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Ever wondered how they come up with those amazing origami designs? JC Nolan's rare, out of print book reveals the secrets...
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Kindle and iBook versions Ho!

Posted by JC Nolan (Creator)

Hey all!  It's been a LONG time since my last update.  After the massive work of getting the final version of Creating Origami out in early September I kinda crashed from exhaustion and took a long deserved break from taking on anything new that involved deadlines - ick! 

But since getting through the holidaze (stet) I've been back on task and working to complete the last few stretch goals and other details I'd promised during the campaign.  I know you are all thrilled with the amount of stuff you've gotten already (as I've heard from SO many of you -- thanks!) but it's important to me to keep agreements no matter what and as such should be coming to completion on the remaining portions in the next couple of weeks.

So with this short e-mail I'm announcing the completion and availability of both the Kindle and iBook versions of Creating Origami.  They both look awesome (particularly the iBook version which was converted by fellow origamian Brian Webb and looks gorgeous!) and I'm very excited to be releasing them. 

There is a free preview of the iBook version on iTunes and of course a "Look Inside" on Amazon for the Kindle version.


I know I promised a few of you ebook versions of Creating Origami when they became available so if you are one of the few in that category please do ping me ASAP and I'll arrange that.  I've got a few discount codes that can be used but they have a time limit associated with them.

So that is that piece... all that remains are the diagrams for Mooser's Train and Stamm's Dragon which I'm hoping will be available in the next couple of weeks.

As always -- with LOVE,


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      stephen nakano on

      I too am not sure if I am entitled to ebook. But would like to get on. I bought grandma 2 package. If free or discount coupon available let me know

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      tigerwong on

      Truth be told, I'm not sure if you promised me an ebook edition, but I want one. If you have any discount codes left after taking care of everyone, I would like one also. While I prefer the iBook one, I'll settle for a Kindle edition if that's all you have left. And if you don't have any left, I'll just pay full freight. Thanks, Wellman