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We designed the Kick to help you take better pictures, make better videos and have fun doing it.
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Posted by Rift Inc (Creator)

Its been too long since last time, and where to start? Lots of work done on the back end, the distinctly unglamorous stuff that goes into building a business from scratch. But here is some of the more exciting stuff:

New version 2 app

The app has been redesigned. First out is the Android version (yes, Android at last). iOS version to follow. It is scheduled for release mid November. Head over here for a closer look and a let us know what you think about it. We have received lots of input on the current app, we hope you will find this one an improvement. 

KICK app 2.0
KICK app 2.0

The update is way overdue of course. We hit a brick wall with the first version of the app. We had to rewrite the codebase and architecture from scratch, but we are in a much better position now to do more frequent updates.

Firmware updates on the Mac

The OSX bug that messed up firmware updates on newer Macs has been a sore point and frankly embarrassing. We are basically all Mac users around here. Peter, our firmware guru has done an amazing job on rewriting the bootloader and making and updater for it. Making an updater for the bootloader is seriously non-trivial. Before we can release the update, we need more testing done. If you are willing to test, send us an email. Note that you will need access to a PC (windows, or Linux) to do the one-time update. Before you all go ballistic: Yes, updating the bootloader to make it "Mac compatible" has to be done on a PC. But we'll figure out a way to help those of you who can't get the one-time Mac compatibility update done by yourself. 


New packaging design
New packaging design

Gotta look sharp, so we've done a new packaging design. The KICK is now available through some physical stores, notably B&H and Adorama. It is also available on Amazon. If you still love us, consider sharing your love in the review section on any of those sites. Thanks!


We have added more resources on the development side and we need to start adding more on the sales side as well. Know someone who can write, who can think, who gets sh*t done and who love photo? We're ready to talk.


Simon and the other guys at Transfer Creative used the Kick when shooting the The Optimist video for City Rain. They loved the Kicks so much we asked them to make this little spot for us:

You also want to check out the music video:

  City Rain - The Optimist

If you are interested, please have a look at the new Kick app version 2.0 and let us know what you think of it.



Shop is open, new firmware is out

Posted by Rift Inc (Creator)

Wow, this does not get less busy with time :-)

Firmware updated

There is a new firmware update out. It fixes the charger light not turning green when the Kick is fully charged, improves the color linearity, and a number of other minor issues. If you want to update your Kick you need access to a PC. Not because we have any preference for PCs, but there is an OSX bug that causes the firmware update to fail on a Mac.

There is also a bugfix version of the App making its way through the approval process. 

Shop is open

The Kick is now for sale from the website. Since you are a backer and therefore awesome you get 15% discount on anything (OK, we only have a single product at the moment). Put in the coupon code backer AND on the checkout screen use the same email address you used when backing the Kick here on Kickstarter.


In the next couple of days we'll send out a survey. We would really appreciate it if you would spend a few minutes with it.

Problems? We are here to help

We have a proper help desk system up and running now to ensure that no support requests fall through the cracks. For a while support requests came in from all directions, facebook, twitter, various email addresses, it was a challenge to keep up. We should be able to catch them all now. If you have any problems don't hesitate to email us at

Better documentation with video examples are a priority and will make their way onto the getting started section over the next couple of weeks.


There is a fair amount of interest in talking to the Kick from other devices. We have been working on ways to make that easier. We'll get a developer section up on the website before long. In the mean time, email us if you want access to the communication protocol and documentation.

Shipping and firmware update

Posted by Rift Inc (Creator)


All Kicks will be shipped by Friday this week. The packages are sent by post.

The factory thought they could ship everything by last Friday, but that was too optimistic. We are in contact with the factory daily, and they are confident that all the rest will be out this Friday. If you haven't received a dispatch note by Friday night, get in touch and we'll sort it out.

The DOA bug has been found and squashed. (See previous update) The main problem was a current leak that caused the battery to drain even when the Kick was turned off. It was a firmware issue and has now been fixed: You can install the latest firmware update from the downloads page. If you have access to a Windows PC, the firmware update is Drag and Drop. Instructions on the download page. 

If you are a glutton for punishment, like Pauric, you can do it on a Mac as well. However, OSX tries to write hidden files to the Kick during the firmware update and that chokes the process. This can be avoided by opening the terminal window and type in unix commands. If you are not comfortable with this, my advice is to find a friend with a Windows PC instead.

Thanks for all the positive feedback and comments on Kick on Twitter, Facebook, here in the Kickstarter comments, and by email! It is great to learn about your experiences with Kick! To those who are still waiting: thanks for your patience! It has been a long wait, but Friday your Kick will be in the mail.

More Kicks on their way

Posted by Rift Inc (Creator)

Hi guys

We know you are eagerly awaiting your Kick and we are shipping as fast as we can. We are doing a lot more QA testing than originally planned so final assembly is taking a lot longer. We have shipped about 70% by now.

We have received a ton of positive feedback. Thanks! It really means a lot to us. But about 2-5% of the units are DOA. It looks like some of the Kicks runs out of power during transit and gets stuck. It needs help to get unstuck.

The good news is that it fairly easy to fix yourself. If you receive a Kick that won't turn on, this is what you can do:

1. Charge the Kick for a while, 15 minutes will do. We want enough juice back in the battery to allow it to turn on.

2. Press the reset button. The Kick will now turn on. 
-Use a paperclip and reset it through the little hole between the USB connector and the charging light.
-There is a reset button in there, you will feel a little click. If you don't feel a click, try pointing the paperclip slightly towards the front.

3. Let the battery charge fully. 

So far, all backers who received a DOA Kick got it working again using the above method.  But if you still have problems, email us at We are working on a firmware update to avoid this happening in the future. We'll also get an illustrated step-by-step guide to the DOA issue up on the Getting Started page as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience. Thanks for your support. 

Final assembly and shipping

Posted by Rift Inc (Creator)

Shipping at last!

The production errors from last week are found and fixed. All Kicks have had the last version of the firmware loaded and it all looks good. The first proper shipment goes out this afternoon. Yay!!

Prep for firmware updates

Firmware updates are the way to add new features and improvements after the Kick has been shipped. In the shipping version, firmware updates are done by connecting the Kick to a PC with a USB cable. It is a simple and safe Drag and Drop thing. But USB firmware updates are really meant to be the fallback option. In the future we will try to deliver firmware updates via the App, so it is all fully automated. But this takes a lot of testing and tweaking as you can imagine. Over-The-Air firmware updates can not be allowed to fail. We don't want a global mass exodus of Kicks as a result of an update bug :-) So for now updates are done via USB.

The first firmware update will come in a couple of weeks. Note that there is currently an issue with color linearity on low brightness. When emitting white light on low brightness the colortemperature warms up. There is no problem on higher brightness settings. We did not want to delay shipping any further. The next firmware update will adress this issue. So when the time comes, you want to have access to a Windows PC. (Updates can be done from a Mac as well, but it is not Drag and Drop).

For the "pics or it didn't happen"-crowd:

Ready for shipping. This is about 10% of the volume.

Labeling and packing materials. We can't just walk down to the local post office and hand in 1500 boxes through the window.There is a ton of rules for international shipping: forms, declarations, lists, barcodes, stamps, signatures, etc, etc. You don't want to know. 

Awesome Janos "The Watchmaker" Sr. presides over the final assembly and check out. He has an iron fist in a velvet glove. We don't share a common language (apart from "engineering"), but he has pantomimed the improvements he wants to see in the construction of the enclosure and the packaging materials.

We will send you a dispatch email as all the Kicks are shipped over the next few days.