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Creating dance through cross-cultural exchange!

The Project

Solo in Singapore is a solo dance project examining the evolution/development of an individual (that’s me!) through cross-cultural exchange and interaction. I have set out to build this new work over a three-month period while living abroad in Singapore. Movement material for Solo in Singapore will be generated in collaboration with dance artists living and working in Singapore! The idea for this project emerged during the making of my latest work, The Recall Form, a duet collaboration with Emily Climer. I will use a series of improvisational practices that Emily and I created as a way of sharing my  experience and developing new partnerships.    

In the process of building this new work I will focus on how to cultivate working environments that foster meaningful exchange. I am interested in exploring how these cross-culture interactions influence or change how we (my collaborating artists, and myself) engage with our own artistic practices. I am also excited to see how the experience of working with dance artists from another country will affect how I approach the process of developing this project once I return to the US.  How will I carry these experiences home? And how will these experiences manifest themselves in the work?

The Artists

Some of the collaborating artists include:

Vincent Yong, Dancer

Emily Woods Hogue, Costume Design

Benny Goldmintz, Sound Design

Upon my return to the states, the Solo in Singapore project will appear at Bennington College, Bennington VT and other venues.

How you can Help!

Your contributions will help pay for all project collaborators including the artists, the sound designer, the costume designer and the videographer. It will also help cover the costs of the rehearsal/performance spaces and travel fees.    


Thank you so much for taking the time to read about and consider a contribution to my project! Your funds will help bring Solo in Singapore to fruition and allow me to continue making new dance work while I am living abroad! If you are unable to donate, that’s okay! You can help by spreading the word to your friends and family!

Information about the performances, including the dates and times will be made available in the spring!    


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