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Store and pour liquids and eliminate plastic containers by reusing  Mason Jars with reCap.
Store and pour liquids and eliminate plastic containers by reusing Mason Jars with reCap.
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    1. Missing avatar

      PaintMixingQueen on

      I totally forgot this project. Sad to say, never got anything, despite having filled the survey out correctly. Meh. Found another lid, which I can flip upside down, then use metal lid, shake, remove my shaking top and pour. Actually works better upside down to pour. Oh well, live and learn.

    2. Karen Rzepecki 5-time creator on

      J, thanks for the feedback and the tip! We would love to get into the Container Store.

    3. J. Jackson on

      Karen- Great job! My caps are with my aunt who has been jarring her homemade soup with the metal collars and Saran wrap covers. She loves these!

      Hey if you're wholesaling to anyone, which I hope you can, check out The Container Store. I'm a western-PA transplant myself but discovered them on the east coast. Good luck!

    4. Marie-Andree Poisson

      Mine seem to be stuck in Chicago

    5. Enid Pitre Mejias on

      I got my caps too! I'm so happy with them! I can't wait until you produce it for the wide mouth jars! Please let me know so that I can order 10 of them! Thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      Theresa J Moran on

      Thank you so much for such a great product. I've been using mine non-stop since they arrived. You were a joy to do business with and I enjoyed all of your updates. Please let me know if you need backing for a kickstarter project in the future.

    7. Missing avatar

      -G-K- on

      Thanks for a quick turnaround and successful product.

    8. Karen Rzepecki 5-time creator on

      top rack dishwasher. no microwave.

    9. Shanna Jacobson on

      Got mine today - doing the happy dance. Question: are they dishwasher and/or microwave safe? Thanks!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Julie Cucinotta on

      Got my caps today and LOVE them- thank you so much. Im so happy for you and proud to have helped this come to life....look forward to purchasing more! :)

    11. Craig Solomon on

      Got our yesterday, very nice. Such a simple concept, but no one came up with it but you! Great idea and seems to be a very nice product. Happy to help back it. Wishing you every great success!

    12. Missing avatar

      Carla Harlan on

      You should contact Robin who blogs on TheBig Red Kitchen. Com she does fantastic mason jar meals! Can't wait to get the caps AND looking forward to the wide mouth ones!

    13. Enid Pitre Mejias on

      When will you have the wide mouth caps made?

    14. Missing avatar

      Patty on

      I can't wait for my jar tops! So excited to be a part of your project!

    15. Karen Rzepecki 5-time creator on

      We will have a website to order online and eventually on amazon and retail stores. The pour cap is for regular mouth mason jars.

    16. Missing avatar

      Nancy Byrne on

      I'm looking forward to receiving mine, and also would like to know where we'll be able to purchase them in the future. (

    17. Susanne VetteMoseley on

      We are so excited about this! Take your time and get them perfect! Can't wait. Regular mouth sized would be great, too!

    18. Sharlene John on

      I'm excited that shipping is coming soon! Great project, THANKS!!

    19. Taleah Greve on

      So excited to see your design come to fruition! :)

    20. Enid Pitre Mejias on

      Not just wide mouth caps but big storage glass jar containers to store dry goods with the caps that would be a great idea!

    21. Karen Rzepecki 5-time creator on

      Yes, we do plan to make a wide mouth version of the caps! We are in process of designing and I really hope to launch it this year. Thanks for your feedback and more to come.

    22. Enid Pitre Mejias on

      I was wondering why not manufacture big size extra wide mason glass jars to store sugar, flour, pancake mix and the like with big plastic lids or plastic airtight pour lids. I always wanted to store all my powder goods in oversize airtight glass jar. I have used the vacuum sealer plastic container but they just don't hold their vacuum!

    23. Missing avatar

      Kim Sweeney on

      I'm frankly surprised that someone would expect special compensation because they had to wait a couple extra months for this great product to be finished.

    24. Missing avatar

      Bill Jackson on

      March is Fine Karen, thanks for keeping us up-to-date. Start ups never seem to “start” exactly as planned, which is to be expected on a new and innovative product such as yours. Any disappointment I might experience is not your responsibility....

    25. Enid Pitre Mejias on

      I just received an email with pics and a response of march 5. I am kind
      of disappointed since I was expecting shipment as of this Jan. I hope
      To be compensated by being to order more caps especially the wide mouth
      At a discounted rate!

    26. Karen Rzepecki 5-time creator on

      We are still working through some design issues but hope to be cutting steel next week. Once we do I will post an update with pictures!

    27. Missing avatar

      C Neal on

      I hate to be the person to ask, but are there any updates? Thanks!

    28. Missing avatar

      Karen Morss on

      Good luck with this Karen! Great idea you should send one to Martha Stewart! 601 W 26th St, 9th floor, NY, NY 10001

    29. Sasha Albertini on

      I just received an order of bulk herbs and spices, and needed some containers for them. I actually looked at some Mason jars, but I was frustrated by the two-piece lids. I wound up using plastic jars that didn't really cost any less, and I'd rather store in glass.

      Here's another good use for the reCAP lids: When i cook, I often use a cornstarch slurry to thicken sauces. It works well. Recipes usually say to put the cornstarch (or flour) and cold water in a screw-top jar and shake to properly mix. But then you have to take the lid off the jar, and in the meantime the starch settles, and it's all very frustrating. Using the reCAP lid, all you need to do is to swirl the starch/water mixture a bit, flip the lid open with a finger, and pour the mixture as needed.

    30. Missing avatar

      Michelle Lipscomb on

      I found this on "The Art of Doing Stuff" Facebook page. I was just lamenting the mess my homemade dressings made of my 2-part mason lids. This is exactly the solution I need!!!

    31. Enid Pitre Mejias on

      I just pledge and preordered $20 with this order I would like to receive regular and wide mouth pour lids! I might even order more great idea because I use mason jars for vacuum sealing everything instead of the vacuum bags!

    32. Missing avatar

      Esther Hansen on

      Have you considered making a pledge gift button, like I could pledge, but send to family members?

    33. Missing avatar

      Esther Hansen on

      Found out from Judi on FB and Northwest Edible, reposted on my FB and also posted on 'Where Women Create' on FB, can't wait to receive the caps, and will back future designs too. Thanks for designing.

    34. Missing avatar

      DeborahK on

      Alright, I made a post about your reCAPs and the KickStart project on the forum side of one of my favorite sites where there's a nice community of canners, crafters, and cooks and the sort of people who will really appreciate this! It's called Chickens in the Road, ( )and I know for a fact some of them already came for a look-see. Hopefully some will pitch in with a pledge as well.

    35. Missing avatar

      Nicole Miller on

      I saw the food in jars post and also posted a link in my preserving/ bulk food buying group oncfacebook. I pledged! Are they going to be made here in the US correct?

    36. J. Jackson on

      Congratulations! I just noticed my aunt using saran wrap with the metal rings to form a seal on a couple mason jars. Plan to hook her up with a couple of these in the near future!

    37. Missing avatar

      DeborahK on

      I pledged! I pledged! I'm so excited to see these, I hope things go well because I'd much rather use mason jars more, and I do can and pressure can my own low sodium chicken broth, how great would it be to be able to open a can, use one of these to pour for a recipe, then store the extra!

      I've gotta say I'd be fine with the semi clear or plain white too. Almost prefer it for daily kitchen use and ease of checking for cleanliness etc. (just for future reference though, I know you're committed to the zinc look for now)

      Oh, I saw it originally on the Food in Jars facebook page. ;) ~deborahK

    38. Karen Rzepecki 5-time creator on

      Thanks for sharing your blog info, I checked them out and love 'em! I've been to Food in Jars before and enjoy the tips and resources.

    39. Marisa McClellan on

      I'm just so glad that Susan sent me that email, because I absolutely love this idea of this lid. Either tonight or tomorrow, I'm going to put a post up about it on the Food in Jars main page, because I think it's terrific and I want more people to know.

    40. Susan Gibbs and Jeannie Bloch on

      So Amber told me and the rest of our Ravelry group and I blogged about it (JMF blog) and sent it to Marisa at Food in Jars, cause Marisa has serious juice with the canning crowd. Thanks to Amber and Elysa for letting us know about it!

    41. Sheeri Cabral on

      I learned about it from Amber, by the way, if you wanted to learn where I heard it from.

      Looks like people are still pledging though, which is awesome. I hope we can get to $15k (half the tooling costs) or even more! Getting 500 backers would also be a nice big round number, too, and I think you can get 19 more backers in 5 days.

    42. Missing avatar

      Deborah Patrick on

      I am so excited to see your project fully funded!! I have been promoting it on my blog and Facebook page since discovering it a few days ago. You have created a wonderful product that I know I will use frequently and am looking forward to the other cap ideas you have as well!! Congrats again!!!

    43. Karen Rzepecki 5-time creator on

      Nicole, Talea and others: I love learning where you found out about reCAP! Thanks for sharing.
      Sheeri, you are right, we still need as many pre-sales as possible. The costs of tooling alone are over $30k. I appreciate your support!

    44. Nicole Pearce on

      I found you via Marissa at Food in Jars.

    45. Taleah Greve on

      I found you via Susie and JMF - and so glad I did! You've got an awesome idea and I can't wait to see it in practice! (And then see all the successive caps too!)

    46. Sheeri Cabral on

      CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I may just be excited as you are, Karen, that these are going to be a reality. Please make sure to do an update explaining where any "extra" donations will go to, because I'd LOVE to see this hit $15,000 or more. There's always plenty of expenses to pay, but not everyone things that....some folks think "oh she got her $10k she doesn't need me" but that's not true AT ALL. Everyone helps!

    47. Amber Reddinger on

      I'm just one small part of a group of amazing ladies who have all been spreading this around. We all want this to happen!

    48. Sheeri Cabral on

      Karen, it's totally working, and I for one am trying to help get the word out as much as possible, because if this doesn't happen I'll be SO SAD. I can't believe this hasn't been done yet!

    49. Missing avatar

      Kristen Judkins on

      This is such a great idea, I've reposted and it seems to be a hit with everyone. I'm sure you'll make your funding.

    50. Karen Rzepecki 5-time creator on

      Thanks Amber for spreading the word, it must be working!

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