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Please help Kitty Mae Millinery expand their line & create fabulous new Kentucky Derby hats for 2013!
Created by

Susan Dillon

80 backers pledged $5,057 to help bring this project to life.

Final week!

First... thank you SOOOOOOO much to everyone who has pledged, increased your pledge, spread the word, and even just sent words of encouragement!  I am touched by how many people care about me, about an independent small business, and about keeping the handmade tradition alive! I am incredibly thankful for everything that has been done so far!

And now the good news...we have broken $4000!!  So close, yet it still could all be for nothing.  We have only 7 days (actually 6 days & 7 hours) to raise the remainder, or the project gets no funding. 

So, I am turning to all of you again.  Please, if you could just take a moment to help spread the word to everyone through Facebook, Linkedin, Tumbler, Myspace, email, carrier pigeon, interpretive dance... any way you can think of!  The more people who know about it, the greater chance the last $1000 can get pledged.

Thank you all again, and I hope to start making your rewards in just over a week!


"Kitty Mae"


    1. Creator Sandy Rieley on February 5, 2013

      GREAT opportunity to support a fantastic local artist and entrepreneur !