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The 6th album of orchestral video game music from the award winning 16 year world touring video game concert... Video Games Live!
The 6th album of orchestral video game music from the award winning 16 year world touring video game concert... Video Games Live!
The 6th album of orchestral video game music from the award winning 16 year world touring video game concert... Video Games Live!
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Hi Everyone!,

As you may already know... you have been sent your survey's for the Video Games Live: LEVEL 6 project!  Some of you would have received a question that said...

"Our ADD-ON store is NOW OPEN! Incredible deals and reduced pricing on EVERYTHING we have!"

In the empty box given... just put anything.  It doesn't matter.  In order to get everyone the ability to get to the ADD-ON section, I needed to ask a question for a "survey" and you need to enter something in that box.  Sorry for the hassle... it was my little fix around having digital only backers have the ability to order physical add-on stuff as well.  :)

Please feel free to leave any questions you may have below.

All of the CD's and other physical products have been ordered and will be arriving right before we leave for our big 3 week fall tour starting in Europe (Paris!)... then we go to Texas and then 4 in NY!  As soon as I return from those trips I'll be collecting all of the composer signatures for everything before sending them out.  So expect the physical items to reach you by the end of November.  In the meantime, I've been building the DIGITAL pages on Humble Bundle and gathering all of the additional digital content for all the different tiers.  I hope to be starting to send all the digital stuff by the end of October.

Wanna see a 3D interactive digital render of the CD?  Check it out HERE!

The LEVEL 6 album will be launched digitally to the rest of the world (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, etc.) in mid November.  So you folks are still the ONLY people in the world to exclusively have the album!  Please help me and the LEVEL 6 backer family by not sharing the music illegally.  Thanks!

As always... I'll keep ya posted of my progress!

Tommy Tallarico

Video Games Live: LEVEL 6 .mp3 version sending TODAY!!


Hi Everyone!,


As promised, today you will all be receiving (before anyone else on the planet!) the Video Games Live: LEVEL 6 album!!!  You will only be receiving the .mp3 version today... all of the other versions and Rewards are being worked on and we are looking to release all of the digital materials by the end of October or beginning of November.  As digital rewards are uploaded, I will be sending Updates.

Today you will get an e-mail from Humble Bundle giving you your exclusive download code for the .mp3 version of the album.  ONLY the original backers of the LEVEL 6 Kickstarter project are receiving this album today! NO ONE ELSE!!! The album isn't scheduled to be released for another few weeks! I am so excited for everyone to hear this!!

PLEASE do not share these files or put them anywhere online. I need your trust and honesty. As a lot of folks are aware, we actually lose money when we create these albums. Our only chance to continue doing this is to sell this to the public through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. If you illegally post our music... it damages us and the project GREATLY! Please be aware that we've all worked so hard to create this and you have been an incredible part of helping to make it happen. So please don't illegally post any of this music on the internet and destroy our only chance to continue creating music for the world. Thank-you!

Here is the final album cover for LEVEL 6...


We are also JUST finishing up the Donkey Kong Country Piano album!  We're calling it Donkey Kong County: Piano + Player 2.  The reason being is that we invited a lot of other solo musicians to record with the piano including original DKC composer David Wise!  Can't wait for you to hear it!  Check out the album cover for this one!

Please tell everyone about the album and let them know they can still PRE-ORDER it for 2 more days HERE:

And finally...  you will be receiving your SURVEYS on Monday.  They will come from BackerKit.  You will be able to purchase additional physical & digital ADD-ON's as part of the survey.

Please let me know what your favorite songs are on the album!!

Will be in touch again soon!

Tommy Tallarico

Album finished! Full Setlist Revealed! Album Cover done! 1st teaser listen!


Hey Everyone!,

The album mixing & mastering is COMPLETE!  Here's a pic of me & Grammy award winning mastering engineer Patricia Sullivan from last week.  Patricia has mastered all of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones music for decades! (as well as many other orchestral albums & soundtracks).

Patricia Sullivan & Tommy Tallarico mastering Video Games Live: LEVEL 6 at Bernie Grundman's.
Patricia Sullivan & Tommy Tallarico mastering Video Games Live: LEVEL 6 at Bernie Grundman's.

I also wanted to share with you the FINAL setlist!  We actually ended up adding 2 more songs!!  I worked with film/tv/video game composer Craig Garfinkle (also our Score Recording Producer and conductor Eimear Noone's husband!) to bring to life a special Baldur's Gate arrangement!  He was the composer of the game and we had a little extra time while recording and were able to fit it in at barely any cost to the project (because of all the arranging, orchestrating and mixing he provided for free!).  So thank you to Craig for getting this incredible never before heard special Baldur's Gate Suite on LEVEL 6!  AND....  there is also a very special HIDDEN track on the album as well!  I'm not going to say what it is... but I know that some of you will find it absolutely HILARIOUS when you hear it as it's been requested for many many years.  ;)  Special thanks to the #Poutination guys for making it happen.

Here's the final setlist!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Trailer
Pokemon – “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!”
Final Fantasy X – “To Zanarkand”
Metal Gear Solid
Undertale – “Once Upon A Meglovania”
The Last of Us – “All Gone (No Escape)”
Earthbound (Mother) Montage
Destiny – “Union”
Tomb Raider Suite
Nier: Automata – “A Beautiful Song”
Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II Suite
Classic Arcade Medley
PLUS!!!  A special hidden secret track!!  ;)

Are you ready to check out the LEVEL 6 album cover designed by the legendary Josh Dunlop??  Here it is!

Video Games Live: LEVEL 6 album art by Joshua Dunlop
Video Games Live: LEVEL 6 album art by Joshua Dunlop

But wait!  There's MORE!  :)

I put together a 10 minute teaser for everyone!  Please SHARE this on social media.  Hope you're ready!  Please let me know in the comments which song you like the most so far.  Here ya go...

Thanks for listening.  I'm now gathering all of the footage and interviews for the documentary and I'm also starting to put together all of the credits and final graphics/artwork for the album liner notes.  Phew!

As always, thank-you for your trust and support!

Tommy Tallarico

At Skywalker Ranch editing/mixing! Zelda track revealed!!!


Hi Everyone!,

Sorry I haven't been doing more updates during the recording process.  I've been literally working 20 hours a day on the album (along with a team of others!).  Been preparing and recording like CRAZY!!  I got to Skywalker Ranch on Sunday and started the editing process early Monday morning.  Everything is going great and we start mixing on Sunday. 

Some of these tracks have almost 300 musicians on them!!  Nier in particular has 15 percussion tracks alone!!  The editing process is INTENSE as we try to line up every note together!  Imagine!!  There are literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of individual notes being played on this album.  But I can honestly say that this is my favorite one so far.  I can't wait for everyone to hear it!

And speaking of that... I haven't told ANYONE yet about which Zelda: Breath of the Wild track will be on the album.  UNTIL NOW!!

Keep in mind... this is NOT mixed at all!!  This is just the pure sources coming out of the mixing console.  This is how we edit and synchronize everything before we start mixing.

ENJOY!!!  Okay... now back to editing! 


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