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$17,430 pledged of $55,000 goal
$17,430 pledged of $55,000 goal

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    1. Zojoi 2-time creator on


      Thanks for the kind post. We have made good progress with the projects - just taking longer. We submitted the first 3 mysteries to Apple this week for the iPad and are working on the getting the Android versions ready for submission now. PC to follow once Steam figures out it's submission process and then Mac. Then it's on to the other mysteries as time permits! Please sign up for our newsletter at :)



    2. Missing avatar

      Betsy Mills on

      I"m still sad this funding didn't reach its goal. David, you should try again on Kickstarter. With the growing market in the U.S. thanks to Sherlock Series 2 finally airing in late spring and the Elementary show airing this fall, Sherlock is at his most popular in a long time. Maybe for you that would translate into success for crowdsourcing. Just a thought.

    3. Paweł K. on

      Never played the old ones, but I intend to play the new ones when they come out.

    4. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      I'm sad to see this fail too - this project seemed to push all the right buttons (author with a track record, a costed business plan, DRM-free content, Kicking It Forward support). Doubtless someone will do a study on why some projects succeed and others fail, but I think this would have done better with initial pledges set slightly higher and more incentives further up the scale. An average pledge of $100 would have hit target with the current number of backers - unrealistic I know, but Shadowrun Returns has a current average of $50.

      Best of luck to you David and it's good to hear you're not giving up. Clearly Professor Moriarty can't count his chickens yet...

    5. Missing avatar

      Dane Barrett on

      This is a shame, really. I loved the Board Game and was really hoping for a similar experience to be funded.

    6. Daniel Longworth on

      I really hope that they keep our email addresses and email us even though all of this will take longer to release. If I am actually notified that they are released on iOS I will buy them as they release! Sometimes it is just hard to KNOW something exists that I want. I just happened to come across this Kickstarter page one day because one of the game journalists I follow on Twitter tweeted a link to it about a week ago. Otherwise I would've had no clue.

    7. Tomimt on

      Well think of it this way: It took 24 days for Al Lowes new Larry project get past its goal and Jane Jensens new game hasn't yet reached its goal. Sadly this project is way, way in the marginal.

    8. Stephen Staver on

      I could have sworn something this awesome wouldn't have so much trouble getting funded...

    9. Aura on

      @Jonathon Wisnoski
      You're probably right, but it can't hurt to make it more visible :)

    10. Jonathon Wisnoski on

      @Aura: But if someone is searching for Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Adventure Mysteries they will find your kickstarter, and if they would be swayed by RPS then they would probably read the article in the first place.

      This projects problem is that few people know about it, including the name for search purposes will not help with that.

    11. Tomimt on

      I meant to write hours. Duh.

    12. Tomimt on

      55 minutes to go. I won't be holding my breath, but let's hope for a sudden land slide.

    13. Aura on

      @Jonathon Wisnoski
      Thanks for the link.
      I just emailed John Walker asking him to put the title in his article so it can be, hopefully, picked up by search engines and drive more people this way.

    14. Wahngrok on

      I just read about it on RPS. How could I have missed this all the time I spent on Kickstarter recently?

      I think I remember seeing a friend play the original cases back in … must have been the early 90s on his PC. These were the first game I saw featuring FMV.
      I'll gladly pitched in $20 becaus I think they are worth more than $9. I hope more will join in the final hours.

    15. Merin

      Maybe with the other higher profile game Kickstarter game campaigns all over or ending Sherlock can get some last minute love?

    16. Missing avatar

      João Carlos Bastos

      By now it seems unlikely you will reach your funding goal.
      I hope the PC version of the game(s) won't be abandoned, since I was really looking forward to play the cases I didn't play on the Mega CD version.

      Best of luck with the game(s).

    17. CosmicMeeting on

      Very sad if the goal are not met. I hope they will come out, one way or the other. I'll stand in line to buy.

    18. Trent Petronaitis on

      I second the Windows Phone idea.

    19. Missing avatar

      Wunderheiler on

      Any chance to get a Windows Phone Port?
      I mean, I prefer PC anyway, but WP7 might cause upping my pledge.

    20. Ben Newton on

      I hope you guys might consider a kickstarter to bring back the MacVenture games! PC and Android would be great, and we need a Deja Vu III!

    21. Tomimt on

      It doesn't look like Sherlock will make it. Thought considering the sum, it could be achieved in less than a day, so fingers crossed.

    22. Geondp on

      fingers crossed!

    23. Bryan Hickok on

      I hope you make it.

    24. Missing avatar

      Razdan on

      Any hope for a Deja Vu Kickstarter?

    25. LarsErik/888H4T/OOTG/XSF/OOoE/AGL589/Ao3 on

      Really, really want this Kickstarter to succeed; upped my pledge to $600. But what happens if it doesn't? My impression is that you are already working on the first one and need the Kickstarter for additional funding?

    26. Nick Albright on

      I was thinking that perhaps more PR would be a good thing, and perhaps even another update, to get current backers thinking/promoting it.

    27. Greta - KG Pinkerton Rd AGL589 Mem. AGRM on

      I think you need to get this publicized move in the gaming forums, blogs etc to get backers

    28. tinapple on

      Still hoping this thing will pick up steam in the following weeks.

    29. Sven Opitz on

      Sherlock Holmes as a FMV game? Count me in!

    30. Greta - KG Pinkerton Rd AGL589 Mem. AGRM on

      Hey , I have an copy of the binder edition too! Never played more than 1 or 2 adventures, it got old looking everything up. Missed the first computer version, but would sure like to see this one.

    31. Zojoi 2-time creator on

      I definitely want to do other languages. You are correct about voices - that can become very expensive. However, the localization of text is not too bad and I want to reach as many people as possible.



    32. CosmicMeeting on

      I missed these the first time around and love everything Sherlock Holmes, especially FMV. Very nice to be able to play them now, and updated even. Sincerely hope the goal will be met.

    33. Nomius on

      Any chance for the game being translated to other languages? (I mean all the game text and interface and only subtitles for dialogues, not voices of course)

    34. Jennifer on

      I played this video game before and really enjoyed it. I can't wait to see what the revamped movies would look like, since they were fairly crushed and grainy previously.

    35. Missing avatar

      Anonymous on

      How can I not back this project with that funny pitch :)

    36. Zojoi 2-time creator on


      We are still looking into the Linux platform. I will post when I know more :)


    37. c704710 on

      David Marsh included the words "maybe Linux" in a public comment so I'm investing. Now if he says it about this project I'll invest more.

    38. PemrichT

      For Deja Vu I would give $100.

    39. PemrichT

      This is neat, but I want a remake of the Deja Vu games. Those were amazing. But the Nintendo controls were terrible.

    40. Ilya Feldshteyn on

      Well it does look like I am paying for a 15 year old game, but it would be fun to play this on Android so I signed up.

    41. Missing avatar

      Tilion on

      Still 45 K to go... well... perhaps you should revamp the page...

    42. LarsErik/888H4T/OOTG/XSF/OOoE/AGL589/Ao3 on

      I'm so in on this; I still got the original CDROM boxed version complete with newspapers. Have to dig it up again and see if I can get it working.

    43. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      I'd be interested in a boxed set/collector's edition also - if it could be done for $100 or less (plus shipping). I've signed up with the good Professor Moriarty but don't really care about his evil tablets. ;)

    44. Ashizen on

      While I'm mostly hyped for a new Shadowgate game and have never played these so-called Sherlock Holmes series, I'm pretty sure they can't be all that bad. Here's looking forward to some mystery magic from the wizard who scarred my childhood! (Wait, that didn't sound quite right D:)

    45. Missing avatar


      The fans finally did it - hopefully the first in a series of promotions. \o/

    46. Yves on

      @David Marsh, "We have been having talks about a boxed copy so I'll keep you up to date on that."

      This would be very nice. I couldn't care less about "mobile gaming", hence the 30$ and 50$ tiers are uninteresting to me as they are, and the higher ones are out of my reach anyway... but I might fork out 50 bucks or even a bit more for a boxed copy... (not those lame DVD cases though, they're ugly and can't hold any decent feelies)
      Anything Shadowgate will get money from me as well !

    47. Christian Karasch on

      So you found your way on some German Game-Sites. Thats how I noticed this. I just hope that not anymore devolpers from my childhood makes thinks on kickstarter, if they do I will be soon without any money.

      Keep on going I like to play the games again.

    48. Ryusui on

      Oh GOD I loved these on Sega CD - though I'm aware only the first two volumes were released on that platform. Sooooo happy to see them getting some love all these years later!

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