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The 3rd album from the award-winning multimedia symphonic/rock decade long world touring video game concert event... Video Games Live!
The 3rd album from the award-winning multimedia symphonic/rock decade long world touring video game concert event... Video Games Live!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Susan Stoffer on

      In facebook, Tommy said the SLC meetups would be at the LEGO booth on Thursday & Friday at 5PM and Saturday at noon!

    2. Casey on

      I checked the prices for the concert and they have gone up quite a bit since the cancelled show last year. last years tickets were 38.25 after fees and this year to get "Prime" seating it is 62(before fees). I don't know if it is the local symphony that drives that price, the venue (which is the same as last year) or the outside company comingto town but that is a big price difference when you are buying tickets for a group of friends.

    3. C.J. Jackson on

      I will be at SLC Comin-Con! I was thinking they weren't gonna be open till later on Thursday ;-) Glad you moved the meet-up back to Friday @ 1pm, I will be there!

    4. Forar on

      As an update, a VGL fan set me up with a big stack of advertisement cards for our booth! Sadly between the turn around time and limitations of the convention hours, we only had them for a little bit Sunday afternoon, but when I asked Sam if we could have them out, her response was a resounding "OF COURSE!"

      We then took some pictures with her holding some of the remaining cards, and I'll be sure to see if local gaming shops would be interested in having some on hand.

    5. Jennifer Klettke on

      SLC Lego booth Friday at 1. Here's hoping I remember. You don't happen to have upcoming show plans for Salt Lake, do you? *eyes Bonus Round*

    6. Jaime Barriga on

      I'll be working at PAX, but I'll be sure to swing by for one of the meetups. Thanks so much for setting this up Tommy - looking forward to meeting you!

    7. Forar on

      I'm working at a booth at Fan Expo this weekend, and had been wondering when VGL would be returning to Toronto! The proprietor of the booth (Cakes Cove in the North building) and I went last year, and it was my second time seeing the show (we chatted afterwards, I was the tall one who mentioned an appreciation for the music of Mass Effect. In an unrelated note, there is no such thing as too much Suicide Mission or The End Run >.> ). Feel free to swing by the booth on Saturday or Sunday, I'm sure I can convince the owner to set up a few bookmarks.

    8. Su Liu on

      I'll be at PAX! Will be working for a good part of it, but I'll try to stop by!

    9. Sharkey on

      My Umbrella Soldier costume, which you might remember from Austin, TX this year:

      My friend will be going as a DayZ survivor, complete with hatchet and can of beans, haha.

    10. Tommy Tallarico 4-time creator on

      @Sharkey: What costume will you and your friend be wearing??

      @Errin & Josh: Look forward to meeting you!

      @Casey: Woo-hoo!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Errin Patton on

      Holy crap. My PAX just got a thousand times better! I can't wait for the meet up!

    12. Sharkey on

      I'll definitely be stopping by Friday at PAX! I'm sure my Best Man will love to wear a VGL shirt as he won't be in costume unlike my other friend and myself.

    13. Casey on

      Say what??? I just loaded a reminder to call the box office at 10am sharp august 28th to buy tickets when they go on sale! You've made my weekend before it even started.

    14. Missing avatar

      Josh Vazquez on

      Will be at PAX on Saturday and Sunday!

    15. Tommy Tallarico 4-time creator on

      I was just informed that the Salt Lake Comic Con doesn't open to the general public until Thursday night... so lets have the MEET-UP at 1pm on Friday, September 6th instead!

    16. Tommy Tallarico 4-time creator on

      @Casey: I'll be around on Sunday & Monday as well! Going to be doing some panels, etc so I'm sure we'll bump into each other! P.S. Spokane date is BACK! Check out for the details!

      @Brian: Looking forward to meeting you!

      @USM-Valor: Thanks! We gotta make it to at least $250,000!!

      @Ty: Rockin! See ya there!

    17. Casey on

      Oh man I got so excited and then I noticed its only Friday and Saturday not Sunday or Monday:(. I was hoping to say hi since your show was cancelled in Spokane because our symphony went on strike days before your planned visit. I can't get a break. Regardless you rock sir!

    18. Brian on

      I'll be at PAX, as an [E]nforcer. I'll see you there!

    19. USM-Valor on

      Awesome to see this much thought put into making sure this KS succeeds. Best of luck, guys.

    20. Solcade on

      I will see you at PAX, sir!