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Quench Artspace is a contemporary gallery and post-Hurricane Irene economic recovery project for Bridge Street, Waitsfield, Vermont.

We are launching Quench Artspace, a gallery that will host contemporary art exhibits and pop-up events on Bridge Street in Waitsfield, Vermont. Bridge Street was hit hard by the flooding wrought by Hurricane Irene and many of the businesses in this once thriving village were destroyed. Quench will serve not only as a commercial gallery, but as an artist-driven project to revitalize the village following the disaster. We plan to exhibit new artists each month and host a variety of events such as house concerts, a spring fashion show, and happenings of all sorts that will bring foot traffic back to Bridge Street. With solid marketing skills ready to go, our project will let the world know that historic Waitsfield village is alive and back in action.


  • Good question! First, we need to cover the cost of the lights and other materials used to get the place ready to show work. That's about $1000. Then we need a lighted sign out front -- we're hoping to keep that to a reasonable cost, but signs are expensive -- maybe $1500 or so. We want to be able to host events for local organizations, so we need a sink and reheating station in the back room for Fiddleheads to cater from. We also need some floor covering in certain areas, since foot traffic brings in serious dirt, etc. And we need wall paint and brushes to deal with some rough areas and to touch up between exhibits. We need benches of some sort so people can sit down (we'll make these but need the materials). We are planning events such as openings and Bridge Street community events and there are marketing expenses that we will need to fund -- advertising on VPR would be ideal and we'd like to do this for all of Waitsfield Village to help the whole neighborhood. The list goes on, but essentially we need to get the place fitted out properly, get the supplies to host events, and do the marketing. If Kickstarters can get us that far, we'll get the art selling to make the gallery sustainable.

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    We will host a grand opening with live music on Friday, April 13, 2012 for all Kickstarter contributors. The party starts at 5:00 pm.

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    Quench Membership and free entrance admission to all Quench Events through August 2012.

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    A Quench Artspace t-shirt, Quench Membership,and free entrance admission to all Quench events through October 2012.

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    A signed, limited edition Artist Proof of the serigraph "City Neighborhood" by artist Alison Goodwin and free admission to all Quench events through summer 2012.

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    All of the above, plus a 15" x 15" original painting by Alison Goodwin.

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