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The 3rd album from the award-winning multimedia symphonic/rock decade long world touring video game concert event... Video Games Live!
The 3rd album from the award-winning multimedia symphonic/rock decade long world touring video game concert event... Video Games Live!
5,679 backers pledged $285,081 to help bring this project to life.

Street Fighter II Music!!

Hi Everyone!,

Been working like crazy at PAX all weekend... still here today finishing up some game audio panels as well as doing a ton of interviews about the Kickstarter.  I think I've done a total of around 20 so far!

I wanted to announce that the Video Games Live Street Fighter II arrangement WILL be included on our LEVEL 3 album!!

You can listen to a mock-up that we recently put together.  Keep in mind that none of the orchestra is real... it's all done on computers and synthesizers.  So the final track will sound a LOT better and more full than this mock-up... but it does give you an idea of the arrangement and energy that this amazing franchise has!

For the first time since the beginning of the campaign, the trending tells us that we have dipped below the funding goal and that we are only going to reach 90%. (

That's okay!  A lot of people have told me in my career that I was crazy and I couldn't make it or that my ideas were strange, way out there, or just plain crazy!  From putting out the very first video game soundtrack album worldwide on a major label back in 1994 (Virgin Games Greatest Hits Vol. 1: to starting a non-profit organization for game audio around the world (The Game Audio Network Guild):, to co-producing and hosting a television show about video games in the mid 90's (, to starting a worldwide touring symphony show about video games (  A lot of people said I was crazy and I can't do it... and that's when I KNOW it's a great idea!  :) 

So as we've done in the past... we're going to prove everyone wrong.  We're going to go against the grain and go against the odds to keep this dream and goal alive!  But I'm going to need YOUR help!  Please post the main VGL campaign page on your Facebook/Twiiter or e-mails to friends, gaming & music websites, etc.  I can ONLY accomplish this with your help and I've been battling in this industry for over 23 years so I'm armed and ready for another great challenge.

Thank-you all for your continued time, support and belief in this project.  I refuse to let any of you down and we're going to do this together!

Tommy Tallarico

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    1. Missing avatar

      Abdallah Alsallal on September 5, 2013

      I just wanted to say that the Street Fighter II theme you linked is EARGASMIC!!! I can't wait to hear the full orchestrated version it is going to be beautiful!! I'm glad to have backed this project and to have attended two of your concerts.

    2. Tom on September 3, 2013

      I'm generally not a big fan of add-ons myself, but if the project decides to offer them, services such as BackerKit exist to help handle the administrative burden. I don't know anything about it other than at least one other project that I backed used it. It's interesting to hear that offering add-ons might impact being selected as a staff pick. Hopefully all the PAX activity will spur another wave of backers this week!

    3. Tommy Tallarico 4-time creator on September 3, 2013

      Hi Helena!,

      Thank-you for the suggestion and explanation. The folks at Kickstarter don't like add-on's and kinda look down on trying to do it some other way to get around it. As I am trying to get featured as a STAFF PICK I really want to stay with what they suggest for now. Thank-you though... I really appreciate it!

    4. Tommy Tallarico 4-time creator on September 3, 2013

      @Worf: I went there today but only saw just the one question from you. Am I missing some? Please send me the links and I'll get right on it. There seems to only be around 4 or 5 people active in the forums these days. The Kickstarter folks told me that it's better to answer questions and direct people to Kickstarter so that everyone can see the answers... which makes sense.

      But let me know if I missed some... I only saw the one thread in the GENERAL area.



    5. Helena on September 3, 2013

      Hi Tommy,

      Add-ons can definitely count towards the Kickstarter total - just specify a price for each add-on, and tell people to add that amount to their pledge. Of course, you would still need to figure out a way for people to specify which add-ons they want, but that can be done after the KS ends. I understand that it would be extra work, but I'd strongly encourage you to consider it, as I think you could get quite a bit more money that way.

    6. Missing avatar

      Worf on September 3, 2013


      Please look at your forums (not facebook) - there's a HUGE pile of VGL fans there that you're currently ignoring. There's a thread created for the kickstarter and knowing you'll check the forums will get more pledges flowing, as well as a bunch of questions answered.

    7. shamsell on September 2, 2013

      Gran trabajo. No te rindas. Estoy seguro que el proyecto se realizará!!! Ánimo!!!

    8. Tommy Tallarico 4-time creator on September 2, 2013

      Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement!

      Just a quick note in regards to "add-on's". I looked into it and Add-On's are not officially a part of Kickstarter. Which means that if I include add-on's... none of the money goes to the Kickstarter number... which at this point could prove to be very bad as we need each $ to go towards accomplishing our goal. Add-on's are only good once projects have achieved their initial goal.

      Thank-you all again for your well wishes! ONWARD!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Nick Marinelli on September 2, 2013


    10. Pier Guillen on September 2, 2013

      I'm pretty sure the project will make it, but I was really hoping for the 750K stretch goal or at least the 400K, as I'm planning to go to one of the concerts... :( (the one in Mexico).

      Anyway, the songs are sounding great :). Can wait for the whole album!

    11. Omicron (Matt) on September 2, 2013

      Sounds great Tommy. I've been sharing this on my facebook, hopefully other gamers will sign on!

    12. Jason Lim on September 2, 2013

      Oh ya, looking forward to 2014 VGL in Malaysia. this will be my 3rd time in a row :D

      ps: was surprised that me and my friends were shown in the video that featured the 2nd VGL held in Malaysia XD

    13. Jason Lim on September 2, 2013

      Totally love your passionate message and i just pledged $250. now to find a date for the vip pass ^^;

    14. Ammon on September 2, 2013

      Add-ons would invigorate the campaign. Being add-on items, I don't think they need to follow the benefit-cost ratio that you've set up. $15 more for the physical album. $20 for a t-shirt or hat. I know you'd get some extra money out of me. :)

      If you open these up to the physical tiers, you may get folks to upgrade from the digital tiers.

      Looking forward to the album, but not holding out hope for the video at this point. :/

    15. Rafael Castro e Alves on September 2, 2013

      Oh, and congratullations on the fantastic SF2 arrangement, and thanks to add that to the new CD! :)

    16. Rafael Castro e Alves on September 2, 2013

      We believe in you, Tommy! And we're hoping and cheering to see this project realized! I'm talking to some people who's in charge of music and games sites in Brazil to try to publish an article about the project on kickstarter and VGL, ok? You can count with us! I believe in your ideas, in the gaming culture, in all gamers around the world to put this project forward!!!! \o/

    17. Flávio Piro de Oliveira on September 2, 2013

      BTW, Great job with the SF2 arrangement...

    18. Flávio Piro de Oliveira on September 2, 2013

      Yeah.... i really hope that we make it...
      I can see why people said such things about your ideas... is not easy to change paradigms... But they lack to see that you have better vision about your business than they do.
      We believe in you dream =)