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Update #2



Hey there!

We are just a couple hundred bucks shy of reaching our dream goal of $4,500 by our deadline of Tuesday, August 23rd!

Will you consider increasing your pledge, or asking a friend of family member to match your donation today? 

If you've already donated, THANK YOU! If not, what are you waiting for? This crazy train pulls out of the station in just 2 days!

We have an amazing show planned for you, and we look forward to celebrating our collective achievement at the wrap party.  We're already busy in pre-production, but we found time to make another homemade video for you guys- it's attached here. Hope you enjoy!

With love and gratitude,

Clancy & Lyndsay

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    Invite to the wrap party. Boogie down with us. Clancy is a sick dancer. -Clancy

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    Invite to wrap party, unlimited song requests at the wrap party (absolutely no Nickelback please- Lyndsay) plus a THANK YOU on The In-Betweens website!

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    Above plus YOUR NAME in the episode credits.

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    Invite to wrap party, thank you in episode credits, extra role in one or more episode(s). You WILL be seen and seen looking BETTER THAN EVAH, thanks to our expert stylist!

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    17 backers

    All of the above plus a signed In-Betweens promo photo! We'll try to find a flattering one, but with Lyndsay in the shot, it's going to be hard. -Clancy (Clancy wrote that. -Lyndsay) (REDUNDANT. -Clancy) (You just have to have the last word, don't you -Lyndsay) (WORD. -Clancy)

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    All of the above plus a GUEST STAR ROLE! Yay, you're internet famous! Make more of it than Paris Hilton did if you can, umkay?

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    Invite to wrap party plus a professional photo shoot with In-Betweens celebrity photographer, Christian Coulson!

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    Signed production photo. Open invitation to join us on set. Throne, chalice, personal grape-feeder and a heartfelt speech in your honor at the wrap party. AND.. (wait for it, wait for it...) an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit! You can now say you have something in common with Steven Spielberg!

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