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Tanz is naughty, sweary and talks to ghosts. When she's not acting or getting drunk in Crouch End, she's dodging murderers. As you do.

SEX AND SPOOKS AND SAUVIGNON - THE MISADVENTURES OF A RELUCTANT PSYCHIC (Plus various other people, living and dead. And her cat.) the book I needed to write. It's about positivity, about getting it wrong then putting things right, about treating life as an adventure and about the world having more miracles than we sometimes think it does. It is spiritual without being preachy and Tanz is an antidote to all of those nicey nice female characters we meet who have very few flaws and talk about biscuits and cellulite all of the time. 

This book is not just meant for women it is meant for people. Especially people who like ghosts, murderers, laughing, cats, sex and houmous. 

When I finished it last year, I sent it to various agents who told me how great it was but how 'difficult the climate is right now'. I took that as...'the book doesn't comfortably fit into any marketing pigeonhole, so it won't be so easy to sell'. And, weirdly, this information comforted me. I decided it might be nice to make my own, shiny new pigeonhole. I already knew it was my best work after six years of writing plays and screenplays, I already knew that many people who read it fell in love with it, because people who really mattered to me had test-read it and adored it. But now, I also realised I was going to have to market it myself...So, I published it as a Kindle download near the end of 2012 to see how it did and within a couple of months, with little or no publicity, it had eleven five-star reviews on Amazon UK. (You can still look at it on there right now and read the first 30 pages on your laptop for free.)

But, without a paper book to sell, there is only so far that I can go. Because many many people do not like to download books; they like to feel the pages between their fingers and smell the new paper as they read. I know this because I LOVE books myself. I read avidly and I long to see my book in print and for others to be able to hold in in their hands and admire the cover and laugh at any funny bits and get scared at any scary bits, and drink cocktails in solidarity with Tanz without fear of spilling it on their Kindle! 

I know that many people are skint these days and I urge you not to spend money you can't afford. If you have nothing to give then just share this project with your friends, who may want to get involved. That is also a great help. But if you do have enough to contribute something, then please do have a look at the offers and see that I'm not completely asking something for nothing. If you can donate £20 you will get a very gratefully signed copy from the first ever print run and there are other equally fun 'inducements' if you care to take a look. I really need your help in getting this first run done, as I've been scratching a living as a writer for six years now while my poor partner kept a roof over our heads and I haven't got the funds to make it happen on my own. But after this I'm hoping things will get easier. By contributing, you will be part of a group of people who brought 'Sex and Spooks and Sauvignon' to fruition as a paperback novel and you will be recognised as such. Even if, at first, it is only in the shape of a thank you in the book. The minimum price I am trying to raise will get the book 'print ready', get me 150 copies, an ISBN number and the spine and back of the cover designed. If it goes over, then it may be enough to print 500, because the more I print the cheaper it will be per copy. Then I've got to get out there to those independent book shops and get a link on my website and continue to work my batty off. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for understanding what an important thing it is, to put positivity into the world. Thank you for wanting to help bring Tanz, the reluctant, flawed (but doing her best) Geordie psychic, into the lives of those who need her. ie EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE!

Big love from me. Txx

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Once my first print-run is completed and delivered, my next job is to market the book. Put it out there and make my voice heard. That will be no mean feat. Then I want to get cracking on the next book. I am not expecting to make a profit at first, but ultimately, I want to make enough money to print my next batch and to sell it more widely.
I shall have to launch the paperback myself, go to independent book shops myself and ask them to stock it. I'll also have to have at least one launch.
This is not an easy undertaking but it is quite exciting to think I might be responsible for publishing my own book, with your help, like our own teensy, tiny publishing house. This way, everyone that helps or backs me will be an intrical part of the final picture.
We live in a world now where you have to make things happen yourself, so I shall have to make this happen with force of will and the help of friends and well wishers. Hopefully, once the print run is out there, a publishing house will offer to take on the project, print more and get it out to the wide world. That is my aim (and my challenge).
Big love, Tx


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    Personalised 'Sex and Spooks...' letter of thanks as well as being thanked in the book.

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    If you've read the book you'll know about Sheila, the fabulous clairvoyant who helps Tanz on her journey. She is based on a real lady called Philippa, and you will get a half hour telephone reading from her to be booked at your leisure if you choose this pledge. (The reading will involve calling her landline in London for 30 mins. This should be free from many landline phones.)

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    For this, I will include your name in the actual book. I will find a way to work you into the narrative, then I will send you a signed copy so you can enjoy finding yourself in print!

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