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We designed the Kick to help you take better pictures, make better videos and have fun doing it.
We designed the Kick to help you take better pictures, make better videos and have fun doing it.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Ian Cris on

      I still use mine, but it's kinda faulty now. The Second one was straight up faulty from the start. But at least I still got one that kinda works... I mainly use it as a flash light, it's very good clarity when at full brightness, but it dies when it gets hot.. and as for the app feature..forget about it.. I was really cool at first. But it turned out to be buggy and screws up the light, making it hang/stuck until I had to physically rest the unit. But oh well, it's a nice short range flood flash light, with different colors.

    2. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Had tried contacting you guys about my 2 units totally not working any more.
      Never drop them and was hoping for some reply. Instead I had been getting
      promo emails. Please!

    3. Missing avatar

      James on

      Is the app ever going to be updated?
      It's always been unreliable, terribly hard to use, and very limited.

      I saw some stuff about an update, but that was months ago.

    4. Rift Inc Creator on

      Hi Misty
      We have received and answered your email. Maybe the reply got lost in transit, here it is:


      Is this from all the way back in April/May? I mean, is this the original Kickstarter delivery and you never received it?
      If that is the case I think we can safely conclude that it has been lost in transit!

      Send me your current address, include a contact number, and I'll get a new one shipped out to you.



      I'm not sure why you did not receive the reply. Maybe we have fumbled it, god knows we goof up at regular intervals. But we must fix this. Could you email

    5. chaosisorder on

      Hello, I have tried to send direct emails but am not receiving a response. My Kick was never delivered. The tracking number shows it was never delivered, but the post office can give me no further information except that it would have been returned to your offices by now. Is there an email so I can get a response on how best to resolve this?

      Thank you.

    6. Element Pictures on

      Update - Issue was solved by Rift - Thanks guys!

    7. Element Pictures on

      Okay, so after having the kick for about a month, it no longer works. I pressed the reset button and it worked for like a minute.

      Tried to connect it to the PC via USB for the firmware update, and it doesn't even recognize the Kick. I put a USB memory card in the PC's USB slot, and it recognized that.

      Any input?

    8. Rift Inc Creator on

      Hi Magnus
      We have done a lot of work on the firmware side to enable WiFi communication and discovery for Android (and more). We have also secured resources to do the development (also called 'a developer' in english) and he starts work on the Android version on September 9. It's frustrating that this has taken so long, but things are moving now.

    9. Magnus Nordstrand on

      Hi guys. Just wanted to ask if there are any news about android-support?

    10. Rift Inc Creator on

      Hi Rick!
      If you enter the promo code "backer" when checking out on you get a 15% discount. Make sure you enter the same email address as you used on Kickstarter. Email me on if you experience any issues.

      Thanks for being a backer! I'll make sure stickers finds its way to you.

    11. Ricky Wright

      Hi I never got my Sticker for $15.00 Funding ....
      Also any discount on a Rift ?


    12. Rift Inc Creator on

      Damien, you did not send us your address (i.e. you didn't answer the Kickstarter survey to provide us with your address)

      Please contact us with your details. Thanks /pauric

    13. damien andre on

      I never received a dispatch notice or my Kick lights. please tell me what i need to do.
      thank you

    14. MJP on

      Hey guys - I sent an e-mail to hello@riftlabs - I think the Wifi hardware in mine isn't working (mind you, I use Android and never bothered to try), but please let me know if you got my e-mail.. I was excited to know there was a new firmware and possibility of connecting to it using Android/Windows devices, but, I believe I have a bad Kick.

    15. MJP on

      Your Kick USB Serial driver on the development page didn't work on Windows 7 64-bit machines... I went ahead and used the following file: and simply replaced the Device List with:

      And updated the Strings, of course :p

    16. Rift Inc Creator on

      We're sending you out a replacement Craig, thanks /pauric

    17. Craig Solomon on

      Sent an email to support, the Kick only turned on once after charging, never again.. also the charge light is inside the kick and rattles.. not on the top as shown here, like it was never mounted. The one time it did turn on it worked fine with all controls and the software on the iPhone. I am hoping to get it fixed or get a replacement.

    18. Rift Inc Creator on

      Clinton, send an email to with your details, you should have received your kick by now /pauric

    19. Clinton Marshall on

      I haven't received my pledge yet, and no message to say its on its way. Where can we get a tracking number or status on manufacturing ? I'm super excited and can't wait to get these and start posting use cases back to the community. Clint

    20. Rift Inc Creator on

      Michael, contact us at and we'll get this resolved for you.

      Jan, while we did communicate we put Android development temporarily on hold due to resource constraints there are now a number of 3rd party developers working on solutions. If you still want to sell it and can't find a buyer, contact us and we'll work something out. Our production can't keep up with demand and would consider refurbishing yours for resale. It's not something we've had to do yet so talk to us and we'll work out some details.

      Thanks! /pauric

    21. Missing avatar

      michael on

      Received my 2 Kicks. Neither will connect to the app. The Riftnet wifi appears. The network connection works. But the App never recognizes either light. I've reset both. Have the latest software all around. Tried from my iphone and ipad. No idea what's wrong. Seems unlikely I got two defective units.

      The lights do work with the manual switches. Just not the app.

      Btw - In my app, the lightbulb icon under the slider (on the left) does not appear. I only knew to look for this from a random youtube review. The 'getting started' page says it's for 'multiple kick control' but I gather that if no lightbulb icon appears, that means the app doesn't see the device at all. Though I'm just guessing since the documentation is not clear.

      Definitely a bummer after waiting so long. I'm sure I'll get it resolved but not what I was expecting for an 'out of the box' experience.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jan on

      Anybody want mine at a discount? (I have no Iphone ...I assumed it worked with Android as well)

    23. Rift Inc Creator on

      fyi everyone, it's best if you contact us directly at for the quickest response. Thanks!

    24. Missing avatar

      Markus Harms on

      I'm still waiting, too. Got my dispatch note on March, 25th. ... living in Germany.

    25. Rift Inc Creator on

      Donnie, the ability to sample video is there.
      1) Click the library link on the bottom left of the app
      2) Choose the image or video you're interested in - wait for the app to process
      3) Choose whether you want a single colour or a stream with the options on the bottom right of the Sampling screen.

      Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks /pauric

    26. The Chronic State on

      I finally received mine and so far so good. Both worked well upon arrival, only one of them seems to have a slight high pitch whine.

      The Kickstarter video shows the ability to simulate the lighting of any video stored on your iPhone... did this feature not make the cut, or am I simply missing it?

    27. Mark Thompson on

      For Sherman, I was a double wifi backer like you and just got mine yesterday, so they're coming. ;) Although it has a couple quirks, overall I quite like them, I actually ordered another one off their website so I'd have 3.

      For Rift, I upgraded (I think) to 1.00, but my charge indicators still remain amber all the time, and I've tried them with a variety of chargers, so not sure what's up there. Since you have the LED's, you should consider using them a bit more. For instance, with the upgrade, you have to press the temp button plus on to enable the USB - why not have that also maybe light up the lights in some pattern to indicate what version it's running? Like the first row is the first digit, second row second digit, etc. Would be handy especially when having more devices. Also, I don't know what kind of battery sensing you have in it, but adding something to get a 'bar graph' on the device itself would be great. Like power up with temp down pressed, and it illuminates one row, red pixels for battery used, green for battery available, making a simple capacity view.

      Anyway, haven't played with wifi yet, but just fiddling with the device it's quite nice - very pleased.

    28. Sherman Tillman on

      I am still waiting ...geeze am I on the last guy list? I paid $280 bucks for two with wifi, I live in hard is it?

    29. Rift Inc Creator on

      Yoshi, we'd prefer if the switching circuit did not make that but it comes down to the cost of components at this price level. Most recording devices (iphone included) will not pick up this frequency in normal scenarios. If you are experiencing issues to the point that you're not happy with the Kick, contact us: we'll make it right.

      Thanks /pauric

    30. Missing avatar

      yoshi234 on

      Got my Kick today :)

      Not sure if anyone else mentioned but mine seems to make a high pitched whine that's just loud enough to hear from arm's length away. The tone changes as brightness is adjusted. That's not normal is it?

    31. Rift Inc Creator on

      Michael, if you find a diffuser that works well please share that info back with us. Thanks! /pauric

    32. Michael Edwards on

      Got the Kick recently and it works great. I just need a clip on diffuser to make it easier on my subject's eyes!

    33. Clemente Colomer on

      I finally got the firmware updated this past weekend, everything works great now.

    34. Element Pictures on

      Just got my two Kicks in. I really like it. The light coming out of this thing is very bright - no heat, and I like the ability to change the color of the light. Looking forward to the firmware updates and app updates as well.

    35. Rift Inc Creator on

      @Dominik We have some developer info, have a look here
      Right now I'm focusing on fixing firmware bugs, bit we'll get some work done on the WiFi communication soon I hope. It is simple to connect to and control the Kick from Windows or Linux, but to connect from Windows Phone or Android we need to do some additional work.

    36. Rift Inc Creator on

      Dominik, sorry yes - (doing too many things at once)

      Morten will get back to you with details on the API. Some sort of Windows control might be useful. Thanks! /pauric

    37. Dominik Deobald on

      @Rift: I am a developer, but mainly for Windows/Linux. Don't have any Android experience. But if you have an API documentation I'd love to get access :) - Is "" really the correct address? Not an address at

    38. Rift Inc Creator on

      Dim3m, we love the photos of the Kick - thanks! /pauric

    39. Dominik Deobald on

      @Rift & others: I can track the package delivery here in Germany via DHL and it still tells me that the package is waiting to be delivered to Germany - even after it has arrived at my home. It may update later today, but right now the tracking still tells me that it's not even arrived in my country.

    40. Rift Inc Creator on

      Dominik, we have a number of 3rd party developers working with us. We do not have any timeline but things are happening. Please contact us if you can develop. Thanks! /pauric

    41. Rift Inc Creator on

      To anyone still waiting and looking at tracking information that says something like 'waiting in Hungry'. What seems to be happening is that the tracking information is only getting updated once the Kick(s) delivered to your address. As far as we know, there aren't any problems with Kicks being stalled in the Hungarian postal service.

      Thanks for you continued patience /pauric

    42. Dominik Deobald on

      Got my two kicks today in Germany. Took 3+ weeks in the post, but now the package arrived.

      I don't have an iPhone - I'm using Android - so I remembered your FAQ answer: "Technically you can control the Kick from anything that has a WiFi connection. It is a matter of setting up communication and sending and receiving commands. If you are a developer you can control the Kick from a PC, Mac, Android, an Arduino with a WiFi shield, etc. The Kick has an API for this."

      I went straight to your website and tried to find anything about the API. Without any luck so far. Will you publish anything in the near future?

    43. Adam 'Anouilh' Davies on

      Both my Kicks arrived yesterday and even though I don't own and iPhone any more I still have plenty of uses for these great devices! FYI The Kick Light app works just fine on my iPad. :D

    44. Ed Penano on

      Just got The Kick today in Silicon Valley, CA and I am totally getting a kick out of this light!

    45. Missing avatar

      dim3m on

      I was able to play around with the Kick today. I notice it gets warm when used for about 25 to 45 minutes or so. At some point while i had on for awhile, I had the color to green on the app (Color picker) and took some shots, then noticed the kick flickered to red and blue. And when I tried re adjusting the color on the app (color picker), it was giving me different colors. So I turned it off then turned it on again and it seems to work fine now. Anyways, you can check out my kick here:

      Thanks Rift.

    46. Element Pictures on

      Just an FYI - I haven't got my Kicks yet (Hawaii) and I got the tracking from Hungary on the 10th, but no new updates. Not complaining, just informing.

    47. Missing avatar

      Ben Gordon on

      Hi Pauric,

      I'v a had my Kicks in hand for a couple of hours now and am very impressed so far, Im looking forward to using them "in anger" next week while shooting interviews for the English Premier League Football TV channel (if circumstances allow!).

      I was wondering what the current situation with the Kick accessories (clip, barn doors, intensifier) was? Are they going to be put into production and made available on the Rift Labs website? I'm sure your focus up until now has been purely on getting the units out and supported, but now most have shipped I was wondering if your attention might turn to this?

      Many thanks


      P.s. thoughts and prayers with all in Boston

    48. Missing avatar

      jcip on

      oh, nevermind
      I guess I just need to reset it

    49. Missing avatar

      jcip on

      I've charged the kick. It's green light. But it doesn't turn on

    50. Rift Inc Creator on

      Dim3m, yes the battery is loose, it can't cause any trouble. We specifically designed the Kick so that you can replace the battery yourself. That said, if it bothers you, you can open the Kick and use some double sided sticky tape to stop it moving around.

      We follow the mantra "If you can't open it, you don't own it"

      Enjoy and let us know if you have any other questions.

      Benjamin, contact us directly about iOS6 and 3GS support.

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