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*** NEW GAME-PLAY VIDEO ADDED! *** The Undead are rising and it is up to you to stop them and save the world!
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Platforms supported -

Android, iOS (Apple), BlackBerry (BB10 and PlayBook), Windows 8 mobile, GameStick (new Android console coming August 2013) and hopefully the amazing OUYA.

What is this game?

Dead Rushing HD is an fast arcade side-scrolling runner game for the mobile platforms.

The player can run, punch, shoot and jump through varied environments with zombies (normal, special and bosses) and collect zombie heads to obtain new power-ups.

Game features -

• HD artwork • Fast arcade game-play • Easy pick-up and play controls • Large campaign with storyline • Normal zombies, special zombies and boss zombies • Random level generation • Player power-up system • Three difficulty levels • Varied and high-quality SFX and music  

This is not an endless runner game. There is a large campaign split over five varied sections which contain multiple levels.  On each level you must make it to the end.

While running through the levels the player can collect zombie heads which can be used on the player power-up customization system.  

To keep game-play interesting the levels had different play mechanics. For example, some levels have the player running through normal zombies and obstacles and some levels have the player being chased by special zombies.  

How complete is this game?

The game is 97% complete and is due to be finished in September 2013.

What is the Kickstarter fund needed for?

We want to release Dead Rushing HD on the OUYA platform.  To do this we need to buy a OUYA device.  That is all the fund is needed for.

Every person who backed this game will be named in the 'Special Thanks' section of the game front-end.  This will be on every platform.

The people from PlayJam behind the GameStick where nice enough to send me a development kit :)

First update : Aug 23, 2013 - Player shotgun animations!

The player shotgun animations have now been added to the game. The player has the following animations : idle, run, jump, shoot, flinch, dead  

To add variety to the game, some campaign levels have the player punching and some levels have the player shooting.

Example player running and shooting frames :

Second update : Aug 25, 2013 - Epic rock music!

Dead Rushing HD has seven music tracks which are used for the front-end, story, customize and game sections.

The game campaign levels have four music tracks which are cycled between the levels to keep the music fresh and interesting.  

Below is the front-end music and also one of the game music tracks -

Some screen-shots of the game -

Some of the game story images -

Some of the game special zombies -

Some game mock-ups -

Who is making this game?

This game is being made by Dancing Cat Development.  We have been making games since 2010.

We are focused on making great mobile / tablet games for all the major mobile platforms (Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows 8) using the fantastic Marmalade SDK (

So far we have released two games for phone / tablet devices on all the major mobile platforms - Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows 8 Mobile.  

Games released -

Our first published game is called Star Armada.  Star Armada is a full real-time strategy game (featuring units, structures, resources and adaptive AI).  Published on - Google Play, Amazon App store, Barnes & Noble App store, Apple / iOS App store, BlackBerry World and Windows 8 mobile App store.

Our second published game is called Future Shooter.  Future Shooter is a futuristic arcade side-scrolling shoot-em-up.  Published on - Google Play, Amazon App store, Barnes & Noble App store, Apple / iOS App store, BlackBerry World and Windows 8 mobile App store. 

Risks and challenges

There is no risk involved with this funding.

Dead Rushing HD is due to be finished in September 2013 even without the funding.

If the Kickstarter funding is successful, we can also release the game on the OUYA platform at the end of September 2013.

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