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Refillable fineliners combined with super strong Neodymium magnets. Colouring is just the beginning!
Refillable fineliners combined with super strong Neodymium magnets. Colouring is just the beginning!
Refillable fineliners combined with super strong Neodymium magnets. Colouring is just the beginning!
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    1. Alean Sensabaugh on

      So sad to find the markers and refills dried up and useless. I am really disappointed

    2. HOPE Art on

      I never received my markers in the mail -- only the refills (which were dried up when I tried using them in a friends marker set).

      BOOO on Magnetips.

    3. Gina Scrivener on

      I was only able to use a few of the pens due to most of them dried up. I liked the pens that worked, too bad that I couldn't use more of them. Definitely need to look into designing a pen/using ink that won't dry up so fast.

    4. Michael on

      Mine dried up too pretty fast. So I took apart one of my gel pens and cut the end off the ink cartridge to fit the magnetips and it works great. If you cut it too long and screw in the end too much it will crack the magnetips. I like the gel ink better because it's smoother.

    5. Missing avatar

      Blaise Belanger on

      I love those pen, but now I can’t use them anymore because they have all dried up even some that I never used.

      It seems like this issue is widespread with the MAGNETIPS.

      I think TYPICA should be thinking about changing the ink and cartridge. And the only fair thing to do would be send free refills to people lime me stuck with Awesome but dried pens.

      Folks at Typica look like stand up people, so I’m confident they will do right by us backers.


    6. Noemie Roy Lavoie on

      So sad to find all of mine dried up in matter of months and unusable.

    7. Mark Fried on

      glad I'm not the only one, was trying to do some art work that required fine line (as a lot of detail) and thought I'd put my magnetips to good use. Do we know if anything is being done?

    8. Michael Beverland

      Sat down to use these and they're all dried up, a few managed a line or two before giving up entirely

    9. Missing avatar

      Will Voggenreiter on


      All of my pens have now dried up, several of which weren't even used. Opened the pack of refills I received with my pledge and all are unusable. I've heard they have improved the refills now? If I purchase a set are these likely to work?

      Very disappointing and frustrating as they are really nice items, but form follows FUNCTION!

    10. Erik Ingersen

      Mine were all dried out , even the refills in their intact pouches.

    11. Dennis Stromnes on

      All dried out And I did not even get to use them. I am severely disappointed. What can you do for me?

    12. Beckotronic on

      Came here to see if others had the same issue -- neat product, but pretty much every pen dried up before use and many of the tips were loose or frayed.

    13. Missing avatar

      Eduardo Melo

      Same here After a month, all the ink dried up and mos colors i cant even use anymore, not a very good lasting product

    14. Atil Tokcan

      Same issue. All pens are dry

    15. Kimberly Sanders on

      Apparently I’m not the only one with dry pens!! I used these one time when they first arrived. Pulled them out today and they are all bone dry, some even with crumbling tips!! I waited so long for these and am so disappointed. Is anyone getting a resolution?

    16. Missing avatar

      Manuel Mazza on

      Everything dried out also for me... shame...
      What are the chances to have refills with improved quality standards?

    17. Missing avatar

      Gerald Gradl on

      Same over here, half of mine dried out :-(

    18. Michal Koubsky on

      Sorr, but all of your magnetip (4 sets) are dried...please send me my money back. All was gifts, its shame, 2years of waiting and now this...please send me the instruction and steps of your solution. Thank you,

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrea on

      Backer 779 here and Very disappointed in your product. I went to give markers to my nephew as a Christmas gift and they’re all dried out.
      What’s the deal??????? Do you have a solution to these drying out so quickly they haven’t even been used. Are you refunding the money to Backers in anyway or supporting them with this defective product?

    20. Shade

      Just to give another data point.. gave these to my wife as a gift.. used them a couple of times and now most of them are dried out.. we had refills but many of them didn't work either.

    21. Sarah G on

      I have only used mine a few times and they have dried out. Are u working on a solution? Can we get a discount on a new set?

    22. Missing avatar

      shane lutch on

      i bought 3 sets they were all caped and almost all are dried out already. very disappointing

    23. Missing avatar

      PCW on

      Mine are dry too, when they first arrived 3 or 4 were completely dried up. The Creators helpfully sent me replacements for these one. I then didn't use the pens for a couple of months while I was moving house and now every single one is dried up. This is obviously a problem with the design materials. Shame as they look and feel great. I will try David Glass's tip below to revive them. But I don't think the creator should be selling this product with this major defect.

    24. Typica Creator on

      Hi Felix & Gabrielle-We appreciate your feedback. Please write to us at: so we could look into these issues and try to help you further.
      Many thanks
      Team MAGNETIPS

    25. Missing avatar

      Gabrielle on

      Yea, I'm in the same boat. Complete waste of money. Every one of my pens have dried out and when I attempted to use the refills, they lasted for maybe 5 minutes before also drying out and being generally unusable.

    26. Missing avatar

      Felix on

      Same thing happened to me: nearly all of the pens in all sets I purchased dried out very fast without being used.

    27. Josh White on

      Well it’s helpful to know I’m not the only one with dry pens. I originally planned on gifting these to my sister last year for her birthday but they didn’t arrive in time. Good thing I ordered refills because 11 of them were dry!

      What now?

    28. Missing avatar

      Matthias Bode on

      Hi yesterday i wanted to use my magnetips for Thema First Time
      Übt i am frustrated behause only ohne was usable all the other pens are dry. Please help me

    29. Typica Creator on

      Hi Ari & Hana
      Thanks for reaching out and letting us know about this.
      We will reach out to you in person and do our best to resolve these issues.

      Noam and Team MAGNETIPS

    30. Hana Kim

      I haven't used mine and tried it and they are all dried. Glad that I didn't gift them. What a shame...

    31. Missing avatar

      Ari Horton

      Still haven’t received my large order!!! So saddened as even with all the issues was excited to get them!

    32. Typica Creator on

      Hi Amelia
      Thanks for letting us know and apologies for this issue. Please contact us through with the details so we could help find the best solution.

    33. Amelia trull

      Super bummed. I have these as a gift to someone in AK. Shipped them, she received them and one week later politely asked me if I knew they were all dried out. I hadn't even opened one.
      Do you resend? Guarantee? Refund? I felt very badly to give a gift that wasn't a gift. Boo

    34. Missing avatar

      Thanh Le on

      @DavidGlass. Thank you for the tip. I tried it and it worked somewhat. The ink flows again but the writing is faint. I think I just have to wait until the ink saturates the felt tip more.

    35. David Glass

      I've found the pens to dry out easily as well, but here's a possible solution.

      Place the ink cartridge in a bowl or dish with enough water to cover the tip. If you watch it you should see the felt (or whatever it is) that makes up the tip and extends into the ink reservoir become white. I usually let them sit there for 10 or 15 minutes. After that, take them out of the water, and blot them on a paper towel, until you see the white felt fill with the ink color, or the cartridge starts working again.

      For all of the cartridges I've had dry up (and it's been most of them) this has revived them.

    36. Natalie McClintock on

      About 2/3 of mine are dried up and not working, very disappointing as I was excited for these pens.

    37. Arno Esterbauer on

      Same here.. Black and other Colors are dried out ... �

    38. Theresa Perkins on

      I was also really looking forward to these, but 9 of the markers were completely dry and do not work upon initial use. It is disappointing because they are fun and I have had plenty of co-workers ask about them but it is hard to recommend that anyone purchase them in this state.

    39. Typica Creator on

      Hi Manuel & Daniel l-Thanks for your feedback-we will reach out to you to see if we could help you with the refill issue.

    40. Missing avatar

      Daniel Messenger on

      I too am finding that the pens are drying out.

      Such a shame as otherwise they have been rather good.

    41. Missing avatar

      Manuel Mazza on

      Hi! I finally got my Magnetips set and love the way these pens feel.
      The only thing is that 5 pens out of 20 are completely dry. Do you guys provide any warranty replacements?

    42. Missing avatar

      Georgie on

      Hi there, I also have some problems with my magnetips. For whatever reason it's really only the warm colors and extra black. I was wondering if there was a trick for them, since I haven't used them much yet.

    43. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Ok..... I was super excited to get your product. But so far almost half of the pens are dry and don't work. Thank goodness I bought refills. Hoping those work. �

    44. Missing avatar

      Elaine wood on

      Hi guys

      i have been experianceing some isues with my pens, i have found some of them dont work, they are dry right from when i first tried to use them, most are just fine but not all. i love the ones that work and i would love to order more. can this be fixed ?

    45. Ellen Booth on

      Three weeks ago I posted a comment regarding trouble with dry and leaky nibs. Seems right to write again to say that I was promptly contacted, offered an opportunity to explain the issues in detail, thanked for my feedback and replacement items (all working well) were mailed and received in a timely fashion. Appreciative of this excellent customer service and hope the company is successful in production improvement efforts as this can be a wonderful product!

    46. KingVoodoo on

      I have the same problem; some of the pens don't work. It would be nice to know if it can be fixed.
      Some of them are leaking, there is a big lump on the tip of the pen.

    47. Xiao Wang on

      I have left all the pens upside down and not used them for like 2 months. When I tried them today, none of the them could draw anything.:(

    48. Melissa Glorianne Cabral on

      Yay! I just got my refill replacements (I was surprised to receive an ENTIRE set of new refills--woot woot!) All of them are working great. Thank you!!!

    49. Amelia on

      I received my sets about about a month ago but was out of town on business so I didn't have a chance to try them out until today. The colors and the magnetic properties are awesome. However, quite a few of my pens either had dried up or the tips were ragged. I thought I was alone until I read some of the comments below. Is there any way to remedy this? The ones that had ink and/or an undisturbed tip were great!

    50. Typica Creator on

      Hi Ellen-Thanks for the feedback-Please contact us directly so we could look into this. We are constantly monitoring our production methods and currently investing more resources to ensure future production batches will exceed expectations!

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