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The 3rd album from the award-winning multimedia symphonic/rock decade long world touring video game concert event... Video Games Live!
The 3rd album from the award-winning multimedia symphonic/rock decade long world touring video game concert event... Video Games Live!
5,679 backers pledged $285,081 to help bring this project to life.

1st song announced.... MONKEY ISLAND!!

Posted by Tommy Tallarico (Creator)

Hi Everyone!,

LucasArts R.I.P.?!?  NOT SO FAST!!  We want to help keep the spirit alive!

A LOT of people have been asking to PLEASE include Monkey Island on the album and we're happy to announce today that Monkey Island will in fact be a part of Video Games Live: Level 3!!

And to commemorate the announcement we worked really hard over the weekend to put together an orchestral mock-up of the arrangement which you can listen to at the bottom of this update!  This is the same arrangement that we perform in our show... the difference is that the instruments you hear in this mock-up come from a computer as opposed to when we record with a full orchestra.  It will sound even more AMAZING with a world-class symphony recorded in a high-end recording studio with a first-class engineer/mixer.  And finally it will go off to Patricia Sullivan (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.) at Bernie Grundman Mastering for the perfect overall volume, compression, EQ, etc.  This mock-up track doesn't have any of that... but it gives you a really good idea of the arrangement.

We're also happy to announce that the 3 original LucasArts composers (Michael Land, Clint Bajakian & Peter McConnell) will also be contributing and performing on the final track!  In fact, in this mock-up version Peter supplied the acoustic guitar and Michael with some other tracks (Michael is the original composer of this particular song!).  The four of us worked together on all the music for the Bard's Tale video game which was developed by InXile Entertainment!  InXile are the ones behind two of the most successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns EVER!  (Torment & Wasteland)

We're about half-way through the campaign and have raised almost half the money needed to fund the album.   After an amazing start during the first few days, things started to slow down which we understand is very typical for most Kickstarter projects.  But in order to finish strong and continue to our goal and dream, we really need your help in spreading the word for us!  PLEASE share this page and song with your friends on Facebook or Twitter... or e-mail the link to all of your friends and family who you think might be interested.  Or post it in video game forums and websites you visit.  Anything to help get the word out and to keep the momentum going would be incredibly helpful.

Thank-you all for the continued support and I hope you enjoy the first little taste of what is to come!

Tommy Tallarico
CEO/Creator/Executive Producer
Video Games Live

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    1. Pier Guillen on

      Any chance of Donkey Kong Country's 'Gang-Plank Galleon' or 'Aquatic Ambiance' making it to the CD? :)

    2. Aurelien VANDOORINE on

      There ciould be a lucas adventure segment, they did a good amount of nice music. Monkey ISland with all it's episodes, The Dig, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango. Day of the tentacle :) An Adventure Medley could be a fun thing :)

    3. Brett B on

      Love it!
      Any HD posts of the recent SDCC performance?
      The 480p stream just doesn't give it full justice.

    4. Sven Nilsson on

      While we're on the subject of Lucas Arts, is there any chance of some of the über-cool music from Grim Fandango making it into VGL?

    5. tarasis on

      @Pablo well it's more Disney now, as they own Lucasarts now and it's only a name, AFAIK the offices are shut.

    6. S.D. on

      Couldn't be more pleased!! Such an awesome choice. I'm really happy to have backed this project! I get chills, listening... :-D

    7. Missing avatar

      IDKFA on

      I cannot express how grateful I am to you Tommy for doing this (and everything else).
      This thing NEEDS to happen! If I had the 250k I would give it this very moment, but sadly I don't :( (Why did I buy all those clothes and food for the past 30 years, why????)
      As for music ideas, would it be possible to get some Prince of Persia music? Any would be fine, I am personally fan of the 2008 soundtrack.

    8. Su Liu on

      THANKS, TOMMY! This is amazing! This is seriously my favorite video game theme of all time! Also, if you could offer signed conductor's scores of Monkey Island, that would be extra fantastic.

    9. Missing avatar

      Worf on

      Hey Tommy, could you cross post this to your forums? There's a lot of people there who don't check facebook ro twitter who really do want to support you...

    10. Arturo Marín Alegría on

      That's great news!!! I just hope the project gets founded because the money's movement has been kinda slow the last couple of days :-/

    11. Missing avatar

      David W Swink on

      Today was a very rough monday, but this made my day so much better. I'm even more excited about this CD than I was before. Thank you so much for putting the music from my favorite adventure game of all time :D

    12. Missing avatar

      Pablo Esparza Solano on

      Great, this better be the 1st step of LucasArts giving permission to do a mega mix of the Great Lucas Arts Games, Maniac Mansion, Day of The Tentacle, Sam and Max Hit The Road, Monkey Island 1 & 2, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and maybe why not, a nod to the great John Williams with some of the Star Wars early games (Rebel Alliance, Dark Forces, etc)
      Thanks Tommy and the 3 composers from LucasArts, it sounds great.

    13. Denis Ryan on

      Awesome! I heard this streamed live to my living room during SDCC this year hanks to Amazon and Twitch TV. Glad to see its gonna be on the new album.

    14. Rafael Castro e Alves on

      Oh, and if possible, remember to put some music of the classics "Day of The Tentacle" and "Sam'n'Max: Hit The Road"! hehehehehe Thanks once again and sucess for you and all VGL team!

      And I'm a little short on money now (but of course, I prioritized to help your project first heheheh), but I'm going to try to go on the show in São Paulo, ok? But remember to try to bring the show back to Belo Horizonte ok?!

    15. Rafael Castro e Alves on

      Yei!! This is AWESOME, Tommy!! This song brings me so many memories! :D Thanks again for allowing me (and the community) to help you in this project and for bringing wonderful things from games and present them to so many people in the world!

    16. Chris J Capel on

      Since Monkey Island is the reason I'm so into videogame music today I'm utterly thrilled to hear this. Can't wait!

    17. Tommy Tallarico 4-time creator on

      @Murray: Woo-hoo! Glad we could help to make your day better!
      @Marcelo: Thanks!
      @tarasis: Outlaws is amazing! Written by Clint Bajakian!
      @Vinson: Don't worry. Patricia is considered one of THE BEST in the ENTIRE WORLD! Raiders, Star Wars... all John Williams' stuff... nuff said. :)
      @Patrick: Thanks for the ideas!

    18. Patrick on

      Awesome! Then again, who could say no to Murray (the demonic talking skull, I assume ;) ). I second the request for music from Outlaws; 'The Train' or 'Anna's Theme' would be fantastic!

    19. Missing avatar

      Vinson Luu on

      Hey Tommy. I hope this album isn't part of the loudness war. Please have the album mastered to retain full dynamics, so that people won't have to deal with listening fatigue and all that bad stuff!

    20. tarasis on

      Indeed, nice addition though I'd love to hear stuff from Full Throttle or Outlaws (a rather underrated theme I felt)

    21. Murray Christopherson on

      As one of the people who requested this song, this is the best news of my day. Good luck, Tommy and all others involved in the production.