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We designed the Kick to help you take better pictures, make better videos and have fun doing it.
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Example shots and more about brightness

Posted by Rift Inc (Creator)

Hi, it's time for another update.


One question often asked is "how far does the light reach". In order to give some sort of meaningful answer we borrowed a theater to make some example shots.

A huge pitch black room, black walls, a single Kick Plus and an iPhone 4S camera:

The combination of the iPhone and the Kick gives a "reach" of around 6.5 ft (2 m). If you use a more light sensitive camera, like a modern DSLR, the images 10 ft (3 m) and beyond will be brighter and less muddy. Your "reach" will be longer. It is determined by the sensitivity of the camera and the strength of the light.

Alex took some more shots

Alex Asensi is a good friend and a young emerging photographer/filmmaker. Alex took some more shots while at the theater today using one or more Kicks as the only light source.

Portrait using a single Kick.

Portrait using 2 Kicks.

Portrait using 3 Kicks.

Single Kick.

We'll post details about the lighting of the portraits over on the Rift Labs blog later today. 

The Kick is also great for use in combination with ambient light. Maybe we should do some shots to illustrate that kind of use? Let us know if there are other examples you would like to see, and we'll go out and make some. It's no trouble, we love shooting with this little light :-)


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    1. Rift Inc Creator on

      Josh Stansfield: we will try to do that but we're hit a critical part of the project putting the finishing touches on the Kick. If it helps, the original video for Kickstarter has a clip of some lego figures illuminated with the Kick. It's not the same quantitative setup as above but you should be able to extrapolate from both to understand that video will not be much different - I expect the sensor sensitivity on the iPhone is less in video mode though.

    2. Missing avatar

      Josh Stansfield on

      I'm interested to see how it works with video (iPhone 4S and/or a DSLR) - if you have time to throw a video clip up I would be stoked!

    3. Pascal Montjovent on

      Yes please, could you post some examples where the kick adjusts to ambient lighting color temperature?

    4. Missing avatar

      dim3m on

      Excellent work.