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The 3rd album from the award-winning multimedia symphonic/rock decade long world touring video game concert event... Video Games Live!
The 3rd album from the award-winning multimedia symphonic/rock decade long world touring video game concert event... Video Games Live!
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Posted by Tommy Tallarico (Creator)

We're now less than 4 days away from the end of the project and I wanted to share this very special arrangement with everyone that we've been working on for a very long time.

A lot of people always ask me what my favorite video game of ALL TIME is... and I always say Super Mario World!  I think from a design, control and gameplay standpoint it is the perfect game.  It also has THE MOST impressive Mario music in the entire franchise in my opinion.  SO MANY incredible songs in one game!  It's mind blowing! 

Before you take a listen I just need to make sure I'm 100% clear... this is the VERY FIRST TIME this arrangement has EVER been heard BY ANYONE IN THE WORLD... INCLUDING NINTENDO!  My hope and dream is that this project gets funded so I can take this arrangement to Nintendo for possible inclusion into our tour and the album.  They have NOT given me permission yet at this point (as they have yet to even hear it!) and there is absolutely no guarantee what-so-ever that this will make it into the final project.  But I think that once you give it a listen you'll see why I feel very positive about presenting this track in hopes of future involvement with our show.  I really feel that it's one of our finer masterpieces over the years and I really hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we had creating it.  Also, please keep in mind that this is merely a computerized mock-up and NOT a real orchestra.  The final track will of course sound even better than this!

Ladies and Gentlemen... Boys and Girls... I give you...

The Video Games Live symphonic arrangement of SUPER MARIO WORLD!!
(embedded into the bottom of this e-mail)

Please feel free to pass this link around on as many Nintendo, Mario and video game fansites as possible.  We want to make sure Mario fans from around the world get the opportunity to hear this at least once just in case the project fails to be funded or we don't get the proper approvals.

Also!  Speaking of Nintendo!  Have you ever wondered what it is like to be backstage at a Video Games Live event?  Our very dear friend and VGL guest conductor Eimear Noone has written an in depth blog about her experiences with Video Games Live during our huge (and free!) Amazon sponsored Comic Con show that was streamed LIVE on Twitch.TV to over 330,000 people (making it the most watched live video game concert EVER!)  She also joined us a few days earlier in Irvine, CA for our big show at the 12,000+ seat Irvine Amphitheatre with the amazing Pacific Symphony!  Eimear is best known for conducting all of the Blizzard Entertainment music over the past few years (Warcraft, Diablo & StarCraft series) as well as the Legend of Zelda: The Symphony of the Goddesses tour!  Eimear has also donated an incredible track off her new album to be included in the 20+ song Video Games Live - Bonus Round album which everyone who pledges $5 or more will receive as a bonus for supporting VGL!  You can check out her blog with tons of pics and a link to the VGL Comic Con stream HERE:

Also... my AMA is still on the FRONT PAGE of Reddit!  Please stop by and quickly VOTE UP the thread and comments as the longer we remain on the Front Page the more people will see it.  And of course... if you have any specific questions for me... come on in and join in the fun!  Here's the direct link:  Over 1,150 comments and 2050 votes as of this writing... and growing!

Thank-you for your continued support!  I really need your help more than ever right now.  Please pass this along to as many people as possible.


...and now... for some music!  PLEASE CLICK BELOW and leave a comment!

Tommy Tallarico
Video Games Live

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Seebachan on

      What a fantastic arrangement!

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthew Evans on

      Just brilliant. Forwarded this on to my friends.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      That is probably THE BEST Super Mario World arrangement I have ever heard! Keep up the AMAZING work! I really hope this project gets funded, I've been telling everyone I know about it. I need to hear more stuff like this!

    4. Missing avatar

      Bassim Tarek on

      As soon as I heard this, I finally made up my mind and pledged.

    5. Braedon de Grasse

      Oh man, I love Super Mario World, and this arrangement is absolutely amazing! I'm so hype for this now!

    6. Missing avatar

      Abdallah Alsallal on

      Wow this is just beautiful, World is my favorite Super Mario game of all time. I would pay more if I could T_T I really hope this makes it come Tommy you can do it!

    7. Susan Carriere on

      Yes!! I was just thinking how Super Mario World has one of the best soundtracks in the world--then I see this email! Awesome! I know it's been said, but you have good taste! I agree that Super Mario World has the best music in the franchise. Thank you for including music from the ending. Super Mario World's ending is one of my favorite endings of all time. Now if we could just get a Secret of Evermore segment in Video Games Live... Sorry if there is one.

    8. Scott Harper on

      Holy crap, this arrangement is awesome. I dig that it was orchestrated to feel more full and cinematic and not just putting the notes from the game on one instrument or another. It really feels alive.

    9. Joshua Van Der Sluys on

      Yeah, loved this arrangement.

    10. Jeremy Fuller on

      That arrangement is perfect in every way. Nice job!

    11. Scott Hagelgans on

      Very, very nice Super Mario World arrangement! If I hadn't already upped my pledge to the $100 tier yesterday, that would've been enough to persuade me. I hope Nintendo approves and we get the funds needed.

    12. Rafael Castro e Alves on

      Fantastic game and AWESOME arrangement, Tommy! Once again thanks for that! Oh, and congrats on the Reddit's AMA, it was great! Cheering to see that counter over there to increase these next days!!!!

    13. Christopher Colton on

      I really, really want to see this become a reality. If all the backers just added an extra $10, we'd be there.

    14. Sambo Virak Touch

      I'm loving it!

    15. Missing avatar

      David Jarosz on

      The SMW arranagement is absolutely fantastic. I'm posting this all over facebook and elsewhere to get more people involved in this Kickstarter, as we only have a few days left. This needs to happen!

    16. Jillian Aversa on

      This arrangement is EPIC! AHHHH!

    17. Missing avatar

      Josh Vazquez on

      Tommy: maybe you could ask Jeremy Soule to post an update on his album's Kickstarter ( promoting this and mentioning that the Skyrim music will be on this CD. His has over 4,000 backers, many of whom have not backed this project.

    18. Vin St. John on

      Love this game, love the arrangement. Thanks for posting these!

    19. Missing avatar

      Josh Vazquez on

      That is fantastic. Super Mario World is probably my favourite classic game too. I still have it and my SNES!

    20. Missing avatar

      Songbird on

      Sigh... my first video game... DA FEELZ!!!!

    21. Kyle Starr on

      The idea of an albums worth of studio recordings of this magnitude give me chills. Please back this project!

    22. Aurelien VANDOORINE on

      Very nice :) Guys it's time to share as much as we can 3 days it's hard but we might do it. We just have to keep going.