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Fearful Symmetries was published to great acclaim in May 2014. It's a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award and has gotten (mostly) great reviews. Thank you again, for being supporters (and you can buy more for presents!)
Fearful Symmetries was published to great acclaim in May 2014. It's a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award and has gotten (mostly) great reviews. Thank you again, for being supporters (and you can buy more for presents!)
700 backers pledged $28,426 to help bring this project to life.

Five more Shearman/Marshall chapbooks added!

Posted by Ellen Datlow (Creator)

Hey, all,

We've added five more copies of the Robert Shearman/Helen Marshall flipbook. It's one of our most popular rewards! Here's the scoop:

$45 level

"Robert Shearman and Helen Marshall limited edition flipbook—only 150 copies ever printed. The Shearman story is "The Dark Space In the House In the House In the Garden at the Centre of the World"; the Marshall story is "Sanditon." Signed by both authors! Plus both trade paperback and e-book editions of Fearful Symmetries. (See pics of the flipbook here:"

We're making a final push to try to reach our secondary goal of $28,000, which will allow us to pay the contributors 7 cents per word for their fiction, up from 6 cents per word right now.


Brett, Ellen, Sandra, and Matt

And big thank yous

Posted by Ellen Datlow (Creator)

To everyone who donated premiums: time/energy/expertise/tangible objects whatever. You're all marvelous!

OMG -we did it! We've hit our mark (and slopped over)

Posted by Ellen Datlow (Creator)
First of all: Thanks to all of you who have pledged money toward the anthology, who have spread the word all over the web (and didn't complain about my nagging for the last month--but especially the last two days).

A huge thanks to Matt Kressel who has been advising, helped put up premiums, created the interview video with me to introduce the project, and who has been an enormous moral support to us. And to Helen Marshall who created the wonderfully spooky "book trailer" and who helped edit it together with the video of me.

Brett and Sandra and I hope to do you and all the contributors who will be in the book proud.

I'm really excited that Fearful Symmetries is going to happen.

Now traditionally, it seems that a lot of kickstarters -if they meet their goals early -create new levels of goals until it's over. Brett, Sandra, Matt, and I agreed that if we reach $28,000 we'll be able to pay the contributors a better word rate (it's 6 cents a word now; we'll be able to pay 7 cents a word if we reach $28,000).

I'm certainly not urging you to do any more --you've all done more than enough. 

Thank you all again.

Agent Robert Fleck donates time to a one-on-one manuscript critique!

Posted by Ellen Datlow (Creator)

Hi, all,

We're just $1,750 away from realizing this goal now. So close! To help put us over the top, renowned literary agent Robert Fleck has contributed a manuscript critique for $200, which includes both editions of the anthology. Here're the details:

"Professional Agent Critique by Robert Fleck: Written critique of the first 15,000 words of your novel. Plus print and e-book editions of Fearful Symmetries, plus acknowledgment in both print and electronic editions of Fearful Symmetries. Premium must be claimed by July 2013."

Almost there, people. One final push!!

Cheers, and massive thanks,

Brett, Ellen, Sandra, and Matt

Where we are right now

Posted by Ellen Datlow (Creator)

We have 503 backers,  (thank you all -you're all so generous), and need only $4600 to make our goal in 3 days. We're 81% there.

Kaaron Warren has donated another short story critique as a premium.

If any of you who have already backed us know of some who'd like a one on one with me, Lucius Shepard, or Brett Alexander Savory for 1 1/2 hours to "pick our brains" (each separately), please show them the way over to the project.

Same with anyone who would like to be tuckerized by Joe R. Lansdale or Laird Barron (that means they will use your name in a story).

And of course, please don't leave me with those entrails. I can't even feed them to my cats as they're not edible.

When we asked for more suggestions for premiums, one person wanted us to add a "bypass the Fearful Symmetries" slushpile, but we've decided that we don't think it's necessary. (and to me, it just feels "off" somehow). Everything in the pile will be read and responded to quickly.