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A desktop and mobile racing game with a saga of rank climbing, reputation building, team management, and pet loving.
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    1. Dan FitzGerald Creator on

      That seems like a great idea! We'll see if we can get something together.

    2. moro on

      yay! ^_^ And have you considered doing like an animal-related drawing, sculpting or photography contest for backer(s) to get an in-game perk or extra copy of the game? Might be a fun thing for the last week of the campaign.

    3. Dan FitzGerald Creator on

      We definitely want to try blue eyes! We're always struck by huskies with sharp blue eyes. For our original dog, we were struggling to make it look good, contrast wise, but it'll definitely happen as we add more varieties.

    4. moro on

      I watched a good bit of the stream (skipped around some), and I think you guys are headed in a really great direction overall with the game. Mountains will be a fun addition to the wintery backgrounds. :)

      This may seem like a totally random question (it kind of is), but will you add blue eyes for some of the huskies or amber/brown eyes for some of the other palettes? I don't know how that would actually look in-game. For all I know you tried it, and it looked weird. XD

    5. Dan FitzGerald Creator on

      We haven't set the representation of skills in stone yet. We had a good suggestion during our stream today though--maybe skills will be unknown at first, but after spending time with a dog with a certain skill arc, you will be able to recognize the skill arc in other dogs for hire. There might also be clues in the roster.

    6. Mischa Magyar on

      How do you plan to show the dog skills to the player?

      Maybe it could be nice to have some minigames to determine a fuzzy estimation of the dogs skills?

    7. Dan FitzGerald Creator on

      Thanks moro! We will surely do another stream sometime soon. You can see a recap here, though

    8. moro on

      This is really great, guys! Super nice starry sky for the night races. New husky colors are quite snazzy, and I really hope that the breeding stretch goal is reached! I hate that I missed the twitch stream. Any key points worth mentioning?