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$17,430 pledged of $55,000 goal

How does the game work?

So, one of the questions I am being asked is how exactly the game works. So, ask and you shall receive! Sherlock Holmes is not a typical adventure game (i.e. It is not a game where you play a character in a 1st or 3rd person view.) The game is a storytelling/mystery/adventure based on an award-winning board game and revolves around using game "tools" where you choose who/what to investigate and where to direct Holmes and Watson to solve a mystery that appears to be stumping Scotland yard. Using many of these tools will costs you "clue points." Your goal is to solve the case in the fewest number of "clue points" as possible.

The main game screen shows these tools...

Main game screen

The four newspapers in the game help you find the history of the case as well as names and pertinent clues. Perusing the paper does not cost you clue points and is a great way to start your investigation work.

One of the London Newspapers showing an article about an Egyptologist.

You can use the London Directory to decide individuals (or companies) that Holmes, Watson or one of the local ruffian boys (the Irregulars) should visit. You can also look in Holmes' files to discover more about these contacts.

The London Directory

You can then send either Holmes/Watson or the Irregulars to that residence. When you do that, you will get a bit of information about their trip...

The player sends Watson to visit Jasper Meeks

If the location is important to the mystery, you will be greeted with a video scene that contains clues to help solve the case. There is over 30 minutes of video clues in each mystery!

The good doctor meets with Jasper Meeks (Subtitles are also available)

Of course, if you sent an Irregular, you might get a different response...

Irregular note from sending them to Meeks

You may also check Holmes' files on anyone who is in the Directory...

Holmes' files may contain clues or other valuable information for the case

You can also keep track of the game history and get clues from Watson by using the Notebook...

Using your notebook to keep track of game history or get clues from Watson.

You continue to use these tools available to you, sending Holmes and Watson (or an Irregular) to various places until you feel you have enough information to solve the case. The Queen's magistrate will then ask you a number of questions to see if you have done a proper job sleuthing. If not, he will send you back to the game. If so, he will let you know how you did compared to the great detective. You will also have the opportunity to hear Holmes tell how he solved it.

A note from an Irregular stating how you did on the case.

Well, I hope this gives you an idea of how the game works and how you solve each of the nine cases!


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