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The Redneck Hugy - Empowering individuals to stand for freedom in a peaceful open way. Spread the word!

The Redneck Hugy

In remembrance of our son, Adam Wisdom (see my Bio).


Some may only see a piece of cloth and a rubber band.

Others perhaps can see it represents the union of two individual items with a natural ability, brought together to fulfill a common purpose.

Yet others may instantly see it represents creativity, initiative, perseverance, simplicity, humility, innocence, and to some....the simple freedom to just "DO".

But the Redneck Hugy only claims to be a Hugy.  Surely it doesn't incorporate the highest technology nor keep the cold in or the hot out very well.  But it is quite effective at keeping your hand dry  for a little while.  So it has that going for it, which is nice.

With that said, there is much more to this little piece of cloth and a rubber band than meets the eye.  The instant one places a Redneck Hugy on their drink, they will experience the power is has to suddenly transform them into the Redneck they have always known they were.  No more of this, "you might be a Redneck" scenario.  It will be official.

Get your Redneck Hugy ON! 


The Redneck Hugy (RNH) (part of the idea is to spell Hugy different then Huggie)


What is the Technical Field (market category) of your idea?

In the simplest form, the RNH is meant to represent a "home made" cloth solution to replace a "manufactured" type traditional Huggie. However, the idea is to not just introduce and sell another huggie or koozie or whatever.  Not at all.

The RNH represents a concept. A belief system.  A Mind Set.

Part of the idea is to ironically produce and sell a manufactured item that represents "home made" or "real" as opposed to manufactured or pretend. The "Redneck" name emphasizes the “home made” origin of the product as well as the nature of it.

A key to making it “Redneck” is maintaining the image of a relatively quick, simple and easy solution.  But once this is understood, it won't be as critical.

How Does your new invention WORK, OPERATE, or FUNCTION?

The RNH is designed to work with long neck bottles. The typical size is the 12 oz longneck bottle.  Different sized RNHs can be made to fit a range of bottles and possibly even a can. 

Once the image is established and understood, I would think there could be a situation where a custom designed hugy could be made for corporations, sport teams, you name it.

The cloth portion is measured, sized and modified according to the bottle. The cloth should not be very thick and easily folded.  I am  still investigating different materials.  The cloth wraps around the bottom of the bottle (see video) and then goes up the bottle and through a rubber ring. You hold a portion of the towel at the neck of the bottle with one hand, then you take your other hand and stretch a rubber ring that is smaller in diameter then the base of the bottle but can stretch past the base of the bottle. The ring can be different materials (I am leaning toward a silicon based) but it should be designed to stretch and roll up the bottle (round). The ring will then run to the neck and cinch down around the towel to clamp/hold the towel in place.

It's important to keep in mind the “redneck” aspect of the idea or obviously this would be somewhat ridiculous.

And that is the point, to be somewhat ridiculous in a bold way.

How is your new invention DIFFERENT from other similar ideas? (Uniqueness)

In my mind, the idea is not the Hugy, it's the "ACT" of a person expressing their connection with the redneck way. It's taking something extremely simple and intelligently mocking what passes as intelligence in today's society.  The process of placing the Redneck Hugy on your drink is called a Parabolic Pantomime.

What are the advantages and benefits of your idea's solutions?

The RNH is a voice, a statement. It is an individual connection to a group belief of self reliance. It is a "way". Again, It is a parabolic pantomime.  It is individual identification and commonality at the same time. It is a way of thinking a mindset.  It is a teaching.  It is an invisible puzzle that is logically and rationally connected that forms an invisible image.  And the only way to "see" it (not literally), is through reason.  You will see it is a symbol of always moving forward.  If you ask Rocky, that's how winning is done.  I agree.

If you can see this, the Redneck Way represents a type of work ethic. A “git er done” mentality.

What do you stand for? 

A nation that is afraid to let its people judge truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.
 -John F. Kennedy

Oh yea, almost forgot (not really) it can also keep your table and hand dry. lol : )

What changes or modifications can you suggest to improve functionality, packaging, appeal, versatility, the mechanics and affordability to a manufacturer and end customer?

Again, the fabirc can be all sorts of materials, the ones for the initial prototype sale will be limited because I just don't have the resources.  However, I envision different colors (the first ones will be camouflage), sports logos (maybe a players number), corporate logos, ect...

It is my intention to always maintain the authority and control on whatever logo, slogan or anything that gets placed on the RNH at all times. I would think you could even make some high end ones with special fabricks, and some bling. They are pretty much customizable, but the message must always harmonize.  My daughter has requested custom ones for her wedding.  That had never even crossed my mind.

Packaging should be very simple. My prototypes will just be rolled up and held with the rubber band as shown below.  In stores, one could use a somewhat stiff bottle shape cardboard cut out and place the RNH around it and package.

I am working on a web site ( where a customer can sign up, gain Redneck status, and of course, purchase Redneck Hugys.  Obviously I have to have them made and packaged before I can ever do that. 

I have plans to have a contest where people submit slogan ideas.  The winner would get their slogan on the Hugy and receive a portion of the sales with their slogan.  The idea is to get people thinking and seeing the invisible connection.  

The thought is I will place a unique identification number on each RNH using a material label. People who have more Red Neck ID numbers have more Red Neck “status” and entries.  I would pick and approve the top ten entries (this would be the people who enters the first 10 most common slogans first), from that people would vote for whatever slogan they liked the most out of the top ten.  Each Id would represent a vote.

I do also have a non disclosed simple but technical mathematical theory behind the Redneck Hugy.  Truth is, you don't have to know V=IR to use electricity, nor do you need to understand the logic that stands behind the Redneck Hugy.  But if you asked me how or why it is what it is, I may someday try to explain it.     

Last, an endorsement would probably help.  But I hope you understand, an endorsement would be different for the Redneck Hugy.  In fact, the truth is, whomever purchases one has said all they need to say.   The challenge is for people to begin to understand the connection.  Once that starts to occur, who knows where this will go. 

What companies, groups of people, products, processes or services could use your idea?

Anything associated with Rednecks (although anyone can be a redneck). Hunting places, gun places, archery places, marinas, bars, vacation spots (spring break), and college campus areas. Grocery stores, retail stores like Wal‐Mart, liquor stores, gas stations, internet, e‐bay ect.

Once the idea gets out there, they can be sold just about anywhere, Globally. I believe sports teams should be interested. Corporations should like it. It's a good "stocking stuffer".  Businesses because it represents a “CAN DO” work ethic. Self Starter. 

The Redneck Hugy is a way to peacefully and openly encourage people to carry on. 

Describe the Physical structure (size, shape, weight, dimensions, materials, ect.) of your idea?

The RNH is designed to work with long neck bottles.  Doesn't need to be a beer. The typical 12 oz long neck bottle has the following dimensions:

9” tall

5.5” base height

3.5” neck height

1.5” diameter of neck

2.5” diameter of base

The ring should be able to stretch from an at rest state of approximately 1.45” diameter to a 4” diameter. A different type ring can be used that rolls down from the top but it is a little bit tougher to put the hugy under it.

The cloth has basically two dimensions Length and Width. The width is equal to ½ the circumference of the base of the bottle. Width equals – Pie (3.14) X Diameter (2.5”) divided by 2 – about 4.0”. The length is equal to 2 X the base height plus .5 times the neck height plus the diameter of the bottle. Length equals – 14.75” call it 15”.

There are also minor modification at the base and the top to fit the bottle.

The key ingrediant are the words that harmonize with the image.

Here is a short list of some Slogans that I plan to start with that will appear on the face of the Redneck Hugy:

1. Redneck Nation

2. Git Er Done

3. Just Being Me

4. Volunteer

5. Over Comer

6. Recognize Opportunity

7. Creativity

8. Can Do

9. Liberty

10. Self Reliance

11. DIY

12. Improvise

13. Make it Happen

14. Adapt

15. Freedom

16. Taking care of business

17. Ingenuity

18. State of Mind

19. Never Surrender

20. Rationality

21. Go until the whistle blows

22. Word

23. Inspire

24. True Dat

25. Believe

The Redneck Hugy will help you literally "Redneckonize" your drink.

Backwards is the new forwards. 

These are just some of a generated list of slogans that harmonize and reflect the truth in the Redneck Hugy.  I would still also need to arrange agreements with any words or phrases that are possibly copyrighted, like "Git Er Done". My goal here is to reveal how that word/phrase harmonizes with the Redneck Hugy image.  So any person can "see" the "invisible" connection.  Self Reliance.  Sure, you can see it.  Can you see Freedom?

My focus is not so much on how the "hugy" works.  It is important the Redneck Image stays in tack.  To me, it's not a matter of how well it does as a hugy, as to the message it is sending.  You have to decide for yourself.  The thing is, every individual has to get their own mind involved on it and the more they reason with it, the more things "appear".   

My ultimate goal here is to open ones eyes.  Once they have been opened, you won't need me to explain.  You will be able to "walk" on your own.  And isn't that really what true Freedom is all about?


I am hoping to license my idea to an American company for American manufacturing and distribution.  I can tell you, this has been difficult.  I never intended to manufacture or distribute  these myself, but at this point I am working on making and distributing prototypes to get it out there.  This is a Global idea and so all I would be doing is limiting it.  Just waiting on someone to step forward and "git er done" or "make it happen".  

Redneck Hugy's that are sold outside of the US can be manufactured outside the US.   

Either way, I am determined to head forward.  Will you help?

If you don't have the money to support this financially, I truly understand.  I simply ask that you take a minute and share what you see with others.  Talk about it.  Why is it like it is? 

This is how we store the Redneck Hugy when not in use.
This is how we store the Redneck Hugy when not in use.

 It will be exactly what it will be.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

I have already obtained Patent Pending Status and have copyrighted The Redneck Hugy. I have had a market analysis performed with incredible results. I can provide this information on request to anyone considering an opportunity to manufacture and/or distribute.

The most difficult obstacle has been getting it off the ground while I still go to work every day and support my family. It is my calling. If you understand the Redneck Hugy Image, it is simply a matter of perseverance or resolve. I will "Persevere" one way or the other because that's just how I am.

What about you? What do you stand for?


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