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Fearful Symmetries was published to great acclaim in May 2014. It's a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award and has gotten (mostly) great reviews. Thank you again, for being supporters (and you can buy more for presents!)
Fearful Symmetries was published to great acclaim in May 2014. It's a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award and has gotten (mostly) great reviews. Thank you again, for being supporters (and you can buy more for presents!)
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Recent updates

The Table of Contents

Posted by Ellen Datlow (Creator)

I finished editing and ordering the last stories over the last few days and am about to send the files of Fearful Symmetries to Chizine today. I'm posting the final table of contents here first, and then will contact all the contributors and post the TOC online. 
Thanks again to all our backers. 

Btw, if you have not yet received your premiums (other than the book itself) please let me know. 

Table of Contents  

Introduction by Ellen Datlow  

A Wish From a Bone by Gemma Files

The Atlas of Hell by Nathan Ballingrud

The Witch Moth by Bruce McAllister

Kaiju by Gary McMahon

Will The Real Psycho In This Story Please Stand Up? by Pat Cadigan

In the Year of Omens by Helen Marshall

The Four Darks by Terry Dowling

The Spindly Man by Stephen Graham Jones

The Window by Brian Evenson

 Mount Chary Galore by Jeffrey Ford

 Ballad of An Echo Whisperer by Caitlín R. Kiernan

 Suffer Little Children by Robert Shearman

 Power by Michael Marshall Smith

 Bridge of Sighs by Kaaron Warren

 the worms crawl in, by Laird Barron

 The Attic by Catherine MacLeod

 Wendigo Nights by Siobhan Carroll

 Episode Three: On the Great Plains, In the Snow by John Langan 

 Catching Flies by Carole Johnstone

 Shay Corsham Worsted by Garth Nix

Cover reveal

Posted by Ellen Datlow (Creator)

Here's the cover of Fearful Symmetries--it's by Erik Mohr and we all think it's gorgeous. The book will be published April 2014. I'm currently in the midst of editing the stories already acquired and awaiting a few latecomers. (the authors with their names on the cover are obviously in the book, so consider this a peek before the entire Table of Contents is announced. )

Fearful Symmetries -cover by Erik Mohr
Fearful Symmetries -cover by Erik Mohr

Where we are with the slush reading!

Posted by Ellen Datlow (Creator)

Hi everyone, just updating you on Fearful Symmetries slush reading. We've been plowing through over the last weeks, and here's where we are.

We had 1091 submissions total (not including submissions which were withdrawn by authors for various reasons).

735 submissions have now been rejected.

19 submissions have been recommended to Ellen.

355 submissions remain "open" - in other words, they are in various stages--this includes stories that have been recommended to Ellen, that are still being read by slush readers, that are currently undecided, as well as some that have not been claimed by readers yet.

This weekend is the big push to get through the remainder. We should have some kind of answer for all people who have not heard yet, by next week. Thanks for your patience!

Sandra Kasturi
Co-Publisher, ChiZine Publications

Update on Fearful Symmetries Submissions

Posted by Ellen Datlow (Creator)

Sandra Kasturi from ChiZine Publications here! Just to update you on where we are with submissions.

A couple of reminders:

1. Your position in the "queue" is meaningless, since readers have been grabbing submissions at random. Whether you are No. 14 or No. 354 is no indicator of whether or not anyone will get to your submissions faster or slower.

2. If you haven't heard anything, that is neither good news nor bad news. It's no news. You will either receive a rejection letter, or, if your submission is passed up to Ellen, you'll receive an email saying so.

On to the UPDATE! As of noon today, we have rejected about 40% of the submissions received. About 6% have been passed up to Ellen. A lot of rejections/notifications will be going out this week.

We will respond to all submissions by August 31, 2013. Please do not query us until after Labour Day! Give us that weekend to deal with any stragglers. : )

Thanks for your patience, and please feel free to disseminate this latest update.

A Gift from John Joseph Adams for Fearful Symmetries Backers!

Posted by Ellen Datlow (Creator)

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