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In Retrospect Book Trailer's video poster

A book trailer and other graphics by concept artist Mike Sissons for the SF murder mystery IN RETROSPECT (Nov 2013) by Ellen Larson. Read more

Salem, NY Conceptual Art
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This project was successfully funded on April 12, 2013.

A book trailer and other graphics by concept artist Mike Sissons for the SF murder mystery IN RETROSPECT (Nov 2013) by Ellen Larson.

Salem, NY Conceptual Art
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In Retro Trailer entered in IMTF Contest

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The latest: Mike's trailer has been entered in the International Movie Trailer Festival annual contest, under the "books' category.

It's a popularity-type contest, meaning that the trailer with the most votes wins. So if you'd like to take a look, and vote for the trailer, click below. You can sign in through facebook in about a minutes.

Look for the trailer under "Trailers" "Trailers 2013" and then filter the categories for "Books" We just went up today, so we're at the top.

In Retrospect Trailer on Baker and Taylor


Quite wonderful news today. Mike's book trailer was featured on the front page of Baker and Taylor, which is one of the two big book distributors in the country. It's the kind of promotion you just can't buy. All thanks to Mike--and you folks who made it possible.

Not sure the trailer will still be there, so below the URL I'll include a screenshot. :-)

Rewards on the way!

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Gearing up for posters and postcards

I'm collecting candidates for posters and postcards. This batch represents stills from the trailer. I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know which ones you like best as potential posters or postcards.

They are numbered 1 to 24, but unfortunately the numbers didn't come through when I uploaded them. So please consider the first one as number 1, etc. Or describe. Looking forward to your thoughts! Maybe if you hover over the pix you will be able to see the file names, which also contain the numbers. Enjoy!

  • Image 305357 full
  • Image 305358 full
  • Image 305359 full
  • Image 305360 full
  • Image 305361 full
  • Image 305362 full
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  • Image 305365 full
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The trailer is done!

Okay, almost done. Done in every sense of the word except that there might be a few changes. But Done. Pretty much. Enjoy:

  • 's video poster