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Ever wondered how they come up with those amazing origami designs? JC Nolan's rare, out of print book reveals the secrets...
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Kit-n-Caboodle's Ahoy!

Posted by JC Nolan (Creator)

Just another quick update as I am knees-deep in fulfillment - mailing books left and right, sorting tee shirts and herding dozens of origami unicorns!

First and most importantly I just want to voice what an amazing response there has been from the International Community around the shipping problem.  The feedback has been incredible and uniformly positive and within 4 days of my mailing I heard back from 2/3rds of contributors making up a large portion of the deficit.  Except for one or two people I've not heard back from EVERYONE at the higher levels upgraded their shipping -- making things infinitely easier for me here sorting through all the logistics. 

Not only that, we've had a handful of people contribute several hundred dollars just to help out -- and I can't tell you how helpful those extra funds have been as I've been applying them toward those I've not heard back from yet.  

The excellent news is that with all this extra support I've been able to get every package out already for anyone who contributed at the higher than $25 level (with the exception of the Grandma Too packages, which I'm still working out the gift wrapping on)  Once again, I am just amazed how willing people are to step up and help.

Today, I managed to get EVERY single book for the International contributors bagged and packed and ready to go and I'll be shipping them off to everyone who's responded back and will hopefully get those in the mail in the next day or so.  I've still got 200 books on order (as I had to send that many back to the printer due to unacceptable color variances on the cover) and so hope to get everything in the mail by early next week.  You should be receiving e-mails as each package goes out so keep and eye out for them and be sure to give me feedback when you've got them... only a few have received their packages yet but what I've heard so far has been quite positive. 

The first person to get a book was my friend Christy, who I hand delivered it to... and she said the most surprising and interesting thing as she paged through it.  "I can really feel the love that went into this JC..."  And it surprised me when she said it -- I wasn't even sure what she might mean. 

But all this week, with the support coming back from everyone in these last days of campaign completion I really get it...


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    1. JC Nolan Creator on

      OBBTW! Send me a photo of the Unicorn so I can see where it landed in your house. It would be fun to put together a little collage of the unicorns and where they found their homes. :-)
      -- JC

    2. JC Nolan Creator on

      Oh, and "Blood, Sweat & Tears" is Biblical, comes from a speech by Winston Churchill in the 40's and from the Bible before that. Luke 22:44

    3. JC Nolan Creator on

      It's a joke... albeit a very nuanced one. When I was writing the book the working title was "Blood, Sweat and Tears" (as in to tear paper, but spelled phonetically, hair rhymes with tair, etc. When I was proofing the book and learned that tear (to rend) and tear (to cry) were spelled the same i realized that no-one would ever get the joke if it was spelled correctly. It's also funny because people who know me know I was always a terrible speller -- but great a phonetic spelling ad often one to make up words that had never been heard of. Ultimately, I just tossed the title and went with "Creating Origmi" at the last hour...

    4. Missing avatar

      Nancy Brandwein on

      I awoke today with the mailman ringing my doorbell. What a great way to start off the day! Can't wait till tomorrow when I can really get a chance to look through the book. I also want to say that the way you packaged the book and unicorn were terrific (always good when we can use the materials the post office supplies!) One question though, I have been trying to find out the defination of the word "Tairs".
      It is not in the Scrabble dictionary (possibly the most concise source of definations for words with not too many letters). Is it a foreign word? If so what does it translate to, or is just playing on the the word "Tears" as in the muscial group Blood Sweat & Tears?