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Phase 2 funds Inside Job premiere & marketing to promote play & public engagement in 30 towns struggling with the heroin crisis
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Theatre as Art and Public Engagement

We are seeking your support to produce a full stage performance of Inside Job, a play about the heroin crisis. The donations we raise in this campaign will cover our share of production costs, and fund a nationwide marketing campaign to promote the play in other cities affected by the heroin crisis.

About Inside Job

Inside Job tells the story of Will & Abby Mason, a couple whose lives are shattered when their son, Wyatt, dies of a heroin overdose. It’s a story of love, loss, and charting a new path after tragedy. This story is all too real for thousands of Americans who have lost loved ones to the heroin epidemic, including my family; our son Jesse died of a heroin overdose.

Inside Job is grounded in realism. Members of the audience will see and feel the human cost of heroin. We hope they will be inspired to help overcome the crisis that is raging across our nation. I also hope they accept the fact that it can happen to them.

What they are saying about Inside Job:

Powerful-Moving-Realistic-Compelling dialogue-An effective conversation starter about the heroin crisis-Perfect for high school students and the PTA

Inside the Campaign

As many of you know, we conducted a fundraising campaign last year. It brought us to where we are today. We were able to produce four staged readings, two in Washington, DC, and two more in Wilmington, NC. We produced a video of the second reading in DC. The full play, selected scenes and a trailer can be found on Vimeo.

The staged readings played a major role in testing audience reaction and improving the story arc and the characters of Will and Abby Mason.

With your help, Inside Job will premiere at the Cape Fear Playhouse in January, 2018, in Wilmington, NC. We are co-producing the play with Big Dawg productions at the Cape Fear Playhouse. Artistic Director Steve Vernon will direct the play. Steve has more than 20 years of theatrical experience. He has directed, produced and acted in more than 100 productions.

We will produce a video of the full performance, along with selected scenes and a new trailer.

Public Engagement.

After the first staged reading in Wilmington, we conducted a discussion on how theater can become a new tool to raise awareness and offer new insight into dealing with the heroin epidemic. The audience consisted of: prevention advocates, law enforcement, first responders, prosecutors, therapists and clinicians, and prevention and treatment advocates.

Highlights of the discussion can be used by local theatres and community leaders to develop their own public engagement sessions.

Following the Wilmington premiere of Inside Job, we will launch a nationwide marketing campaign targeting community theatres in 30 cities where the heroin crisis is most acute.

The new video and the Wilmington conversation will be the foundation for that outreach. We’re also going to run a full page ad in Spotlight, the monthly publication of the American Association of Community Theatre. Spotlight is mailed to 8,000 theatres nationwide. It is also online. The ad will run in the January/February edition.

This campaign merges art and public engagement. Theatres and community leaders have the choice of staging the full play or using the videos of selected scenes and/or the full production from the premiere in Wilmington, NC. The discussion after the staged reading in Wilmington is being offered as an example for other communities to create their own. The current videos produced at the DC reading are posted on Vimeo:

Risks and challenges

Few professional theatres accept unsolicited materials. That’s especially true of playwrights who are not well established. There is a lot of competition to produce new plays.

This project is unique. We’re promoting both a play and public engagement to provide communities with materials to create their own meetings addressing the heroin crisis.

Another challenge is that community theatres are reluctant to take on a production requiring the expense of constructing new realistic settings. Such settings are also cumbersome and time consuming to move on and off stage, slowing down the action of the play. We will include in our marketing materials an economic and minimalist set design patterned after the “Laramie Project,” used at the Cape Fear Playhouse this year. The action plays out on risers, dialogue boxes, and the bare stage. The actors enter, engage and exit from multiple locations, and that keeps the pace moving.


Set design and labor $300
Lights $150
Costumes/Set pieces/props $350
Light Board $100
Music $200
Rehearsal Stage Manager $200
Director $500
Producer $500
Actors: 7@$50 $350

Rental $500
Box Office Publicity $200
Production Manager $200
House Manager $200
Production support $500
(Printing; program design&

Print Ad $850
Layout $150
Public Engagement $500
Outreach $1,000
Video: Production and edit $500

TOTAL: $7250

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