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The 3rd album from the award-winning multimedia symphonic/rock decade long world touring video game concert event... Video Games Live!
The 3rd album from the award-winning multimedia symphonic/rock decade long world touring video game concert event... Video Games Live!
5,679 backers pledged $285,081 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Tommy Tallarico (Creator)

Here is a 8:20 video I made where you can hear 10 of the songs featured!!

Please let me know what you think!  And please SHARE this video on Facebook/Twitter, etc.!

Hope you like it!

Survey's are going out TODAY!  All digital downloads for everyone will be NEXT WEEK!  Physical products will start to be mailed out at the end of next week (but everyone will have the digital release of the album).

I got a little dramatic in the beginning of the video... I couldn't help myself!  :)


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    1. sirdudemanguy on

      @Helena: Nope, still no survey. We'll get it soon though. Just keep checking everyday. Tommy's been super cool with updates, so if there ends up being a delay for whatever reason he'll let us know.

    2. Helena on

      I still haven't received a survey, FWIW. Anyone else? Hope it isn't just me...

    3. Michael & Crystal De Nicola on

      Please do leave a comment or make an update once the surveys are sent out. Don't forget to take a breather and rest Tommy. You've worked so hard on this and we are all anxiously awaiting it but we know you need rest too!

    4. sirdudemanguy on

      I agree with David Hill, don't overwork yourself too much. We're all grateful for all the work you've put in so far. And agonizing as it is waiting, we're tough. Take your time, and get done what you need to. We can wait an extra few days for the survey while you get other things in order.

      We know how hard you're working on this for us, and I think I speak for everyone here when I say we're all super grateful!

    5. Missing avatar

      David Hill on

      Pace yourself Tommy - We don't want you to have a heart attack. We'll be waiting for Volume 4 in 2016! :-)

    6. Wong Ho Wang on

      It would be great if the digital downloads can be available in high resolution lossless format. :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Brandon Hale on

      It is awesome to be able to get a digital copy of the album with the physical copy. Will the digital copy of the album be lossless?

    8. Tommy Tallarico 4-time creator on

      Survey should go out sometime today. Sorry everyone... been working 20+ hours a day getting all the digital content together to send to Humble Bundle... SO MUCH STUFF! Kinda overwhelming. But just know that I'm working constantly on this. Thanks for your patience.

    9. ianquest

      I hope they're ready for their servers to crash when we all scramble to download it on the day of release... :) I've been part of 3 separate Kickstarters where we've all been in such a rush to get the awesome digital content (like this) that we've brought down the distribution servers.

      I'm currently on my third play-through of the video, and ready to hit replay. I'm not sure I'll be able to bear waiting a week, knowing it's coming...

    10. Kurt Maxwell on

      It's now on Spotify.

    11. sirdudemanguy on

      I didn't get my survey either, but I've recently changed emails, so I'm not sure if my old invalid email may have gotten it by mistake.

    12. Missing avatar

      Songbird on

      @Joseph - I haven't gotten it either, but Tommy does have a few more hours left considering he lives in the Pacific Time Zone. If it ever does goes out I hope it's noted as an update or a comment.

    13. Joseph Tracy on

      I didn't get my survey today.

    14. Missing avatar

      Pablo Ocares on

      I'm already counting the days for the release. It's sound amazing and seeing the video a second time (i wanted to listen the tunes, even a little, once more) I noticed that the graphics (the "Available Now!" text and the store logos) appeared at the rhythm of the music, great detail!.

    15. Helena on

      The music sounds amazing (I think 'Tetris Opera' and 'Invincible' have to be my favourites). Can't wait to get my copy now!

    16. Brian

      I.. Can't even. I just. Can't. Words, they don't exist. The next six days will be a lifetime away. (coherent translation - that teaser was damn good!)

    17. Joshua Dixon on

      Okay so for VGL 4 can we just get a whole album of Chrono Trigger music? It's not that I don't love all video game music. And it's not that I don't love the music from Chrono Chross. Just... Chrono Trigger? Please?

    18. Josh McNamara on

      Mmmmm real. Tastes like victory.

    19. Tommy Tallarico 4-time creator on

      @Christopher: Austin is going to be sending out the Journey Piano album separately in the beginning of March. That info was going to be in the next update.

    20. Christopher Winter on

      I was at an event with Austin Wintory on monday (awesome guy), he said that the piano album isn't done yet as there hasn't been any time.

      Any idea when we'll be able to get it?

    21. John Walsh on

      Omg this sounds amazing! Pokemon/street fighter II sound soooo good!!!! Congratulations to all involved!! And please bring this show to Newfoundland! Need to see it in person!!!

    22. Patrick on

      Congratulations and also THANK YOU, not only for the wonderful album but also for your enthusiasm and the great way the campaign has been handled so far (I have seen differently on KS...).

      Re. int'l shipping: I believe it is ok to ship the physical rewards marked as 'gift' (per KS' regulations, as these are literally rewards for pledging, not pre-orders) which hopefully prevents or lowers the amount of import tax. Also keep the declared value as low as possible (and don't copy over the plegde amounts ;) ).

    23. Tommy Tallarico 4-time creator on

      @Josh: They are REAL signatures!
      @Philip: Unfortunately there isn't. Nintendo wouldn't even allow me give it away for free. :(

    24. Josh McNamara on

      I'd never heard the WoW OST until now. Jesus H Christ man...

    25. Josh McNamara on

      Sweet effing Christ I love "Liberi Fatali". Absolute Wrath of God stuff. This is without question the best KS I've ever backed.

      @Tommy: Not sure if I ever asked this(If I did I apologize) But are the autographs on the physical items unique or done and mass printed?

    26. Rafael Castro e Alves on

      No problem, Tommy! Thanks! Just asking to prepare myself psychologically for the waiting.
      Usually a normal package sent from USA takes around 1 month to arrive here (If our federal revenue not hold the package for verification, which can take over 1 more month). :P
      But while I wait, I'm going to have fun with the digital content! :D

    27. Cam Dick on

      I'm loving what I'm hearing; can't wait to get my hands on the full album. <3

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris Hunter on


    29. Missing avatar

      Philip Chen on

      Is there no way to get the Super Mario World track? Even the version you posted on the homepage?

    30. Tommy Tallarico 4-time creator on

      @Robert: It's actually not available on iTunes & Amazon yet... I just put that in the video because they will be soon and I'll be using this video to promote the album on YouTube & Facebook next week. Also... I'm waiting for Humble Bundle to have everything set up perfectly before launching.

      @Rafael: I have no idea at this point... haven't gotten that far. Been focusing everything on the digital distribution and manufacturing of the product. Survey stuff today... will start thinking about shipping tomorrow or the next day.

      @Bradley: Through Humble Bundle you'll be able to download any of the digital stuff at anytime from any place! So you'll be fine.

    31. daiig on

      why can I buy this on iTunes today but have to wait until next week to get my digital download from kickstarter?

    32. Rafael Castro e Alves on

      Just a little question Tommy: You will send the physical product by USPS, right? You are required to declare the amount of content in shipments?

    33. Anthony Scales on

      I got goosebumps several times during that 8 minutes. Amazing job! I cant wait to get my copy of the album. I so hope to hear VGL in person someday.

    34. Rafael Castro e Alves on

      Fantastic, Tommy! Once again thanks for the amazing experience and for the awesome job you made in this album! I'm trying to hold myself but I'm really anxious to get my hands on this beautifull peace of art and games and music! :P LOL

    35. Missing avatar

      Paul Little on

      Well done, Tommy. Can't wait.

    36. Khoo Tong Liam on

      Well. The next 7 days or so will be very tough to go through since we're we've previewed such awesomeness.
      Anybody have the Delorean or any time travel machine to make the wait less painful? Anyone??? Please???

    37. Kurt Maxwell on

      Wow. I knew it was going to be good, but not this good! I'm proud to have been able to help kickstart this project! It sounds incredible!

    38. Bradley Nelson on

      I'm so looking forward to this Tommy! A question though, I'll be on a trip for the next couple of weeks, so I won't be able to download my digital albums next week...will I be able to get them a few weeks later (start of March)?

    39. Aurelien VANDOORINE on

      Just pure amazing music.

      Sounds really awesome reallty can't wait for the rewards. I'm on the verge of still purchasing it digitally through amazon just so I don't have to wait :)

      Congratulations on the great work, and really have a great launch celebration and birthday, too bad I live so far away ;)

      An awesome album that I sure hope will get number one of the charts!

    40. Flávio Piro de Oliveira on

      What i liked the most was Liberi Fatali (my favorite FF song.... and it's AMAZING!!!!)

    41. Missing avatar

      Juan Antonio Romero on

      (2:00) My God, this sounds awesome...
      (3:35) No, wait, THIS sounds awesome!
      (6:00) Awesome levels OVER 9000!!!!!

      Only thing I find could be improved is the chorus for "Dragonborn", it's a bit difficult to hear the words.

      Holy crap, that Zelda arrangement is really spanking cool...

    42. Flávio Piro de Oliveira on

      Man, that CD is AWESOME!!!!
      Great job, @Tommy!!!!

    43. Brian on

      Hard to believe only 5679 people backed this and you pulled it all off! This is awesome!

    44. Missing avatar

      Eric Gillingham on

      also @Tommy the whole album is fantastic thus far, well worth the wait!

    45. Roman Kadlec on

      lol Tetris Opera is EPIC :D

    46. Missing avatar

      Eric Gillingham on

      @Tommy I hope it was ok for me to share to link to the album on spotify in the regular comments as it went up today there, by accident or otherwise. Nice little treat to wake up to none the less so thank you for that as well.

    47. Roman Kadlec on

      glad to be one of those 5,679 people :)