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HEALING VOICES is a feature-length documentary film examining mainstream mental healthcare and psychiatry in the United States.


Through the lens of individuals at various stages of their mental health story, HEALING VOICES will investigate topics including the stigma of psychiatric diagnoses, the role of trauma, pharmacology, alternatives to the Western one-size-fits-all medical model, and the power of storytelling in recovery.


The film is directed by PJ Moynihan of Digital Eyes Film, a US-based independent production company whose work in the field of mental health and recovery alternatives represents the growing body of evidence around progressive ways we as a society can support people experiencing mental health issues. 


Moynihan partnered with co-Producer and psychiatric survivor Oryx Cohen to create a short film for a mental health advocacy group that Cohen helped found, to be featured on Accompanied by a written pitch featuring the personal account of Cohen's friend and fellow activist Will Hall, it became one of the most highly viewed stories on the entire Forbes site for several days running. This impassioned response suggested a critical need to raise the level of dialogue around mental health issues, and gave rise to the concept for a feature-length documentary.


Become a part of this story by submitting your vision for how we should be supporting people experiencing mental health issues, in connection to our rewards program on KickStarter.

Storytelling and personal testimonies are a powerful tool. This campaign is an attempt to create user-generated content from all corners of the globe. Share how things are changing. Share why they are not. Share a message of hope for the future. Let’s inform one another. 

Excerpts from the ten (10) best submissions will be featured in the film, and all approved content will be published in connection to the marketing and promotion of the movie.


HEALING VOICES is currently in Production and will be filmed in a naturally occurring timeline over the next calendar year. Funds raised on KickStarter will be used to shoot and post produce a number of scenes for the movie.


Set in contemporary America, HEALING VOICES intends to place the widely and culturally accepted medical model of mental illness - which tells people they are genetically broken, dysfunctional human beings - into a broader context. The medical model, and its over-reliance on powerful psychiatric drugs, is being marketed to the general public without the support of real scientific evidence, though decades of research and billions of dollars have been spent trying to affirm it.

Despite a shift in global economics, America remains the trendsetter in many industries, including the field of mental health. Our medical model is not only deployed and marketed at home, but exported to much of the world, reinforcing the critical and moral importance of un-biased science, personal testimonies, and honest information made available to the general public. 


This is a story that has touched all of us. Our family. Our friends. The neighborhoods we live in. The classrooms our children learn in. The relationships we share. The term ‘mental illness’ is shrouded in stigma, fear, and misunderstanding, and the Western medical model does little to promote long-term recovery, while encouraging a life-long dependency on powerful drugs. The cost-deficit to society will become unbearable, and the impact of these issues on our everyday lives has never been greater. 

Let your voice be heard, join us on KickStarter today. 


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