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Steampunk Saloon and Opulent Temple join together with Green Wave to bring you an 1880's steampunk Memorial Day camp out event.


The ancients speak of pathways that link two ages together. Mystics, shamans, and ancient priests would watch the heavens for signs of such portals, and when found, would walk through them together in ceremony. Together they would explore new realms, experience alternate world histories, and witness wild technologies. 

These portals are often heralded by cosmic events, such as harvest moons, falling meteors, and special alignments of the stars. 

This Memorial Day, in a 230 acre meadow near Vasquez Rocks, just outside of Los Angeles,  a Lunar Eclipse marks the opening of one of the biggest portals ever recorded, and we invite you to walk through this portal with us. 

Our destination is an 1880's steampunk town. It is like a gold rush town, appearing suddenly, overnight. One day empty plains, the next: settlers, vaudeville performers, explorers and pioneers.  This town is unique- It looks like a gold rush town, but the gold we seek is a subtle gold of the spirit. 

The treasure we find is your spirit soaring high as you make new friends, as you look through a powerful telescope at the heavens,  as you meet  makers, craftspeople and artists, all creating their wares before your very eyes.

Perhaps your gold will come in the form of education. We'll have three domes dedicated to broadening the mind, and inspiring connection to the earth. You'll hear speeches on space travel, new ideas in urban gardening, and learn how the composers make steampunk music. 

It is a town lit by fire, and the heat of a new romance. 


Boomtown takes place over Memorial Day Weekend. Gates open at 4 pm on Friday, May 24th, and the event runs through Monday the 27th, ending at 12 noon.  Campers can set up shade structures, tents, and small camping stoves. Cars can be parked in your camping area, or parked near the front gate. Its a big grassy meadow, surrounded by hills.

Boomtown is located in Agua Dulce, CA. It's about a 25 minute drive north of Los Angeles, off the 14 freeway. This event is 21 and over.


Steampunk Saloon is an 1880's hide out, richly decorated with plundered treasures such as sabre tooth tiger skulls, chalices, strange potions from far away lands. Both acoustic and electronic musicians fill the stage with sounds wonderful and strange.  Magicians perform, followed by vaudeville dancers, then composers blending rag time melodies with modern danceable beats. 

Pop Hayden, a magician from the Magic Castle
Pop Hayden, a magician from the Magic Castle


Green Wave is a non profit group, that is dedicated to the earth, sustainability, and ecological education. They will set up the Green Wave Grotto - a three dome area, with displays on urban gardening, ecological seminars, and educational speakers.

There will be a telescope set up here for viewing the eclipse. Astronomers will give talks and answer questions. Speakers, who work at Jet Propulsion Labs, will give talks on space travel. Experts from the Mars Rover mission will be holding seminars on exploring the universe around us, and the wonders our technology transmits to us back here on earth. 

All our musicians, including the world renowned Crystal Method, will teach workshops during the day, sharing the Promethean fire of knowledge with those who seek to better their song writing skills. The most promising students will be invited into the performance area that night, to observe the instructors at work. This will help reinforce the lessons the new composers learned that day. 


The Opulent Temple join us from San Francisco. They are a strong community of builders, welders, musicians, and special effects artists. They will be setting up their Jules Verne/ HG Wells era inspired musicians booth, outfitted with jets of flame. 


It gives you a chance to contribute to the artistic process. It also gets you a ticket for a very generous price. It lets us use your investment money ahead of time, to add some beautiful art to the event. 

Once kickstarter ends, we will continue selling regular tickets through BeTicketing. Those tickets will be priced around $150. If you wait to buy tickets at the gate, the price jumps to $200.

We are a grassroots event. We have no financial backing other than that which we saved to start this event. Many promoters sell tickets, and use the ticket money for down payments on venue, insurance, etc. If anything happens to the event, people lose their money. 

We are doing something different. We are asking that you believe in our ability to make this event happen. We are asking your permission to use  some of your money in advance of the event, to create a much better event for you. In exchange, we will reward you with the items listed to the right. 

We represent Steampunk- a brighter, smarter, well dressed, classy group of people. We are a community cut from a different cloth, and everyone we are speaking to through our permit process understands that, and are allowing us to create this event for the steampunk community. 


Unique events like ours, that combine education, artistry, and live music require many agencies to approve our gathering. We are far along with our Special Use Permit from the County of LA. We are working very closely with the fire inspector. Our fabric is approved, our medical plan is approved, our structures, site layout and our water trucks are approved. We are deep in communication with the Sheriff's department, and they are very positive about our event. We feel confident that we will meet all the requirements for successfully hosting this event. 

Other events have had issues with permits. Based on our research, these issues stemmed from choosing poor locations and from failing to meet filing requirements. 

We are much more organized than other events. We have site maps, proposals, letters from the community, local business support, educational support, and the support of the agencies involved. We have fully licensed special effects employees, medical staff, and a professional permit team. 

Based on our overwhelmingly positive response from the Fire Marshalls, the Sheriiffs, and the Regional planning office, we feel that the permits are solid, and will continue to be solid for this event. 


Our location is used regularly for large movie projects, including pyrotechnics. This site is perfectly suited for this style of event, and for its easily accessible yet remote location. There are no ecological concerns with wild life. There are no nearby neighbors. This site is a perfect fit, and is regularly permitted and used constantly by the film industry. 


We have enough money to make this event happen in a "bare bones" fashion. We are fully budgeted for all safety, fire, security, infrastructure and medical aspects.   

We need your help with the fun stuff which will make the event even more special. We'd like to expand the artwork, installations and performances. Your kickstarter money will allow us to bring out more educators, better works of steampunk art, better living installations and vaudeville style performers.  

We invite you to choose a reward from the right, and join us in creating BOOMTOWN. 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Good question. We firmly believe in our ability to continue to meet all the requirements needed for this event, and all indicators point to a successful event with all permits being issued. If something happened, and suddenly circumstances beyond our control occur, we would do one of several options. Most likely we would hold the event at a later date this year. If you could not attend that new date, we would guest list you for other Steampunk Saloon or Green Wave events. If most of the money is still unspent, we might just issue refunds if that is feasible.

We want you to know- if we had any doubts, we would not ask for your support in the first place. We have waited far along in the process before inviting you in. We trust what our government agencies are telling us. We trust that they are seeing the beauty, and soul of our community. We know that they are making sure this is a safe weekend for both you, and the local community.


  • Your name will be listed at Will Call at the front gate of the event. After our Kickstarter closes (May 6th) you will also be receiving an email confirming your ticket, along with a print-at-home ticket that you should bring.

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    STICK EM UP- Boomtown Sticker and all of our thanks. Mailed to you.

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    PATCHED UP. When you wear your colors on the back of your vest or jacket, you will be treated with respect and gratitude by all the Steampunk crew. Will be mailed to you.

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    BOOMTOWN T SHIRT. You should buy this T-Shirt. Then you'll finally be allowed in convenience stores with those pesky "no shirt no service" signs. Will be mailed to you.

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    SALOON FLASK Hand inscribed 6 oz flask with your name, and the steampunk saloon logo. (Flask is sold empty). Will be mailed to you.

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    TOWNIE TICKET to Boomtown. Admits one person to the full weekend event. Prices will rise to $200 at gate. This is your chance to both help the event, and get admission at the lowest cost with this Kickstarter Fundraiser reward price!

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    HOMESTEADER EARLY ENTRY TICKET- admits one with Early Entry. Get there early for the land grab. Gates will be at 4pm Friday for the general admission. We will let you homesteaders in at noon. All people in your party must have early arrival.

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    ALL IN, PARTNER. Admit one, early entry, Patch, T Shirt, and Flask. You'll look Ace-High with all your newfangled Steampunk regalia.

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    HORSE AND WAGON TRAIN. Admits one, Early Arrival, and includes one RV parking space. (no hookups).

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    STRIKE IT RICH TICKET to Boomtown. Admits two people to the full weekend event. Ticket prices will rise to $200 per person at the gate. This is your chance to both help the event, and get admission for you and your "pardner" with this Kickstarter Fundraiser reward price!

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    NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN Admit one, early entry,Patch, t shirt, flask and a STEAMPUNK SALOON BADGE that will get you extra special treatment at the saloon. You get to toss your weight around at the bar, and become an emissary of the saloon. These will be one of a kind objects, and very special. Abuse of power will not be tolerated. It will be graded. Badge will be mailed.

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    FIRE WHEN READY. You'll get to fire the flame cannon for 15 minutes at the Opulent Temple Music area. Working the fire effects from inside the booth. Includes One Ticket, with early arrival.

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    CHALLENGE ACCEPTED Wolfie is taking requests! He never does that! You must be very special (or your money is). Wolfie will remix in the song of your choice into one of his sets! You will receive a signed copy of the mix, a ticket with early entry, a patch and a flask.

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    EL MARIACHI Play an opening set for one our stages. It’s a chance to prove yourself at the Steampunk Saloon, but if you have what it takes you may just become a regular. Includes One ticket, with early arrival.

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    THE HIDE OUT The hide out is where you and your posse hole up. One hideout includes 4 Tickets with Early Entry, A premium Reserved campsite for you and your Friends, Perfect for two couples. Get with some friends and get a prime camping spot close to the road, and reserved just for you. Campsite measures 25 feet by 25 feet, and held for you for whenever you arrive.

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