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The 3rd album from the award-winning multimedia symphonic/rock decade long world touring video game concert event... Video Games Live!
The 3rd album from the award-winning multimedia symphonic/rock decade long world touring video game concert event... Video Games Live!
5,679 backers pledged $285,081 to help bring this project to life.

LEVEL 5 Add-On Extended TO YOU!! 1 week only!


Dear VGL LEVEL 3 Backers!

One of the things many people asked about (and that I finally added to) our LEVEL 5 project this year was the opportunity to purchase additional Add-On content. So today I opened the LEVEL 5 Add-On store which contains both digital and physical items.

Because we never had this option in the LEVEL 3 project I wanted to extend this invitation for Add-On materials to YOU as well! Even if you weren't able to take part in LEVEL 5... you are still 100% part of the great family that helps to keep VGL going!

The Add-On's are ONLY available for one week! The store will be closing next Monday, August 22nd at 11pm U.S. pacific time (because we'll need to send out all of the packages that week due to my upcoming 15 show 36 day China tour!)

Here is the link to the Add-On store:

Password: tallarico

This is a PRIVATE store JUST for VGL Kickstarter backers! In order to access the store you will need to put in the password.

PLEASE NOTE: There are a total of 4 pages worth of rewards. They are in alphabetical order. ALSO... there are digital and physical albums available. Make sure you are certain you are ordering the right thing.

You will notice that the PRICES of all the Add-On's have been SLASHED... most are 30% - 50% off what they normally sell for! I've also taken into account weight for each product as it relates to the shipping already incorporated into past VGL Kickstarter projects. And although the first item is typically somewhere between $8 - $10... you will notice that you can add up to 3 or 4 other items without that extra shipping going up (it's all a matter of weight and location, etc.).

Thanks for the support you have given in the past, present and future!





I just wanted to let all of the Video Games Live: LEVEL 3 backers know that Video Games Live: LEVEL 5 has just been released exclusively to all of our Kickstarter backers for LEVEL 5!! It won't be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. for another week or so. But if you missed out on the LEVEL 5 Kickstarter and are still interested in getting it RIGHT NOW you can STILL purchase it through our post-Kickstarter campaign which is ending soon! 4X to 8X VALUE STILL AVAILABLE!!

In a week you'll only be able to purchase the albums at full price. But right now you can still get everything at 50% - 80% off!!


Don't miss out on this incredible deal! This is by far our BEST album yet!!

Still on the fence? If so... please go to this link and listen to 3 of the songs... including THE GREATEST Legend of Zelda arrangement you have ever heard! I promise!!

Thanks for your past support... and I hope you enjoy LEVEL 5 as much as we had making it!





Hi Everyone!,

As I type this, we just finished our final show for this leg of the tour and there are 38 hours left in the project. We're exhausted from all the traveling and insane time zone changes but I need to push on for the next day and a half to attempt to reach a Stretch Goal! We've never reached a Stretch Goal in any of the Video Games Live Kickstarters... but I won't give up until the final bell... so PLEASE help me one last time and spread around the link for the project on Facebook, Twitter, gaming website forums, anime/cosplay groups and the best of all... personal e-mails to all your gaming friends.

I know we can do this! Please help!

There is SO MUCH cool stuff for the LEVEL 5 project... it's the BEST Kickstarter I've done yet and the Reward Value is really amazing!!  I've also announced that I'll finally be doing ADD-ON's for LEVEL 5!  So if there anything physical that you've missed in the past... now is the chance to get it!  AND... we'll be offering a TON of other stuff like T-shirts, hats, etc.!

Here's something REALLY cool! As some of you may know, Facebook is now allowing certain people to stream LIVE on Facebook! So last night... DURING our show in Calgary, AB I started a stream right before the show started and put my phone in my pocket so everyone could see and experience the show from my perspective! It's a great way to interact with people LIVE! During the stream I answered questions and of course... plugged LEVEL 5! :D I'm going to be doing a LOT of this from now on and if anyone is interested in checking out the stream from last night (or future ones)... you can go HERE:
You can even sign up to get notifications every time I go live. I'll be going live during the last hour of the LEVEL 5 Kickstarter project... and throughout the making of the entire thing!! So make sure to join in and send some last minute ideas and we'll all break the internet together trying to spread the final word. :)

Thanks again for all your support so far and all of the amazing people I've met throughout the last 6 weeks of touring! Please help in giving one last push so we can FINALLY reach a stretch goal.

Thanks everyone! Time to get on a flight back home... I'm REALLY hoping they have internet so I can continue to work!!


LEVEL 5 at 99%! Who will put it over the top? PLUS Undertale & 40 minute video!


Hi Everyone!,

I'm writing this from the Middle East! I was in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) yesterday and I'm currently in the country of Qatar (in the city of Doha). We're putting on a big show with the National Symphony in a few days before heading over to Shanghai, China to perform a Dota 2 only setlist to over 25,000 people at the Dota 2 Championships!

We are SO CLOSE from achieving funding for LEVEL 5! This is a GREAT time and opportunity where I can really use your help! When it gets this close... we usually have a nice rush of people who pledge in hopes that they will be the ones to say they put it over the top to get funded! Can you help? Could you please SHARE our project on Social Media and let everyone know that the project is at 99%! We currently have over 2,100 backers. If I could get everyone to post about the project I'm CERTAIN that not only will we get funded early... BUT we will most certainly start hitting some of those Stretch Goals!

In regards to Stretch Goals... We have been getting an overwhelming response to PLEASE include the game Undertale as one of the Stretch Goals. So I added it! Once the project is over, I will do an online poll for all of the LEVEL 5 backers. That will be how we decide which track (or tracks!) make it on the album as Stretch Goals. There are currently 5 possibilities... Xeno series, Earthbound/Mother, Katamari Damacy, Okami and now Undertale. How AMAZING an album would it be if we could include ALL of them! It's VERY possible at this point... but only with your help! Please blast this project all over social media and e-mail all of your gaming friends.

When I initially did the LEVEL 5 Project video it was around 40 minutes long! (Whoopsie!) I ended up cutting it down to around 12 minutes... but I've uploaded the original extended version if anyone is interested. In goes into a lot more depth and shows a lot more of the backstage and traveling stuff... and best of all... an extended version of Malukah's The Dragonborn Comes performance LIVE in front of thousands of people in her home country of Mexico!! You can check it out HERE:

I also recently posted a 9 minute video during our rehearsals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last week. I was having a little fun (i.e. annoying) the orchestra and I even put the camera into the tuba at just the right moment! :) If interested, you can see that video here:

Thanks for reading! The next update I'll send will be the FUNDED one! So hope to be writing you very soon! :)


Video Games Live: LEVEL 5 Kickstarter at 88% in 6 days!


Hi Everyone!,

The Video Games Live: LEVEL 5 Kickstarter has REALLY taken off! We're already at 88% of our goal in only 6 days!!

There are only 2 more $150 Rewards left! This is a $1,000 Value!!  If you haven't pledged yet... now is a great time!

There are a TON of new albums and EVERYTHING up to the $100 Level is BRAND NEW! We even created a special $60 ALL DIGITAL TIER for LEVEL 3 Backers which JUST includes all the new stuff in digital format!

Here's the link to LEVEL 5:

And have you seen our new LEVEL 5 Trailer yet?  Please check it out and SHARE it with all your gamer friends!

Thanks for your support! Hoping to see you on LEVEL 5!