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The long-delayed conclusion to the Redemption Trilogy -- in which four heroes face their world's most dangerous villain.

In 2006, White Silver Publishing released Into the Reach, the first novel of the Redemption Trilogy. In 2007, Departure followed. Soon after, White Silver folded, and the third book, Regaining Home, was never published. A draft of the manuscript is complete but was never finished.

In 2010, White Silver released the rights to publish the novels back to Alana Abbott, and now Alana -- with the team of editor extraordinaire Shawn Merwin and amazing artist Lindsay Archer -- is making plans to finish Regaining Home for release as an e-book.

The Kickstarter budget includes the following:

Original Art: Lindsay Archer has agreed to produce an original front cover painting for Regaining Home.

Editing: Shawn Merwin is again on board to edit -- and make awesome -- the manuscript by Alana.

Re-writing: Alana Abbott will be revamping the original manuscript to improve it prior to sending it to Shawn Merwin for editing.

Publishing: Once all the other steps are complete, Alana Abbott will format and design the e-book editions, in multiple formats, for Regaining Home.


Stretch Goals

$3700 -- If we hit the $3700 mark, Shawn has graciously volunteered to re-edit Into the Reach and Departure. When that happens, we'll release the newly edited editions in multiple file formats (rather than just PDF, which is how they're currently available).

$4300 -- If we hit $4300, Lindsay will do a signed and numbered limited series of prints of the cover art -- we'll start with 12 available as a $75 reward (which will also include everything from the $35 reward), and if demand is high (and we continue to raise funds), we'll make more available.

$5000 -- If we hit $5000, Alana will compile a collection of new and previously published short stories, for definite release as an e-book, for probable release in print.



2/5/13 We've hit $1000 and are about a third of the way to our goal! In honor of that, we've added a new backer reward for $75: Improv Snippets by Alana Abbott. Backers who donate $75 can send Alana a genre, setting, and two characters (named or given by profession), and Alana will create a unique scene featuring those elements. The Improv Snippets will be compiled into a backer-exclusive e-book. (Alana may choose to use the snippets for another project in the future and retains any pertinent copyright, but your name will be listed along with the snippet wherever it appears, in perpetuity.) To pad the Improv Snippets collection, Alana may choose to include original snippets of her own creation, or original snippets as they appeared in the Empty Room Studios Art Book project.

2/6/13 We've added a couple more rewards -- some additional behind-the-scenes content at the $25 level, but more excitingly, manuscript review by Shawn Merwin at the $40 mark! If you know any aspiring (or professional!) writers who would like a critique of a manuscript of up to 50 pages, this is a great opportunity!

2/9/13 Lindsay Archer has agreed to let donors follow along with the process of creating the cover art. At the $35 level, donors will receive all of the $25 benefits, plus behind the scenes insights into the art process.

In addition, by request, the $50, $75, and $100 rewards will include all of the $25 rewards (rather than the $9 or $15 rewards), since the $25 reward was added after those rewards were written up (and Kickstarter doesn't allow edits on rewards that have already been chosen). The good news is, it's more good stuff for donors! The art rewards will remain separate; we're hoping to add further art rewards later on, and those will likely include the $35 level rewards as well.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The hurdles are largely a matter of scheduling. Lindsay, Shawn, and Alana all have other assignments that require their focus. Successful funding of the project allows them to make time in their busy schedules to focus on this project.

In addition, this will be Alana's first experience in e-book design. Though she has already researched coding and formatting, she may run into unforeseen challenges in the final stages of the project and need to seek expert advice to make sure the final result is as pretty as it is fun to read.


  • In print, Into the Reach had 258 and Departure had 354. I'm expecting Regaining Home to be somewhere between those two page counts.

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  • Until we do the final revisions, an exact number is hard to determine, but I expect it to be at least 30 mss pages. I'm hoping to completely cut a few characters from the early draft of the novel, so there will certainly be scenes featuring those characters. The beta readers at the $100 reward level are likely to impact several scenes, too, since they have the potential to reverse some of my plot decisions.

    If people are interested in behind-the-scenes material from the earlier books, I suspect I still have cut scenes in my files somewhere.

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    Your name will appear as one of the Kickstarter supporters in an acknowledgements page at the end of the Regaining Home e-book.

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    You will receive an e-book copy of Regaining Home a week before its publication and will appear on the acknowledgements page.

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    You will receive copies of the first two e-books in the Redemption Trilogy, plus the $3 reward.

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    You will receive all the benefits of the $9 reward, and you will receive unpublished, exclusive cut scenes from the manuscript.

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    All of the $15 rewards, plus exclusive character concept and design work from Alana's archives, from the beginning of the Redemption Trilogy's creation, as well as an out-of-print short story featuring Taru and Jilou, all delivered in digital format.

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    You will receive all the benefits of the $25 reward, and you will also receive digital updates of the cover art as Lindsay Archer creates it.

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    Shawn Merwin will review and comment upon a manuscript (game design or fiction) of up to 50 pages. You will also receive the $9 rewards.

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    You may name a minor character in the novel. The author has the right to request alternate names for the one requested if the request does not fit the tone of the novel. You also receive the benefits of the $15 reward.

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    You receive all the $9 rewards, plus an original Improv Snippet (and an e-book compilation of the collected results). Improv Snippets are short vignettes created by Alana, but prompted by you. You select a setting, a genre, and two characters, and Alana creates an original short scene to your specifications. All material must be rated PG-13 or safer.

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    You receive Regaining Home in manuscript form and have a chance to weigh in on specific plot decisions as specified by the author. All beta comments must be received within a month of receiving the document to be included in the final editing process. You also receive the benefits of the $15 reward.

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    You commission a 5000 to 10000 word (determined by Alana) short story written by Alana. Like the snippets, you choose the genre, setting, and characters (or some combination of those elements). Alana may choose to publish the story elsewhere after you have received a copy. All material must be rated PG-13 or safer. You also receive all of the $25 rewards.

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