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Join the bike revolution with the innovative trolley that is unlike anything you have ever seen.
Join the bike revolution with the innovative trolley that is unlike anything you have ever seen.
Join the bike revolution with the innovative trolley that is unlike anything you have ever seen.
188 backers pledged $126,970 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Markus 2 days ago

      There seems to be a slight delay for European Backers. According to the vessel is supposed to arrive in Rotterdam today:

      "Your Shipment was loaded into Container # MAGU2370380 which sailed on 7/21 on board the THALASSA ELPIDA/v.0992-023W. This shipment has an ETA into Port of Rotterdam of 8/15. Expect delivery to door 6 to 10 days following arrival at Port in Rotterdam."

      Looking at shows that the vessel is currently passing Brest in western France and still has some massive distance to Rotterdam (including the English Channel). It is supposed to arrive at Rotterdam on Aug. 17th according to vesselfinder.

    2. TReGo team Creator 5 days ago

      @Markus thanks,
      That's cool.

    3. Missing avatar

      Markus 5 days ago

      For European backers that eagerly await the arrival of their TReGo: You can have a look at where it actually is by following this link…
      Atm the vessel transporting the TReGos has just passed Algier and is heading towards Gibraltar. ;-)

    4. TReGo team Creator on

      @Samuel Windall thank you for the comment,
      That sounds very weird it might be that you are missing the bushings inside the clamps,
      Can you please send me a picture of the clamps to:

      Regarding the Towing kit- it is not designed to be a fast swap since we don't see a scenario where people swapping between towing and trolley so often. It's a trade-off between costs and simplicity where we thought it is the right balance.


    5. Samuel Windall on

      Hi TReGo team,

      Arrived and looks great, build quality is nice and feels sturdy, the paint has one or 2 scratches but otherwise seems survived shipping.

      The handle for the trolley seems far to small for the clamps but I sent an email about that, hopefully you can help.

      Other than that the only negative I can really see is it seems like a massive effort to swap it into the cart mode you basically have to deconstruct the whole thing which kind of ruins that add on for me, 9 screews need to be removed and then replaced...

      Still all in all rather good job, well done guys.

    6. TReGo team Creator on

      @TAKEI Mikio Thank you for sharing with us.
      We are so pleased to have good feedback from our supporters after your long await and our hard work.
      Enjoy and ride safe :)

      TReGo team.

    7. Missing avatar

      TAKEI Mikio on

      Hi, TReGo team.

      Finally, TReGo landed in Japan.

      I have recieved TReGo yesterday.
      It took few hours to assemble it, but not too difficult.

      The product is so cool, amazing, and wonderful.

      And User Manual was very kind and easy to make me understood.
      Assembling time was also fun, too.

      Thank you all.
      Great job!


    8. Missing avatar

      Holy on


    9. Missing avatar

      Holy on

      I am a buyer in Taiwan
      Product is shipped from Taiwan
      I still haven’t received the receipt message so far
      No one responds when writing emails
      The attitude of your team is really impressive
      I'm sure I will never order your products again

    10. Missing avatar

      Markus on

      @Eric F Grodsky: This sounds very lame, especially at that point in time. The creator has been transparent about the manufacturing during the campaign plus it has been mentioned countless times in the updates, even in their headlines. If you did not bother to inform you upfront and did not even read the headlines of the updates this cannot be the issue of the creator. As a Superbacker you should be well aware of your duties as a backer on Kickstarter. Plus there is nothing wrong about manufacturing in Taiwan. What kind of issue do you have regarding that?

    11. Eric F Grodsky

      To be honest, I had no idea that the system was going to be built in Taiwan, when I ordered it. I would respectfully request a refund.


    12. Missing avatar

      Louis-Marc on

      First update in 3 months. I want to believe it is only one supplier not delivering the part, but really, I know business , and it can only mean your company is in big trouble financially.
      Very unlikely a trolley will make it to my home.

    13. Missing avatar

      TAKEI Mikio on

      Hi, TReGo team.

      I would like to hear you about progress.
      I hope soon you will give us update.

      Kind Regrds,

    14. malcolm jacks on

      Dont forget us 20 inch wheelers, best wishes Malcolm.

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Bauer on

      Hi guys, an update would be nice. It’s totally understandable that there is a delay. That happens with new complex products. What is important is to keep people updated on progress.

    16. Missing avatar

      Rafael Yahlomi Collaborator on

      Dear TReGo supporters,
      People who ordered TReGo with Bag/Towing/both will receive it in one delivery. It might be separated to two packages but still in one shipment.
      TReGo Team

    17. Missing avatar

      Holy on

      Originally scheduled for delivery in December?
      It is already in January, when will it be shipped?

    18. Chungi Chen on

      Hello there
      Do the trego shipping already?

    19. TReGo team Creator on

      Hello Dan,
      Unfortunately we can not use the polymer hitch coupler due to patent protection, I was searching for such a solution for our towing but it is not available.
      However if you already have polymer couplers you can easily replace our coupler with the one you have, it's only one screw.

      best regards,

    20. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Hi there
      Just a quick question about the coupling for the trailer.
      Is it possible to us a ball type couple? I already have three bikes with this type of hitch and would be most grateful if the Trego were compatible with all three bikes.


    21. TReGo team Creator on

      Never mind Markus,

      I found your details and updated your request.


    22. TReGo team Creator on

      Hello Markus,

      We have closed the survey because we have to continue with the manufacturing.
      Please contact me in person via the project page-> FAQ (I think, right Malcolm or anybody else who wrote me a personal msg?) So I can Identify you, we have two Mrakuss from Berlin;).


    23. Missing avatar

      Markus on

      Tried the link to the form and it says: "Brake lever side
      The form Brake lever side is no longer accepting responses.
      Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake."

      I want my brake lever on the right side.

    24. malcolm jacks on

      Sorry team, just noticed that it does come with a parking brake.

    25. malcolm jacks on

      Dear TReGo team, it would be nice if the brake lever was one with a parking brake.
      Best wishes Malcolm Jacks.

    26. TReGo team Creator on

      Hello @blob_83,

      To make sure everybody get this information, we will inform about the delivery time on the coming update.


    27. TReGo team Creator on

      Hello Alan,
      First of all if you can't access the poll, try this link:…

      Second- The mount is universal but the brake lever itself can be right or left side. If you wish to use it on both sides, it's not a big deal you will just need to use it upside down. I suggest you choose the side you'll use it the most.


    28. alan wolfe on

      I'd like to leave a comment about the brake levers as I can't access the poll via the link. Does it matter what side the brake lever is on? Can you not have a universal mount that just reverses depending on which side you have the lever? The location of my brakes varies between my bikes.

    29. blob_83 on

      hi trego team,
      any news about the delivery date?
      king regards

    30. TReGo team Creator on

      @malcolm jacks, Thanks for the idea.
      We've already ordered the tires and buying the tires individually will cost our supporters much more since we order big quantities directly from the manufacturer.

      The weight and value of the tires are neglectable compared to the rest.


    31. malcolm jacks on

      If you have a problem with tyres, unless the tires are a special design, what about offering the Trego without tires as an option, with a discount for buyers to put on there one tyres, also it will save weight and duties when it comes to shipping. Just a thought. Malcolm Jacks.

    32. blob_83 on

      you really need a cameraman! joking, great update... is a pleasure to see trego tricking sidewalks around! :)

    33. Adam

      Great update posted today. Thank you!

    34. Missing avatar

      Mona T.

      Hello ! Anybody home ?
      A better update than "please pay what you pledged for" would be welcome.

    35. Missing avatar

      Rafael Yahlomi Collaborator on

      Hi Brian,
      Send me your destination relocation when possible and preferred color to



    36. Missing avatar

      Brian J Bonislawsky

      Currently in process of relocating. Only have mobile phone capabilities but it is not letting me fill out survey.

    37. TReGo team Creator on

      Thank you Malcolm and All !
      We have our hands full with work, we'll update with news asap.

      TReGo team.

    38. malcolm jacks on

      Congratulations Treo team, ill be waiting for the 20inch frame version. Good luck. Muzel tov.

    39. blob_83 on

      hi all, i saw the last updates, anyway in my opinion your communication job is still not satisfying. sorry for this comment, but do you not provide any information/details like kind of hubs, rims, components in general, no photos of the "work in progress", no stretch goals...
      i think that in project like this (quite expensive for backers) communication is the key to make your backer happy and confident!


    40. blob_83 on

      7 days to goal...
      hi @trego, can you post some updates, news or photos?
      can't wait ���

    41. Missing avatar

      Skylla on

      I'¨m very much interested in a version that would support a brompton (16" wheels)

    42. Adam

      Oh, dog carrier! Don't tell about this my wife :-) We have four of them (little dachshunds, but still...) and this could make a very special selling point!

    43. TReGo team Creator on

      Hey Alan,

      Thanks for the comment, please do email me your idea, it can be useful,
      We had some questions about dog carrier.


    44. alan wolfe on

      A platform that my dog can sit in. I have an idea for a collapsible frame which I can e-mail you. You could use it gratis if you thought there's merit to it. It's very simple (at least in my head it's simple - that may not actually be the case in the real world!). Even if you didn't use it, (due to materials issues, or because it would negatively affect handling characteristics etc), perhaps it might still stimulate some other ideas.

    45. TReGo team Creator on

      Hello All,

      We would like to update that we are starting to receive parts from our suppliers and we will share images soon.

      More then that, we would like to ask you what future add-ons would you like to have for your TReGo? As you know we started to develop a child-seat but what about golf-bag, locking box, musical instrument carrier, DIY kit to make your own special add-on etc.

      This information can help us understand your needs better and enable us to offer you what you really want and need.

      We didn't forget the 20'' version, don't worry :)

      Looking forward to get your Ideas..

    46. alan wolfe on

      Thanks for answering those questions. That makes sense regarding the 16" being better for the trolley option.

      I figured that providing options for the wheels with regards to rims, spokes, hubs etc wouldn't be high on your to-do list at this stage, but good to know for certain.

    47. TReGo team Creator on

      Hello all,

      Let us explain the wheels size and fittings:

      TReGo fits 26'' and above only because it design to maintain the original bicycle geometry, meaning steering angle and general posture. Since we received many requests for bikes with 20'' wheels we are considering it as a future version.

      We have tested TReGo with 16'' and 20'' wheels, riding behavior is almost the same but keep in mind that TReGo will also be used as a stand-alone trolley and as such we found the 16'' wheels to be a better solution, it's less bulky and takes less space.

      Regarding options on wheel types, hubs, rims etc- to be honest we are not there yet, we have a lot of higher priority issues to control such as manufacturing, vendors and logistics.
      Once we've established a working supply chain will have more time to offer optional part. Since we are using standard wheels and hubs it shouldn't be a problem to do personal customization individually, we will be happy to help with any information necessary.

      Hope it helps,
      Thank you and have a great weekend,
      TReGo team.

    48. alan wolfe on

      Will there be any options on wheel types, in regards, hubs, spokes, rims etc? Just curious.

      Also if you get the time, from a mechanical perspective, I'd be interested to hear any background information on why you chose the 16" wheel option. Did you experiment with other wheel sizes?

      Many thanks. :)

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