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We designed the Kick to help you take better pictures, make better videos and have fun doing it.
We designed the Kick to help you take better pictures, make better videos and have fun doing it.
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Some answers to the technical questions about the light.


We are off to an amazing start! Almost 50% funded on the second day. We can't thank you enough. You are awesome!!

There has been some questions regarding the technical specs and we'll try to adress them here.  


Kick is able to emit a wide range of colors (wide color gamut). We've included the color gamut of the iPhone 4S display to give you something to compare to. The Kick can emit brilliant colors, and it is unlikely that Kick will ever be the limiting factor in terms of colors when you take pictures.

Color temperature (white light)

The line represents the color of white light (the varying color of sunlight). That is what is called color temperature. As you can see, Kick tracks the color temperature almost perfectly. White light from the Kick does not have a green or magenta cast. This is due to the microprocessor in the Kick.


The brightness of the Kick at full power is 490 Lux at 0.6 meters, and 140 lux at 1.2 meters. It is hard to explain the brightness in terms of "how far" the light reaches. That is entirely dependent on the ambient light in the room, and the sensitivity of your camera. The Kick is a wide angle light, it doesn't have a lens or reflectors to focus the light at the moment.  The type of questions we're getting are great food for thought and we're working them in to our product plans.

Again, we cannot thank you all enough, we are truly humbled by the response!

Morten & Pauric


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    1. Richard Davis ((( Black Squadron ))) on

      In the design of the plastic for the Kick, it would be really good if you made provision for the attachment of a softbox or diffuser housing of some sort. It seems like that would make the device more flexible.