing!!! Please take good care of yourself, however, as nothing is worth risking your health. Thank you again!!

    5. Shervyn von Hoerl

      Thank you so much for everything that you are doing. I can only speak for myself, I backed this project because I believe in you and in the work that you are doing, not because I wanted updates. I also feel that your health is too important to endanger for any of this. Please take care of yourself, focus on the mission and if you have the time and bandwidth then, and only then, update.

      This is tremendous. I am going to share this update all over the place. The more people know about the incredible work you are doing the better.

    6. Alexander Dietrich on

      Thanks for the update, thank you so much for doing all this work, but please take care of yourself too!

    7. Missing avatar

      John Jensen on


      It sounds like you're doing an immense amount of good work. I may not speak for everyone here, but I personally joined this Kickstarter to help _you_ spread the word and to bring to light what is going on the farms. I for one am happy to hear that you are doing such outstanding work in accomplishing this.
      I am also glad to hear that you are enlisting help. You have taken on quite a load of work, and it would not be beneficial to anyone if you worked yourself into a hospital bed. Take the time you need, and don't let the added burden of this KickStarter keep you up at night. The work you have been doing sounds likes like its been making the critical inroads to change. I believe your supporters on this KickStarter would agree with me in that we want the AgGag laws recinded. We also want the rights of whistle-blowers, activists and journalists protected so that they can do what we, the public, needs them to do. The work you are doing is getting us closer to that goal.

      Keep Fighting the good fight,

    8. Missing avatar

      gretchen primack on

      GO WILL!! It's absolutely tremendous that you're being this effective. I'm so glad you're reaching out for support--there are so many people around you with the passion, focus, and skills to share the work.