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The 6th album of orchestral video game music from the award winning 16 year world touring video game concert... Video Games Live!
The 6th album of orchestral video game music from the award winning 16 year world touring video game concert... Video Games Live!
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Week 3 Update: 12% to go!, Add-On's! Chris Tin! & check out the flyers!!

Posted by Tommy Tallarico (Creator)

Hi Everyone!,

As the project starts to settle in I'm trying to find new ways to get to new people to let them know about the project.  Aside from spending targeted ads on Facebook, we have also engaged some Crowdfunding specific marketing companies that have hundreds of thousands of previous backers on their list.

The other thing I've been working on was finalizing the flyers that we will putting in every seat during the next 20 shows during the project!  I had 30,000 flyers made up.  That should cover most everyone who will be coming to our next 20 shows.  Here's what it looks like!  It would be AMAZING if you could help spread the word by downloading this pic and sharing it on social media!

Video Games Live: LEVEL 6 Kickstarter flyer
Video Games Live: LEVEL 6 Kickstarter flyer

I'm also proud to announce that I signed a partnership with BackerKit!  Aside from helping us to promote the project within their channels (they have hundreds of thousands on their weekly newsletter!) but they will also be helping me to build a back-end post-Kickstarter system for "slacker-backers" as well as being able to offer Ad-On's to all of you!!  Please know that the BEST deals for everything will always be in the project as it is live.  However... if someone is interested in some specific parts of the project... they may be available ONLY if you are a backer of the project and will need to be at a premium price to honor and respect the folks at higher levels.  I mention this in fear that people will want to downgrade their pledge and just pick and choose at the end of the project.  Please know that it will not be the best value.  The reason to do this is in hopes of being able to offer some of the lower tier folks the opportunity to UPGRADE after the project is over.  But again... please understand that it will come at a greater price at that point.  Bottom line... best to just upgrade now!  :)

I also want to mention that we will be offering exclusive physical & digital rewards that have never even been a part of ANY of the Video Games Live Kickstarter projects!  Things like t-shirts!  Having BackerKit aboard will make this possible for the first time.

And finally... I need to send a big SHOUT OUT to Christopher Tin!  For those who may not be familiar... Chris was the very first game composer to ever win a Grammy Award for music from a video game!!  His incredible work in Civilization IV (which first debuted live at Video Games Live at the Hollywood Bowl!) garnished him not 1... but 2 Grammy's that year!

In case you've never seen it, here is the special duet arrangement that Chris & I had put together for the Video Games Live: PBS Special back in 2010 (also on the LEVEL 2 album):

Chris has been a great supporter of Video Games Live over the years and even took the reins as our full-time conductor for almost a year!  Well, Chris has a Kickstarter going on as well! It's already been funded and is now the BIGGEST Classical album to ever be funded on Kickstarter!! (In case you were wondering, I list VGL under the video game category, not under Classical Music).  About a week after we launched the LEVEL 6 Kickstarter Chris made sure to let all his backers know about it.  And as his successful Kickstarter project is coming to a close... I'd like to make sure everyone here is aware of his.  You can check it out HERE!  I've already personally pledged as Chris is a world class talent and is doing a fantastic job with his project.

Thanks everyone!

Til next time,

Tommy Tallarico

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    1. Aurelien VANDOORINE on

      Two of my favorite composers/musician doing the KS at the same time ;)
      I've seen all the VGL in France and the first VGL in London back a long way, but I've never seen Christopher's work live, I'm really craving for a year where I could see both the VGL and Christopher's work live in France :D or at least closeby in Europe, as albums are always good but the live music is really always something else that can't really be captured properly by recording device :)
      It'll be good to see the result of both your campaigns !