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Ever wondered how they come up with those amazing origami designs? JC Nolan's rare, out of print book reveals the secrets...
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Mooser's Train has ARRIVED!

Posted by JC Nolan (Creator)

Hey All,

Just another quick update to let you  know that the diagrams for Mooser's Train are finally live!

What a project that turned out to be... it's almost a book in its own right.  This is by far the most complex and extensive set of diagrams I've ever produced -- clocking in at nearly 80 hours of work it shatters the previous holder of the record the Clownfish and Sea Anemone. 

I researched on the web and I tried to clarify all the sore spots people have hit, include every variation that people have come up with over the years and even included a few simple variations myself as well as full-color diagrams and photo step folds.  I'm pretty excited about it so I hope you enjoy!

The second piece of exciting news is that as a result of a lot of hard work by OrigamiUSA and a little help from me, this year's edition of their annual "Origami Collection" will be published on CreateSpace in full softbound format, just like "Creating Origami." 

I've been in charge of the technical side of things and it's all finalized... except for the cover.  We can't decide between the two versions and have decided to leave it up to you to decide.  I would be GRATEFUL if you would take 15 seconds and cast a vote...  we really could use your input. -- Click here!

The Origami Collection is an amazing annual containing models by members and other enthusiasts from around the world some famous and some up-and-coming.  As part OUSA's archive committee I've had the opportunity to look back on the 30 years worth of material and it's brilliant... pretty much every designer who ended up well-known in the community used it as a testing ground for their models.  The book won't be released until the convention in the end of June but they gave me the go-ahead to give you all a link to the TOC so you can see it in advance.  Here you go...

That's pretty much all the news that fit to print for now... as always many things in the works but I'll keep mum for now.  :-)

-- JC


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    1. Jean-Baptiste Vincent on

      Thanks a lot for the diagram, JC. Excellent work !

    2. mike smith on

      Have you tried this with polymer bank notes? The size will be off, but I'm curious about how they'd hold