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Cthulhu Mythos RPG scenarios and campaign set in 1920's Shanghai.
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Set back and work around

Posted by Sons of the Singularity LLC (Creator)

 We have suffered an unfortunate and unexpected setback with the off-set print run. On March 20th, the Chinese government ordered the destruction of our books. Although the printer returned our deposit, we need to find another printer and this will result in a delay in fulfillment. We are committed to completing the print run and fulfillment. 

For more information, please see video below.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Mike & Paola Garcia on

      You folks have been through the ringer!
      You have my full support and understanding.
      I am more than willing to pay a higher price for the sort of quality material you produce that is published in a country without governmental interference.

      Best wishes to the creator and all those concerned with Sons of the Singularity.

      Regards from Down Under.

      Miguel A. Garcia

    2. Joshua Haney on

      I would be willing to pay more to have the book printed in a country that doesn't practice this kind of censorship.

    3. klecser on

      I agree with other Backers that this news, while unfortunate and no doubt stressful for SoS, makes me proud to be involved.

    4. Missing avatar

      The Rangdo of Arg

      This is certainly the best reason given for a KS delay I have ever heard.

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Obertas on

      My wife spent some time going through numerous reasons why the Chinese government would have likely burned the book: The Bloated Lady has nipples showing, the Government is very sensitive about depictions of the PLA, the book involves time travel ( a big no no due to showing "disrespect for history")... The only thing the book was missing was some good ol' fashion skeletons.

    6. Sons of the Singularity LLC Creator on

      @ Nicholas J. Corkigian Did you download Brother of Jesus yet? I think the ashes will be put in an urn. Breaking open the urn will unleash a Taiping Soul; a crazed and vengeful spirit from the 1850s which is actually a follower of Yog Sothoth's children.

      @Krzystztof They are cultists that infiltrated Chinese Communist Party .

      @Everyone: thank you for your support!

    7. Nicholas J. Corkigian

      Clearly they knew the exact contents of the books and were working to prevent a summoning of elder cosmic horror. Good for them!

      Perhaps you can find a less diligent printer who cares more about making a buck and less about saving the planet from sanity-blasting horror. Perhaps you can locate the shop that originally printed stage direction for The King in Yellow? Muhahahaaaaaa.....

    8. Krzysztof A.E. on

      Definitely some Chinese cultists were involved!!! I am sooo going to use that in my next campaign!!! 😂

    9. Krzysztof A.E. on

      WOW!!! I am suddenly very proud of being part of this project. Absolutely most incredible reason to delay delivery... Keep up great work!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ben W Bell on

      Wow, best reason for a Kickstarter delay ever. And something to sort of be proud of. If the new printers cost more, let us know how we can assist.

    11. AdamUltraberg on

      I'd burn the books too. Key CoC technique.

    12. Missing avatar

      crazy_cat on

      As excuses go I find 'the Chinese government burnt the books' pretty credible compared to some I've heard on Kickstarter previously. Good luck getting things sorted. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew Obertas on

      There actually is a good chance the government agent understood the contents of the book, given the nature of their job. How else are they going to determine the value in having an additional copy made for the government if the agent can't read it?

    14. Missing avatar


      Unexpected, but on reflection not that big a surprise. China has always been hypersensitive on how thet are represented, especially in the region. Material that touches on Singapore, Hong Kong and such, especially in the 1920s through present can get touchy. I'll need to find time to watch the video attachment, but I'd guess something in the module was taken as a slight or as being derogatory.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kerry B.

      Wow! Speechless. As Kickstarter delays go, that certainly beats the usual excuses. Good thing they refunded the deposit!

    16. Sons of the Singularity LLC Creator on

      @Henry Lopez, I have looked up and sent RFQs to about 30 printers yesterday. Now going through and getting background and some due diligence on the one's who replied so far. But thanks for the tip; I also went to them after you linked.

    17. Henry Lopez

      Wow - that's the first time I hear that happening. May I suggest a US printer I've used several times to print my own RPG books - Taylor Publishing. Their costs are similar to what I've found Chinese printers charge, once shipping is included. If I can be of any help, please contact me. Here's their website link:

    18. André Roy

      Well not suprised by the Chinese gvt. I don't mine waiting for it.

    19. Anthony Ragan on

      It was a cultist plot?

    20. Missing avatar

      Andrew Obertas on

      That is quite the badge of honour to have earned, if nothing else. Sucks to hear the books were destroyed but at least it was before the full payment was made for them.