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Stigma Strain's 2012 U.S. Tour Project

That's right, we're currently in the process of planning a full U.S Tour for 2012 and 2013!  We feel that it is time to bring our music to your hometown and let you experience a show that you never forget.  Sadly, full scale tours cost a lot of money.  Plus we have to have reliable transportation to get to your hometown and we have to have a way to haul all of our equipment from show to show. 

We're launching a Kickstarter campaign that accomplishes 2 things: First it offers our fans the opportunity to contribute to our band in exchange for cool incentives! Second it helps us raise the money we need to get our 2012 U.S Tour started and market it nationwide THE RIGHT WAY.  

A possible solution?
We heard about Kickstarter and immediately reached out to our fans for their opinions. What a great concept! By making donations fans are given the opportunity to directly be a part of Stigma Strain.  Help us start the Stigma Strain 2012 U.S tour. This is YOUR chance to be a part of the Stigma Strain movement! We've done everything on our own thus far, so why not take it up a notch?! Everything we do is about only two things anyway: THE MUSIC and THE FANS. So why not bring them together and just maybe we can show the industry what's really possible. 

What is the money being used for? 

By helping us reach our pledge goal, you're helping to cover the costs of purchasing a new van and cargo trailer,  ordering new merchandise ie: cd's, t-shirts, stickers etc and marketing costs for the tour.

What happens if we don't reach our pledge goal?
We get nothing. Zero. No one is charged and no incentives are given. ...and we will be very sad. Kittens and puppies everywhere will cry. 

What happens after the goal is reached?
We keep going! There is NO limit to how much we can raise! Once we reach our goal all the incentives each backer paid for are guaranteed and we're on our way to starting the Stigma Strain 2012 U.S Tour. 

Who is Stigma Strain? 

Stigma Strain is a groove/melodic metal band formed in 2011. The four-piece blends the best elements of American groove with the bone-chilling, dark sounds of melodic European metal. Stigma Strain possesses the technical ability and song writing prowess to rival that of its peers. Along with its aggressive, heart pounding sound; Stigma Strain has a live show that is second to none. “Larger than Life” is the resounding mantra that is held within every member of the band. Fans of the Nashville based quartet will find something that they can relate to in both a live setting and on tape. Each member exudes a level of care and professionalism to fans and members of the music community alike, treating each individual that comes in contact with the band not only as fellow fans of heavy music but more so as friends and extended family. Such is evident with wins for Best New Artist and Metal Song of the Year for the track “Lost” at the 2012 Music City Mayhem Awards. Stigma Strain is poised to release their debut EP “Patient Zero” in March of 2012 and is on pace to set the world ablaze with its uniquely enthralling, yet somewhat familiar sound.

Common questions:

I would LOVE to give this to a friend or family member as a gift. Can I gift an incentive?
YES! Spectacular idea. If you would like to support Stigma Strain but want to give the reward to someone else as a gift, please go through the normal process of making a donation in your name. Then, when we reach out to you via e-mail to request additional information, please tell us who should receive the reward.

Can I increase my pledge once it has been made?
YES! Once you donate to the campaign, you may want to change your incentive reward to a different one, or simply increase your pledge amount. To do so, please sign onto Kickstarter as usual. On our campaign page, click the blue button that reads "Manage Your Donation." If you click it, you can enter a new amount, or choose a new incentive!

Can I pledge for more than one incentive?
Absolutely! There is no limit to the amount you can pledge or number incentives you may receive. ("Limited" incentives excluded)

I'm too excited! How do I get started right now?
It's easy, and incredibly quick! Just click the green "Back This Project" button on this page and follow the steps. It should take you less than 2 minutes to complete the entire process.

If I make a pledge, when is my card charged?
If the project you’re backing is successfully funded, your card will be charged when the project reaches its funding deadline. If the project does not reach its funding goal, your card is never charged. That's why we call them pledges.  

If funding does not succeed do backers pay anything?
Nothing. If funding is unsuccessful, all pledges are canceled and that's that. 

Is my pledge amount publicly displayed?
No. Only you and the project creator will be able to see your pledge amount.

Can people from outside the US pledge to projects?
Yes! Anyone, anywhere (with a major credit card) can pledge to Kickstarter projects.

I'm international and keep getting asked for a US address when pledging. What do I do?
If you are a non-US Amazon Mechanical Turk user you may experience a problem trying to pledge. We've alerted Amazon about this bug. Sorry this is annoying. Please view these instructions to pledge:


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    A virtual high five and a shout out on Facebook and Twitter!

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    Stigma Strain Full album digital download and 8x10 glossy band photo

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    Stigma Strain T-Shirt and a 8x10 glossy band photo

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    Stigma Strain full album digital download, T-Shirt and 8x10 glossy band photo

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    A pair of drumsticks signed by each member of the band plus Rewards 1 and 2

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    Free admission to a Stigma Strain show and a song dedication at that show Plus rewards 1 and 2

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    On the liner notes of a future album which will be released internationally you will receive a personal thank you and a personal invitation to a BBQ to celebrate people like you. (transportation to BBQ not provided) Plus rewards 1 and 2

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    On an upcoming tour, we will book a show in the town and location of your choosing. We will provide you with free admission, a VIP pass and you will get to write the set list for said show Plus rewards 1, 2 and 3

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    You will receive one of each piece of merchandise we have and will get to receive it while guest performing on our next full length album. Plus rewards 1, 2 and 3

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    You will get to come with us on an entire leg of an upcoming tour Plus rewards 1, 2 and 3

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