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A tile selection and placement board game where each player builds a 3D tableau in the shape of a sword.
A tile selection and placement board game where each player builds a 3D tableau in the shape of a sword.
A tile selection and placement board game where each player builds a 3D tableau in the shape of a sword.
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    1. Adam Rehberg 3-time creator on June 10

      @Henry So - The factory was approved to head into production on June 7th. 50% payment is complete. I have an update coming soon to share more details and show off some amazing pictures of the production approved sample. I already had 8 games with the approved sample to test fit and finish and it's continuing to exceed my expectations.

    2. Henry So on June 8

      Hi! Did production begin as planned on 5/29?

    3. Henry So on April 15

      Where will we see this milestone schedule?

    4. Adam Rehberg 3-time creator on March 29

      @All - Just a quick FYI here. Updates are moving to a less frequent schedule. I will outline a detailed milestone schedule and updates will check off milestones as they happen. Final art is all collected and I am working on final file prep over the next week or so.

    5. Missing avatar

      Adrian Doyle on March 21

      A 3D game for adults with strategy and childhood fun😀. Also appreciate a solo option. Can't wait

    6. Ethan Storeng on March 21

      @Adam, sorry for the delayed response, but thank you very much for your answers and congratulations on a fantastic campaign!! I don't even have this game in my hands yet, and I'm already looking forward to seeing what you guys do next!!

    7. Shirts by Shurts on March 20

      Congrats, Adam! Looking forward to the real thing.

    8. William Hartman on March 20

      Congrats, this looks like a cool game. Can't wait to give it a go and show it around at some of the local game shops!

    9. Missing avatar

      Bryce Miller on March 20

      Congratulations to Adam and Chris! Great work. I can't wait to share this game with friends and family in late Summer!

    10. Adam Rehberg 3-time creator on March 20

      @All - Thanks everybody for an awesome campaign. Thanks to Chris as well for being an awesome community mod!

    11. Adam Rehberg 3-time creator on March 20

      @Henry So - The square hilts from the prototype were a bit akward and adding custom hilt shapes will be a big improvement. It's still a balance between comfort and structure though.

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Collaborator on March 20

      The grip will be die cut, this will give it much more natural feel in hand over the straight edges!

    13. Henry So on March 20

      Since die-cut hilts are unlocked, I must ask how comfortable the swords will be to hold with the grip being die-cut, or perhaps only the guard will be die-cut?

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris Collaborator on March 20

      Thanks for the support everyone! We are so excited to get this game into everyone's hands!

    15. Henry So on March 20

      Whew! I can finally breathe normally again. Congratulations on squeaking past 17k, everyone!

    16. Henry So on March 20

      Alas, I fear 20k is not to be.

    17. Henry So on March 20

      Please, no one back out now.

    18. Adam Rehberg 3-time creator on March 20

      @Jeff - Awesome to have you on board and thanks for the kind words!

    19. Adam Rehberg 3-time creator on March 20

      @Ethan - BGG link now includes a picture of the solo player mode in progress. Scored 36 points for a victory against two opponents. We're definitely still tweaking the difficulty level, but it's really compelling stuff. Okay now for your questions.

      1.) See image in link.
      2.) They are the same deck. One is front side, one is back side of the deck. There are more cards than rounds so the randomness of the cards will always provide a challenge.
      3.) I'm still nailing that down. We currently have 11 cards which provides a good variety of opponents and variety of cuts.
      4.) We're going to include enough info on the opponent cards to be able to make relevant comparisons. For quality, right now that means simply listing a quality score. For magic, that means including the number of gems each opponent collected. For length, that means listing a length to compare against.

      No worries on all the questions. It is exciting stuff!

    20. Jeff
      on March 20

      I, for one, am more than satisfied with this campaign. Even though we only hit a couple stretch goals, I was happy enough with the base product and reasonable price that I didn’t really care if we got any stretch goals or not. Add on all the goodies and extras you threw in and I am a proud backer of this and will return for your future projects. Thanks for a great campaign!

    21. Adam Rehberg 3-time creator on March 20

      @Ethan Storeng - Let me take a picture of the solo player prototype and post into BGG. Back with a link in a few minutes.

    22. Ethan Storeng on March 20

      Loving the look of solo player mode! A couple questions -
      1) What will the Opponent Cards look like?
      2) You mentioned drawing the Opponent Cards from the solo player draw deck - does that mean the Opponent Cards and the cards you draw to determine the direction of cut you must make each round are the same deck?
      3) Around how many Opponent Cards and/or cut instruction cards are going to be included? I'm just wondering how variable the game will be based on said number.
      4) Will the Opponent Cards portray specific configurations of gems/sides for comparison at the end of the game, or will a different mechanism or set of instructions be utilized to inform what your opponents' swords will look like?

      Sorry about all the questions, but the solo player mode rule reveal has me doubly excited for the eventual release of this game!!

    23. Adam Rehberg 3-time creator on March 20

      @Backers - The first "cut" at the solo player mode is up on BGG. If you're a solo gamer, you will appreciate the puzzly nature. If you're a social gamer, then having more people interested can't hurt!

    24. Adam Rehberg 3-time creator on March 20

      @Kyle Krueger Awesome suggestion per usual! A few more really fun ones on the update comments as well.

    25. Kyle Krueger on March 20

      Auto Reload
      Perpetual Motion
      High Octane
      Zero Maintenance

      I like to keep my sword magic abstract.

    26. Ethan Storeng on March 20

      Woohoo! Super excited about intermediate sword magic! Just a few throwaway recommendations for magic types - Dance of a Thousand Cuts, Blade of Dark Triumph, Sonic Thrust, Unshakable Chill, Scouring Winds, Pernicious Poison, Lightning Arc, Frostbite, Acidic Spray, and what list of suggestions would be complete without Magic Missile??!? Let's keep the momentum going - I'd love to see that 17k stretch goal unlock!

    27. Adam Rehberg 3-time creator on March 20

      @Backers - The morning turned into the afternoon very quickly, but here it is! Sword Magic Cards get front and back side content! See Update #7 for the details.

    28. Henry So on March 20

      So... what was this morning's annoucement?

    29. PK Levine on March 20

      Thanks for putting so much info out there and being so open in communication. I've gone all-in and shared this campaign on social media -- looking forward to playing!

    30. Ethan Storeng on March 20

      9 and a half hours to go! I'm extremely hopeful we'll hit the 17k stretch goal - custom diecuts on the hilts would be incredible! Having said that, I will be perfectly happy with getting the game in its current state - I am sure to enjoy countless hours of competition with my friends and family thanks to this game!!!

    31. Henry So on March 20

      I wasn't being totally serious there, but it's interesting that you have actually explored that.

    32. Adam Rehberg 3-time creator on March 19

      @Henry So - Chris and I have some concepts for a co-op mode but have yet to find a way to make them hard enough and interesting enough. We'll keep on it though and see if we can get it onto BGG at least. We do have one more announcement dropping tomorrow morning that will affect all games. I'm working on some graphic design to illustrate it at the moment.

    33. Adam Rehberg 3-time creator on March 19

      @Henry So - Jeff - Love the enthusiasm. Just got done playtesting the solo mode. Three games in and I'm digging it.

    34. Henry So on March 19

      So what's next, co-operative move? ;)

    35. Jeff
      on March 19

      Solo mode!!!! Wow, I just blasted all my Facebook gaming groups. Let’s get some more stretch goals!

    36. Henry So on March 19

      Good luck on the last day, but congratulations are in order, as well!

    37. Adam Rehberg 3-time creator on March 19

      @Ethan - Agreed hooray! I adjusted the next stretch to 17k this morning as well. Big time cool-
      factor to have custom diecuts on the hilts.

    38. Ethan Storeng on March 19

      Hooray! New stretch goal unlocked! Let's keep it going!!!

    39. PK Levine on March 19

      @Henry: Thank you! Watching now.

    40. Adam Rehberg 3-time creator on March 19

      @PK Levine - I've been looking to update the elemental relic. The current concept is another way to make you think about your sword build. After another round of Blind Playtesting, we know it's too confusing as written. We're considering a complete change on this Relic or a simplification. I'll share more info tomorrow on this one, but I need to get to bed for now. I'm beat after sharing Swordcrafters with thousands of Minecraft fans this weekend at Minefaire.

    41. PK Levine on March 19

      Oh, cool, I did miss that. Thanks! Reading the rules now. And I'd definitely love to watch the video if possible, but the rules are very enlightening.

      The only thing I'm a bit confused on is how the Elemental Relic works -- the phrasing seems hard to parse. Is the idea that there's six different colored Elemental Relics, so they score based on number of gems of that color?

    42. Adam Rehberg 3-time creator on March 19

      @PK Levine - - We also played the Relics on the Kickstarter Live. It appears that the Live Video is down, so I'm trying to download it raw and add it to youtube for you.

    43. PK Levine on March 19

      Has there been anything posted about the expansion rules? I haven't seen anything, but I may have missed it. Still trying to decide whether to back or back out.

    44. Kyle Krueger on March 19

      @Dave "crash" - I've seen a bunch of different copies of the prototype game, some that had been played really heavily, and even those were still working surprisingly well and looking good. The final version is going to be thicker and carry a better coating so I can see this game standing up to the test of time for sure.

    45. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"
      on March 18

      Of the quality I've no doubt that has been the hardest part for you to keep a tight fit and keep the playability for many years. I hope more backers come on board in the homestrech. Looks like a truly amazing game.

    46. Adam Rehberg 3-time creator on March 18

      @Dave "crash" - Appreciate the enthusiasm! We've put our full 120% effort into bringing this game to the finish line so we're going to be super proud of it no matter what happens. This game requires premium components out of the gate to function well so you can be confident you're getting our best design. I am also known for adding a late surprise upgrade as a way to say thank you for the early support bringing our games to life and I hope to continue the trend.

    47. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"
      on March 18

      I wish this game had reached more stretch goals would be good to see all you had planned. Hopefully we get a big push for the last 48 hr

    48. Missing avatar

      Chris Collaborator on March 18

      @Henry So, We are working with the manufacturer to make sure the pieces show as little wear and tear as possible as they get used. We are adding a v shaped opening to the slot to make it easier to find the connection, using thicker stock, like any punch out it will have slightly rounded edges which will help and we testing out various finishes to the cardboard to find the fight balance of slide and stick. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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